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Opening Night just around the corner at GIS

Science Fair at LIST

Breakfast with the Birds

Opening Night just around the corner at GIS

Opening Night is just around the corner and the cast and crew of “The Mail-Order Bride” are putting on the finishing touches. It has been a long and sometimes difficult road but the eight cast members from Grace International School (GIS) have worked hard and are eager to share the fruits of their labor.

“I’ve learned that acting is hard,” says Joe Tehan, who plays Eli in the show. “I’m nervous about Opening Night,” says Adrienne Huser who plays Anya, The Mail-Order Bride.

“I’m not sure that everyone in the cast realized just how much work was going to be involved,” says Renee Weygandt, the show’s Director, “There’s more to presenting a play than getting on stage and reciting lines. I’m always pushing them to understand their characters, to discover their wants and needs. These things are important if you want the character to be believable.”

All the characters in the play are adults and getting inside the heads of these adults has proved quite challenging for these teen actors. “I’ve learned that acting is hard,” says Joe Tehan, who plays “Eli” in the show “But it’s good. Opening Night will be fine.” “I’m nervous about Opening Night”, says Adrienne Huser who plays “Anya”, The Mail-Order Bride “But I think overall it will be really good.”

The town’s busybodies: Hannah Hudson plays Mabel and Stephanie Percy is Elizabeth.

“The Mail-Order Bride” is the story of a young man, Eli Whittier, who was on his way to Pennsylvania to join the Quakers when his ship was caught in a storm and he ended up in Newfoundland. Since that time, he has been working to earn enough money to bring over his fianc้e. Unknown to him, his fianc้ has married and sends in her place a mail-order bride. The show is a delightful tale of caring, compassion, and humor as two people try to face the differences of culture and new beginnings, and the town folk learn not to jump to conclusions.

The girls cast.

The other cast members are Natalie Hallead, playing “Agnes”, the town’s “Mother Hen”, Peter Harris plays “Jim” the feisty, yet warm-hearted, father figure, Hannah Hudson plays “Mabel” and Stephanie Percy is “Elizabeth”, the town’s “Busy Bodies”, Justin Hughes is “Whitman”, the town mayor and Customs Officer, and Bradley Favazza plays “Victor”, the rough-around-the-edges Sea Captain with a kind heart. The show also has a Student Director, Aasa VanderWaal, who served as the SD in last year’s production of “Oklahoma!” “Aasa is amazing,” says Renee. “I really enjoy working with her.” And of course a production like this could not happen without a producer and Jeanette Hall, the school’s registrar has done a tremendous job pulling things together. “She has been invaluable,” says Renee, “She’s so busy doing work for the school yet she still finds time to make sure all the details are taken care of for the show. I don’t know how she does it.”

Natalie Hallead, playing Agnes, the town’s Mother Hen and Justin Hughes is Whitman, the town mayor and Customs Officer during a scene.

Performances are scheduled for May 13th and 14th at 7p.m. in the GIS Multi-Purpose Room. Tickets are General Admission. All seats are 200 Baht and limited seating is available. For more information or to reserve tickets call 053-442-185 or email [email protected]

Science Fair at LIST

Gary Johnston

Lanna International School (LIST) held its annual Science Fair at the end of April. Grades 5-10 participated in the event by making a number of displays that involved a variety of interactive activities and experiments.

Is it a lemon or a ping pong ball?

“Some projects were very interesting,” said Esther Lee, a grade 7 student. Linkyi, another grade 7 student said, “I was a little nervous when I explained the project.” The projects were across a variety of physical, life, and earth sciences, and some last minute additions even dazzled some of the schools’ veteran teachers.

Despite having only the middle and high school students design projects, the rest of the school was very involved. The elementary grades and visiting parents rotated through the project areas, giving the students who made Science Fair projects the opportunity to teach their own subject matter of which they were the expert.

Displays involved a variety of interactive activities and experiments.

The senior students were instrumental in the event by acting as project judges, and organizing both the event and science games in the afternoon for the younger students to enjoy. “It was a good experience for getting to work with children,” said Jenni, a grade 10 student. “I think the kids learned a lot from it,” quoted Karen, a grade 10 student. A big thanks to all those people who helped out making this day possible.

Breakfast with the Birds

Paul Rose (Science Teacher)

Students and staff at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School celebrated World Environment Day as a community, on Friday April 22. The day started at 6.30 a.m. with some “Breakfast with the Birds”, involving a leisurely stroll around our campus to observe some of the more common feathered visitors, followed by a hearty breakfast at a more civilized hour.

Junior School students First and Marcus work together to plant trees during Prem’s celebration of Environment Day.

Please look for our newly created Prem Environmental Institute (PEI) link on the Prem website to view a complete list of the bird species that have been observed on the campus, with linked photos and information for many species ( The PEI site has a wealth of additional information as well.

Prem Junior School students Amy and Stacey get their hands dirty while helping to beautify their campus on Environment Day.

In the afternoon, students and staff worked in teams to complete two major projects. A huge effort was put into completing one area of the Campus Nature Trail, with hundreds of bordering plants and selected native trees placed strategically along the newly designed coconut chip and bamboo trails. It really has transformed the area and we are looking forward to being able to use this space as both an Outdoor Education area as well as a spot to relax and appreciate our beautiful world.

Graduating student Upin does her part in the creation of Prem’s “outdoor classroom” during last week’s Environment Day.

This theme, “Our Beautiful World”, was also the springboard for the second major project of the day. Each student and staff member created a design that portrayed what the environment meant to them and then used the time on Friday afternoon to paint their design onto one of four types of tiles. The result is over 350 wonderfully creative tiles which will soon come together to form a single large artwork representing the appreciation and respect that all members of our Prem community have for our environment.