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Yuparaj School wins Area 1 Basketball Competition

Chiang Mai soccer fans disappointed as Real Madrid cancels trip

Local lads need webbed feet

Governor flogged by mass media

Chiangmai SportRoundup

Yuparaj School wins Area 1 Basketball Competition

Vincent Leutwiler

The final round for the Under-18 year olds basketball tournament, in this year’s Chiang Mai Education Area 1 Basketball Competition, took place at the Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium on July 28, with eight teams making it to the finals.

Playing in the final round were Yuparaj School and Satit Chiang Mai University School. At the start, Yuparaj immediately took ball possession and soon scored. After a few more baskets by Yuparaj School, Satit managed to get in some points of their own; however, the game was very one-sided, with Yuparaj School taking championship honors 67-17.

Trying to block.

Taking a shot at the basket.

Chiang Mai soccer fans disappointed as Real Madrid cancels trip

Nopniwat Krailerg and Saksit Meesubkwang

Fans of Real Madrid, Spain’s world-class football team, were disappointed after learning that the team had cancelled its trip to Chiang Mai. A hundred youngsters had been waiting to become overnight stars with soccer tips from Real Madrid’s players such as Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, Michael Owen and David Beckham, and almost cried when they learned the program was cancelled because of a delayed flight.

A bus prepared to serve Real Madrid’s soccer players.

On July 27, Pornchai Jitnavasathien, deputy mayor of Chiang Mai announced that the trip to Chiang Mai by Real Madrid’s players was cancelled because a flight from Japan to Thailand was delayed for three hours, not leaving sufficient time to travel north.

The soccer clinic program to be organized at Chiang Mai’s 700 Year Anniversary Stadium to pass on soccer tips for 100 youths was also cancelled. The municipality had spent almost 100,000 baht on public relations, advertising signboards and a bus painted with the team players’ pictures all had to go unused.

However, the municipality will invite other famous football teams to visit Chiang Mai in future, but let us hope they change airlines.

Local lads need webbed feet

Torrential rain put paid to any slick passing football

Pete Bull

Two games in two days is quite an undertaking; but with the back log of fixtures this was what was required. And fresh from our defeat on the Saturday, but buoyed by the resurgent performance, we were mentally if not physically ready for the challenge ahead.

Sunday’s game saw the arrival of Lamphun FC taking on the (once) mighty Farangutans. Veteran “holding-player-in-midfield” Hinsh wisely predicted a tough game: “Ooooh Lamphun. They’re our bogey side - they always beat us.” Well, frankly you could say that about most of the teams in the league! We badly needed a win and as the heavens opened just prior to kick-off, we fancied that at least the conditions would be in our favor.

We opted for the same formation that had seen us play well the previous day - that’s to say five across the midfield with a lone striker, Adam, foraging up front. We knew that Lamphun would be a decent passing side, and we had shown some promise in that area too in recent times. But the torrential rain soon put paid to any ambitions of slick, attractive football. Rather, with pools of water appearing everywhere, suddenly everyone was calling for the captain’s armband.

Nevertheless these conditions provided a refreshing change. Usually we come up against a bone dry pitch and searing sunshine, so we could rightly fancy our chances in these distinctly British elements. Bang. Bang. Bang. And we were three goals down! In the space of just a few minutes our whole game plan had been cut down. First a freak Ronaldinho-like free kick; then a stunning volley from close range and finally a dipping shot from distance all left goalkeeper Matt helpless.

We had to stop the onslaught and fast. Warren’s rallying cry of “Come on lads we’re playing for pride” seemed to have the desired effect. For several minutes calm was restored. Then as Lamphun were making steady progress down the left flank, an anguished cry of “Aaaaaggghhhh” could be heard. Was this a belated realization of our sorry predicament? No, sadly not. Debutant James was writhing around on the ground with a dislocated knee. A few excruciating seconds later, the knee having been popped back in, James went off, and the game went on.

As half time approached Lamphun added a fourth, effectively guaranteeing the result if not the final score line. Not much could be said at half time, other than: “Er, we’re (still) playing for pride lads”. Really there was no way back.

The second half saw the game follow a similar course - a fifth was added and the Farangutan heads dropped just a little lower. We needed to radically change tactics to get something out of the game - and this was what Matt seemed to be attempting with his immaculately-performed rugby tackle on the Lamphun centre-forward. Sadly the referee was not a fan of the 15-man game and awarded a spot-kick. 6-0. Bad luck Matt, but we applaud your innovation!

Two late Farangutan goals either side of the Lamphun seventh added a little bit of joy but this game will want to be forgotten pretty quickly! We’ll be praying for a bit of sun next week I think.

Final score: Lamphun 7-2 Farangutans.

Governor flogged by mass media

Relax, it was only at golf

Saksit Meesubkwang

On July 25, Suwat Tantipat, Chiang Mai governor and Choochoke Thongtaluang, head of Chiang Mai Provincial Public Relation Office invited 50 mass media representatives to a golf tourney at Gasson Golf and Resort in Mae Tha district, Lamphun province. Narong Tananuwat, president of Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce led the reporters in the golf competition.

Governor Suwat Tantipat shows a great putting style.

Reporters and Governor Suwat Tantipat before the competition began.