Vol. IV No. 26 - Saturday June 25 - July 1, 2005
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Prem basketball star makes it to the big leagues

Bike Rally campaign for reduced energy use

Campus Crusade for Christ and Competitive Edge softball for Chiang Mai youth

No footy pools to be played, but a pool of money to be played for

It’s Baxter time for the Farangutans FC

Chiang Mai Pool league

Chiangmai SportRoundup

Prem basketball star makes it to the big leagues

David Michaels

Charmaine Ferguson, a teaching assistant at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School, will be entering university in the United States on a basketball scholarship. She will be attending and playing for Southeast Community College Nebraska and has been offered a spot at Jacksonville State University in Alabama for the fall of 2006.

Charmaine Ferguson overshadows her opponents in some slam-dunk practice at the Prem Gym.

Charmaine came to Prem in January after having graduated from school in Geelong, Australia. She played on the Geelong Representative Basketball team as well the Country Victoria team. With the former, she won a tournament in Canada a year and a half ago.

At Prem, Charmaine works as a teaching assistant with both kindergarten and senior physical education classes. She has been playing for seven years already and is extremely excited to go to the United States. She will play at a more competitive level and is looking forward to the concomitant improvement in her skills. Moving from Australia to Thailand and now to the United States, Charmaine commented, “It is another country and another adventure. I just can’t wait!”

Bike Rally campaign for reduced energy use

Preeyanoot Jittawong

A Bike Rally to campaign for the use of bicycles on the university’s compound was held on June 19 from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., starting from Ang Kaew Hall, and riding around the university and the foot of the hill. The rally was run in sections, including general residents, Chiang Mai University students and youths not over 15 years old. Each champion received 3,000 baht and a trophy.

Green University Project, Bike Rally at Chiang Mai University.

This activity aimed to reduce air pollution and energy usage as one of the policies to manage the physical environment of the university and to campaign for energy saving by replacing cars with bicycles as a method to reduce both air and noise pollution and to follow the Green University Project.

The Bike Rally was organized by Chiang Mai University’s Green University Project of the alumni and student association at Chiang Mai University.

Campus Crusade for Christ and Competitive Edge softball for Chiang Mai youth

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Payap University joined with Athletes in Action project of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) and Competitive Edge, USA, to train interested youngsters in softball on June 15-18 at the softball field of Payap University.

Bethel University team practicing softball.

The aim was to gain softball experience and skills from overseas professional softball players, encouraging students to concentrate on sports and keeping away from drugs.

The opening ceremony of the training took place on June 17 and was presided over by Dr. Boonthong Poojareun, president of Payap University.

Students from various schools joined the training while Bethel University students from USA helped to train them. This team was scheduled to travel to Chonburi on June 23.

No footy pools to be played, but a pool of money to be played for

Government approves 43.8 million baht funding for football competition

Nopniwat Krailerg

To encourage people in 876 districts throughout the country to play football and compete for a trophy presented by the PM, the Ministry approved a budget of 50,000 baht per district to organize football competitions.

It’s time for local football players to receive support from the government.

The budget would allow 15,000 baht for the champion, 10,000 baht for first runner-up, 5,000 baht for second runner-up and the remaining 20,000 baht would be spent on trophies, competition supplies and judge’s fees. The budget would be sent to the Office of Sports and Recreation Development of each province, to be directly transferred to all districts of that province.

Players must be a district resident for at least one year and national, regional and provincial players are able to attend the competition. It will start in August 2005, and more information can be obtained from the district office that will receive details from each province Office of Sports and Recreation Development.

It’s Baxter time for the Farangutans FC

“It’s backs-to-the-wall, chaps!”

Rick Mann

Another week and another ride on the Farangutan FC football roller coaster! The previous week had seen a friendly match played out with goals aplenty; surely a confidence booster for this week’s daunting fixture against league leaders and form side, Mae Rim? Striker Ano had banged in a hat trick in that game, so was particularly keen to proverbially “stick one up ‘em”! Indeed there would have been a growing belief throughout the side, as the beers flowed on Saturday night, that the following morning’s game could indeed be won.

Alas, as the bleary-eyed troops assembled the next day, we were soon to realize what a gargantuan task faced us. A late cry-off reduced our numbers to a paltry nine players - and any hopes of getting anything from the game were surely gone. But wait! Could any of the team’s girlfriends be called upon to slip into the left midfield berth, or to provide the attacking menace up front? Well, not really. We would have to face the top team with our diminished, yet resolute, squad.

Captain Lee spent the entire journey to the ground toying with different formations in his mind- should we play a 4-3-1? Maybe a 5-2-1? Even a 6-1-1? Hey, why not just an 8-0-0 and to hell with it! Whatever formation we were to use though, the intention would be clear for all to see: men behind the ball and no-nonsense defending.

Now back to reality. The game did start of according to plan - wave after wave of Mae Rim attack were repelled by a stalwart Farangutan defense. Well-organized and committed, we were proving a hard nut to crack. The possession stats wouldn’t have made pleasant reading; mind you, out of the five percent of the time that we did have the ball we carved a couple of half chances of our own. Yet that elusive goal proved to be, well, just too elusive. Mae Rim, meanwhile, continued to pour forward and it was within moments of the half-time whistle that the Farang resolve was dealt a hammer blow. The ball found its way to a Mae Rim striker who proceeded to tuck the chance away. And despite appearing to be yards off-side, the flag stayed down. As the ball was booted in the direction of the guilty referee’s “assistant”, right-back Tim did concede that he was probably “playing him on” after all (whoops, sorry linesman)!

The second half continued much in the same vein - heroic defending notably by centre-backs Warren and Lee, as well as the deserved man-of-the-match, Rory. A lunge here, a blocked shot there, and the game remained in the balance. Indeed the game could have changed on one rare Farangutan foray into the Mae Rim penalty area. Veteran striker-cum-midfielder-cum-talisman-cum-Scotsman Hinsh found himself with the ball at his feet and the goal at his mercy. But whether it was from tired limbs or an opponent’s saving tackle, the ball went wayward and the Scotsman went downward.

After the game Chris was adamant that “from where I stood, that was a cast iron penalty!” Being our goalkeeper though, and from where he was standing, he may have not had the clearest view! Anyway, the referee waved away any appeals we made and our best chance was gone. Mae Rim’s second was of course soon coming - a desperate, full-length dive by Chris couldn’t prevent the inevitable. His heroics had to end sooner or later. And when the third went in, the Farangs knew the game was up. This was tough on us though, having battled so bravely for so long.

There was just time for yours truly to pick up two late yellow cards and an early bath; thankfully the remaining “eight” held on to keep, at least, the score respectable. It may have been a loss, but undoubtedly a performance from which we can take a lot of heart, a real backs-to-the-wall display that showed huge character. There’s plenty the team can work on at training, meanwhile, I’m off to see my Anger Management Counselor.

Final Score: Mae Rim 3, Farangutans 0. Men of the match: Rory, Chris, Warren.

Chiang Mai Pool league

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