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Air pollution is getting worse

Air pollution is getting worse

Dear Editor,

Air pollution in Chiang Mai has become a big problem. It is rising to a dangerous level. The maximum level of suspended particles of pollution is 120 micron/cubic meter, but after March 13, 2005, the dust level has increased up to 151.2 microns/cubic meter in Chiang Mai, which means that the pollution is 20.6% above the healthy level.

When there is too much pollution in the air, it is very dangerous for the peopleís health, because it can irritate their air passages and their lungs. The pollution often remains in the lungs and can worsen such respiratory problems, such as asthma and bronchitis.

People produce most of the wastes that cause air pollution by driving everywhere and using Tuk Tuks, which create a lot of air pollution. A lot of people in Chiang Mai burn their garbage. For those who donít know, burning garbage creates a lot of air pollution. All that black smoke that comes out is very bad for the air pollution and your health.

Pollution is VERY DANGEROUS. In 2001, the pollution in Bangkok caused 3,300 premature deaths, and led to almost 17,000 hospital admissions, at a total health care of up to 6.3 billion dollars.

The government has established a 24 hour call center to receive calls about the forest fires and garbage burning. The problem with the call service is that many foreigners called and officers did not understand what they were saying. I called there myself and they did not speak a word of English.

People should stop burning garbage. It doesnít cost that much to pay for your garbage to be put away safely without harming the environment. Chiang Mai is a very nice place; you donít have to always ride in your car around town. You could walk or ride a songtaew with many other people, so you can do some good to the environment. Since Chiang Mai has more and more tourists coming, I believe that the call center should hire some English-speaking people.

Ioana Paduret (Wawa)