Go Putt-Putt Minigolf

Gina Hahn

OK, dear readers, this one is fun! Grab the kids, dress down and come play miniature golf; then stay for supper in a clever, casual setting. Or do as the Dining Out team did, and regress to your adolescence while you try to put that golf ball through the hoops or into the kangaroo’s pouch.

Go Putt-Putt Minigolf designers are from the Netherlands; the artists who provided the neat decorations are from the USA; and the owners are from Australia and the Netherlands. You’ll have English-speaking Thai staff to explain and encourage (and give great tips) as you work your way through the windmill and the penguin, past the Chrysler Building and straight into the Eiffel Tower. This is a real international setting. Even the menu offers a variety of both western and Thai items. Tiger Woods may not live here, but I have a feeling he would have great fun at this challenging little golf course.

The Dining Out team, having scored a hole-in-one and actually succeeded at the 9th hole in setting off bells and whistles, ordered cool drinks and sat down for food. The first thing we noticed was that the tables are actually covered with cloth tablecloths. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than plastic table coverings. For me – anathema! They stick to you rain or shine, heat or cold, and don’t exactly invite you to stay. Then we noticed that the entire golf course is covered, great for a rainy afternoon with nothing to do.

The chef at a nearby resort helped develop the menu and train the staff in proper preparation techniques. This is no ordinary fare. The first dish was chicken filet rolled in both black and white sesame seeds and served with a cucumber and onion relish. We tasted it plain first, then topped it with the relish. Either way, it’s a good dish. Add rice for a meal or order it alone for a snack. At 65 baht, it’s a treat.

Then came the marinated pork spare ribs prepared Isaan style with chili, garlic, and flash fried spicy basil, a best seller. One taste and we could understand. They’re bite sized and delicious, with just enough spice to enhance the taste. Priced at 65 baht, they, too are versatile enough to serve with rice for dinner or alone for a snack. We tried the takra saep, a basket of crispy egg noodles filled with a spicy Thai pork and seafood salad. Nice presentation, tasty and priced at 85 baht a basket.

A cheeseburger served with a side salad was brought to our table. The condiments were on the side, a nice touch for those folks who like to “dress” their own ‘burgers. A bowl of fresh French fries was put before us. The first thing we noticed was that these were hand cut fries, not the frozen and bagged variety. The bit of potato skin gives a different texture to real home fries. The cheeseburger was good, the kitchen has set a high standard for ‘burgers and inquired about it several times. Cheeseburgers are priced at 85 baht. A big club sandwich stuffed with bacon, ham, cheese and chicken and served with potato chips was served. At 85 baht, this would serve several kids and is recommended. Our last dish was creative and original. A pan roasted chicken filet wrapped in bacon and served with Mexican taco sauce and a crispy salad was put on the table. It had been sliced into 6 or 8 nice pieces, just right for tasting. And it was an unusual taste treat at 120 baht

We ordered another drink but resisted the offer of more food, although much more is available on the menu. The ice cream at 30 baht for two scoops is tempting for young kids or old kids at heart. The managing director, Carmen Rademaker, joined us. We talked about the food and the fun we’d had. Look her up when you’re there – and enjoy your golf.

Go Putt-Putt Minigolf, Chiang Mai Business Park (behind Carrefour), Chiang Mai, 50000. Telephone 09-835-6016. Email [email protected] goputt-putt.com. Open every day (except Monday) from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Reservations and discounts for groups. Parking inside the gate and on the street.