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End-of-year celebration at CDSC

Junior Spelling Bee champion from Lampang’s Kalayanee School

CMU welcomes freshmen with walk up Doi Suthep

End-of-year celebration at CDSC

Vincent Leutwiler
Photos by Dominique Leutwiler

This year’s end-of-year celebration for the Christian German School Chiang Mai (CDSC) took place on Saturday June 25.

The festivity began with a slide show of images from this year and the opening speech by the school’s principal Dirk Massinger highlighted some of the major events which took place. This was followed by a play entitled “Swabedo Land” which was performed by the elementary school.

One of the activities involved scaling a tower of crates while having to place more and more on top.

Following the play were the graduations of the lucky students who have finally completed their education. Their principal gave them some useful hints for life, including an address book for them to keep track of their friends and also a handkerchief to wave good-bye or wipe away tears. The graduating students were: Sirha Hack, Kristina Ostermann, Paul Tandetzki, Vasan Bauer, Victor Wachholz and Anna Eckert.

After the students, it was the teachers’ turn. All teachers who were leaving also received a farewell, both from the school and from the parents.

To round off the afternoon a talent show was organized by the students with dance performances, a skit, a rock band and the winning performance, a tae kwon do performance which demonstrated how martial art can be applied in everyday use to protect oneself.

The teachers who are leaving the school.

Junior Spelling Bee champion from Lampang’s Kalayanee School

Chiangmai Mail reporters

Sirirat Tharat from Lampang Kalayanee School won the northern round of the Nation Junior Spelling Bee competition. Sirirat will receive a scholarship to continue English studies in Australia for two months.

First to third runners-up can learn English in Australia for one month.

More than 300 students from northern schools competed and the top 25 will join the final round in Bangkok.

Nation Junior’s Spelling Bee at Kad Suan Kaew with more than 300 students from schools in the north.

These 25 students won the north region Nation Junior’s Spelling Bee and will be our representatives at the final round in Bangkok.

CMU welcomes freshmen with walk up Doi Suthep

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Chiang Mai University welcomed freshmen by organizing a climb up the 14 km to Doi Suthep, in an annual worship of the relics of Lord Buddha there.

This young elephant is the symbol of Chiang Mai University.

Almost ten thousand CMU freshmen, along with one thousand seniors, gathered at Tham Pavilion to attend the ceremony. Having been blessed by monks at 6 a.m., freshmen and seniors moved from Chiang Mai University holding flags, carrying Salieng (a local seat) and special candles made to use during Buddhist Lent.

The first destination was the Kru Ba Sri Wichai monument and from there to Doi Suthep. After arriving at the temple, 17 freshmen representatives of each faculty presented candles to the monks. Freshmen and seniors were not allowed to drink on the way to the temple.

This ceremony is an important university activity that has been performed for a long time.