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Baan Dee Thee Din Dee 2 win mini golf tourney

Kids against drugs join gymnastic competition

Winner soccer competition narrows the field

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Baan Dee Thee Din Dee 2 win mini golf tourney

10,000 baht awarded for hole in one

Baan Dee Thee Din Dee 2 won a recent mini golf competition held at Inter Minigolf, held to celebrate the first ever hole in one at the difficult 8th hole.

The competition winners and runners-up received free tickets for more mini golf rounds, but the true winner, and the reason behind the competition, was Chanikarn Poomyong, who earlier achieved a hole in one and earned 10,000 baht for her feat.

Chanikarn Poomyong receives 10,000 baht for the first ‘Hole in One’ at the 8th hole from Andre Savare.

In all, 10 teams entered the competition, with each player hopeful of scoring another 10,000 baht cheque too, as Swiss managing director Andre Savare and his wife Uthaivan, who have put their hearts into building their dream course on the way to San Kamphaeng, said the hole in one competition will be held daily on the 8th hole.

Competing teams came from Radio Thailand (first runner-up at the end of the day), VR Group, Fokomo Makazine team (second runner-up), Baan Dee Thee Din Dee 1, Baan Dee Thee Din Dee 2 (the champions), SP Publishing, Chiangmai Mail, Now Magazine, and one more team made up from visitors.

Team winners were awarded free tickets for more mini golf rounds, whilst individual winners took home cash prizes and trophies.

Good advice from all those watching was freely available!

As a ‘draw card’, 10,000 baht is hard to beat, and the smile on winner Chanikarn Poomyong was a winner in itself.

Inter Minigolf Chiangmai is a world standard minigolf course appropriate for all golf players. The course is located at Tambon Tonpao in San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai. For directions or information, call Manager Som on 0 5339 0619.

Kids against drugs join gymnastic competition

Preeyanoot Jittawong

The Institute of Physical Education Chiang Mai, jointly with the Gymnastic Association of Thailand (GAT), held a basic gymnastic competition for children against drugs on June 25-26 at Chiang Mai municipality area, attended by children from 11 kindergarten schools throughout the country.

A young gymnast shows her ability on balance beam and pad.

This competition was the 8th event in a series being held every four months in different provinces, to offer children a chance to show their gymnastic abilities and to encourage them to say No to drugs and pay more attention to exercise. The attendants were children between 7-13 years, and the competition was divided into four categories, floor exercise, pommel horse, vault bucks and horse and balance beam and pad. All the children competing received certificates and were graded into three levels.

Winner soccer competition narrows the field

Nopniwat Krailerg

Between June 25-26 at Chiang Mai’s 700 Year Anniversary Stadium, 339 soccer players, 16-18 years old, from all northern provinces vied for selection in the “The Winner” program, to represent Thailand in the Asian students’ championship in Jakarta, Indonesia in September.

Getting ready before selection.

There were 147 players selected out of 339 players in the Northern region, from which 20 of the best players will be chosen. They will be sent to Bangkok for a month to be trained about skill, health, discipline and meditation, following which, the best 18 representatives for Thailand will be selected.

Natdapen Aussawarak, senior producer of The Winner program said that this selection was supported by Channel 3 and Broadcast Thai Television plus the Thai Football Association. This program was to support new soccer players and offer a chance for youths in different provinces to show their abilities.

Goal-keeper selection.

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