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Pre-IB Program prepares Prem students for their next step

Ballet Examination

White Power Day for CMU’s drug prevention campaign

Pre-IB Program prepares Prem students for their next step

David Michaels

In the final four weeks of the year at the Prem Tinsulanonda International School (Prem), Grade 10 students participated in a pre-International Baccalaureate (IB) program. They began with a leadership course, continued with a weeklong service trip to help clean up Koh Phi Phi in the tsunami’s aftermath, and returned to Prem for a final two weeks of preparation for their IB curriculum to begin in the fall.

Grade 10 students during their week of service on Koh Phi Phi helped to promote group cohesion and teamwork.

The concluding two weeks involved an extensive introduction to all aspects of the IB program. Students, having previously made their subject selections for next year, attended their new classes with their future teachers. For example, IB Geography students began fieldwork, those in science classes received an introduction to the planning of practical exercises, and future IB History students gained some experience in historical research and writing standardized bibliographies.

As the IB curriculum is more than just academic, so the Grade 10 students began to think and work outside the classroom. For the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) component of the IB, students learned strategies for teaching English at Thai schools, as they will be doing next year. As preparation for the college selection process, they met with Prem’s college advisor to help align their subject choices for university prerequisites.

Their week of service on Koh Phi Phi helped to promote group cohesion and teamwork. The on-campus component gave students an insight into the makeup of an IB curriculum.

According to current IB coordinator and future Senior School Principal Craig Rodgers, “Students have responded positively to the program in that it has provided them with a clear presentation of the nature and expectations of their subject areas and where they might go in the future. It treats students as young adults.”

Ballet Examination

Wendy Green from the Royal Academy of Dance, England with some of the students tested.

The Chiangmai Ballet Academy students underwent examinations to ensure they were receiving tuition to world standards. Wendy Green from the Royal Academy of Dance, England, came to observe the students, all of whom reached high or better than average standard at the Chiangmai Ballet Academy.

Ballet classes for your children can be arranged through the Chiangmai Ballet Academy telephone 0 5326 0373.

White Power Day for CMU’s drug prevention campaign

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Chiang Mai province in cooperation with the Drug Prevention and Resolution Coordinating Center, Ministry of Education, Chiang Mai Area 1 Education area Office, education institutes and various organizations organized the unfortunately named “White Power Day 2005”, gathering members of the To Be Number One project to campaign against drugs.

Udom Pangthid (3rd right), deputy director of Chiang Mai Area 1 Education Area Office, leads others to pour out alcohol.

The activity was part of the government’s policy and took place on June 24 at Lanna Polytechnical College Chiang Mai.

The Ministry of Education assigned each education institute and organization concerned to cooperate with parents and communities, to keep youngsters from drugs by every possible method, and to support other beneficial activities that could encourage them also. Good activities should lead them to know right from wrong and to practice discipline.

This activity was to activate residents and youths to realize the danger of drugs and offers youths a chance to participate in drug solving in educational institutes.

A representative from the Chiang Mai Polytechnic Lanna School leads other students to proclaim not to get involved with anything harmful.