Gina Hahn

It all began with an email from a reader, excited that he had found a place to eat breakfast in the Nimmanhaemin neighborhood. Apparently his search had been long and hard, and we instantly understood. We, too, have been there. He described the plight we’ve all experienced: “Almost always the eggs aren’t cooked and the toast isn’t toasted, the coffee is instant and they don’t open until 9 or 10 a.m.” Yes, we’ve been there, and thank you for writing about this little place on the corner of Nimmanhaemin and Soi 6, Scoopyice.

Scoopyice has only been open for a few months. The owner is from Bangkok, where she learned to make homemade ice cream. When her parents retired to Chiang Mai, she packed up and moved with them. Her mother and sisters work with her, and the family is eager to serve. Their customers are about half Thai and half foreigners.

The Dining Out team went early in the day, ready to try the waffles and eggs. There is seating both indoors (air-conditioned) and out. Our reader was right; the scrambled eggs were actually fluffy. It was obvious that they had been cooked in a pan that wasn’t overheated. Our wheat toast was toasted and served with the eggs. How many times have we had it served so far ahead that it was limp by the time the eggs arrived? The waffles were also quite nice, served with bacon and honey. It was a pleasure to see the poached eggs. The whites were done, the yellows appropriately soft, and the eggs sat on top of the toast. Best of all, the toast hadn’t been used to drain the water off of the eggs. Breakfast is reasonably priced, starting at 40 baht for the waffles. Many thanks to our happy reader for this tip. The Dining Out team appreciates your input.

We chose espresso and latte for our coffees, but the coffee menu is extensive. Our coffee was served with fresh milk, always noteworthy. The Dining Out team is not fond of that mixture of chemicals known as “non-dairy creamer”. Macchiato, affogato, Vienna, and many other specialty coffees are served. The affogato, a shot of espresso with a scoop of ice cream, is especially appealing. Hot chocolate, hot tea and milk are also offered. Hot drinks start at 35 baht and go up to 55 baht. We looked over the cold drink menu. Considering the recent hot weather in Chiang Mai, it will be a pleasure to stop by in the late afternoon for one of these refreshing pick-me-ups. A variety of iced teas and coffees start at 40 baht, and the fruit smoothies look divine. To add a touch of humor, there are mixed fruit smoothies with names like “Pretty Woman” and “Spice Girl”. You also have the option of choosing your own fruit mix. The fruit smoothies start at 30 baht.

We came for breakfast but we stayed for the homemade ice cream, which starts at 35 baht a scoop and can be topped with several choices of toppings for 10 additional baht. Mango, coconut, peach, and strawberry are all there. Great ice cream made from local fruits is a specialty of the house. But Scoopyice also has many exotic choices. Tamarind, black sesame and carrot, flavors you don’t get everyday, are also sitting deliciously in the display case. We tried tastes of pistachio nut, coconut, and coffee cake, and then felt it was our collective duty to press on and taste coconut and blueberry. The green tea called to us, impressively, as did the durian. If you’ve held your nose while passing durian in the market, you will be surprised at how delicious this ice cream is. When you check out, don’t forget to ask for your “frequent buyer” card, every sixth ice cream purchase is free.

If you’ve had breakfast and aren’t hungry for ice cream, consider stopping by for a good coffee and some of the homemade cookies. Some of my favorites, particularly the oatmeal, were there. Midnight snack material.

Scoopyice, Nimmanhaemin Lane 6, Corner of Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai, 50200. Telephone 053-213-611. Open daily, 7:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. Parking on the street.