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Where can we find Eva’s CD?

Supporting public transportation, with a couple caveats

Taxi Fleet is a joke

Where can we find Eva’s CD?

Dear Mailbag,

I was reading the CD review, Mott the dog via ‘Ella Crew’ from Eva Cassidy, and so enjoyed the write up. Thought! I must get that, but alas! Where? I have tried too many stores to count, but the only response I got was, "We don’t have it" or "Not have!" "Yes we can get it for you, but we don’t know how long it will take…" and thereby laid the foundation to shop at their store again. Could I suggest you put in where CDs can be obtained? But not outside Thailand.
Much Love,
Ivan Barnes
Ed’s note: Most of the CDs reviewed can be found at the larger music stores, such as Tower Records. They can also be found online at sites like Amazon.com

Supporting public transportation, with a couple caveats

Dear Editor

I am a Russian national living in Chiang Mai. I love this city very much. Because of the fuel price which is rising everyday I try to depend more on public transportation.

I very much enjoy taking the pink bus from Kwan Wiang Village because it drives right by my home and stops at all my favorite places like central or night bazaar. But I am not totally satisfied with the bus drivers.

First of all, I have experienced several times where the bus driver just seems to ignore my frantic waving at the bus stop and drives right past me even though there weren’t any other public transport vehicles to which I could’ve been signaling. This failure to pick me up has led to me being late for several appointments.

Another thing is the way the driver handles the large bus once I actually get picked up. I’ve experienced the driver halting abruptly to avoid crashing into a car or a motorcycle. Thai traffic may be bad but the driver of the bus needs to keep this in mind while hitting gas.

Apart from this I am very satisfied with the bus service. The government should give more support for public transport!

Yuri Kurov

Taxi Fleet is a joke

Dear Chiangmai Mail;

I’ve been living in Thailand for quite a few years and I’ve seen my share of weird things. The weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced here were the taxis. Almost everybody knows how taxis work. You wave to them to pick you up or you call them or something like that. But here in Thailand you can actually find taxis which don’t want to drive you someplace.

A few weeks ago I was standing in front of Central Kad Suan Kaew at 9 in the evening and I needed a ride home. Now since I’m a foreigner taking one of those red buses in the night isn’t very smart because they just rip you off as much as possible. So since those were out of the question (the tuk-tuks are even worse…) I naturally decided to call a taxi. Luckily I had a few numbers from taxi drivers with me, so I called one.

The first one said he is off duty. When I asked him why his card says "from 6 a.m. ‘til midnight" he answered "No speak English". OK, so I try the next one. Coffee break. Next one is busy until 2 a.m.

After a few more calls one finally says he’ll pick me up in 10 minutes. Great, I can finally go home. Wrong. After waiting an hour (it was already 10.30 by that time) I call him again and he tells me he went home. I really admire him having the guts to tell me he won’t pick me up after letting me wait for one hour under the impression he was coming.

So finally I ended up paying a lot of money to a red bus to bring me home after putting up with all the taxi drivers who didn’t fulfill their duty as taxi drivers.

The town of Chiang Mai is making such a big deal out of their ‘taxi’ fleet, but a bunch of bums who don’t do their work shouldn’t be called ‘taxi drivers’. Some English skills would also help.
Joseph Williams