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Maejo University organizes Longan fair

British Buddhist Samatha Group chant the Mahasamaya Sutta

Chiang Mai youth quizzed on Extreme Sports

Thai-US modern art show

Maha Dewi and women’s roles

Grand Opera Society gala opening August 25

Recording star Audy from Bangkok rocks The Hug

Maejo University organizes Longan fair

Another attempt to mop up the glut

Nopniwat Krailerg

Because of the glut in production and consequently falling prices, Asst. Prof. Phawin Manochai of Maejo University revealed that the university has cooperated with government and private sectors including banks, educational institutes and research bodies, to hold a Longan fair “Sart Haeng Lam Yai” on November 25-27 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Longan, northern fruit that is flooding market this season.

There will be an exhibition providing knowledge about Longans, from (over) planting to sale, germinating, trimming, forcing flower blossoming with chlorophyll, fertilization, improving product quality and enlarging fruit and enhancing skin color by adjusting by light conditions and other esoteric Longan knowledge.

In addition to this wealth of information, attendants can also learn about Longan disease and plant lice, how to make dry Longan using an energy saving method, Longan marketing and Longan production venture capital.

Whilst this is all very noble, the bottom line remains overproduction and a lack of interest by China, which grows its own Longan needs.

British Buddhist Samatha Group chant the Mahasamaya Sutta

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Monks from 12 temples in England brought British Buddhists to Chiang Mai to chant Mahasamaya Sutta with Chiang Mai Buddhists for the peace of the world and the happiness of all at Phra Singh Woramahawiharn Temple, Chiang Mai. The group had traveled to eight places since July 23 to chant with other Buddhists.

British Buddhists chant with Chiang Mai Buddhists at Phra Singh Woramahawiharn Temple, Chiang Mai.

Dr. Phra Maha Lao Panyasirisit, abbot of Buddha Vihara Temple, England, traveled to teach some British Buddhists to chant the Mahasamaya Sutta fluently, so they could show their adoration of the Thai master, pray for peace in the world and happiness for all. Besides the chanting, there was a discourse on the existence of angels given by Prof. Saeng Chan-ngam, as well as an exhibition of temples in Europe and England.

After the chanting in Chiang Mai, before flying back home, the team from England joined Buddhists to chant at Nak Kerd Peak, Phuket, for those who died in the tsunami.

Normally, chanting the Mahasamaya Sutta is carried out at New Year or during the Songkran Festival to bring good luck and peace to the city and the lives of its inhabitants. It is chanted in the rainy season before harvesting to bring good luck and after chanting, water used in the ceremony will be splashed on children, households, farms, belongings, vehicles and pets. Mahasamaya Sutta is also chanted at an opening ceremony of a building to let the angels know and they will then gather to listen to the chanting so evil will be destroyed.

Chiang Mai youth quizzed on Extreme Sports

Daisy Vogt

Assumption University Students conducted a focus group in the Chiangmai Mail offices, with the young people in Chiang Mai, when they interviewed participants about their outlook on Extreme Sports.

Games, discussions and different views were shared during this focus group. Seen here are from left Vivien (17), David (12), Dexter and Alex (9), Yupin (20) and Vincent (16).

The researchers also held a focus group for parents to examine if Extreme Sports are becoming more accepted in today’s society and which has the greatest chance that adults and youth will meet when it comes to X-treme.

The sports examined were water skiing, BMX, skateboarding, basketball, inline skating and soccer.

It was interesting to see was that both groups thought that safety and professional training were prime factors points to be ensured.

Thai-US modern art show

Preeyanoot Jittawong

The Center for the Promotion of Arts and Culture, Chiang Mai University in association with Thai Art Council of U.S.A and the Thai National Artist Kamol Tassananchalee jointly organized “A contemporary art exhibition Thai - American”, which will continue until the end of August, between 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Dr. Kamol Tassananchalee with Consul General Bea Camp and Dr. Pongdet Chaiyakut, director of the Chiang Mai University Center for the Promotion of Art and Culture at the opening of “The Contemporary Art Exhibition: Thai-American”.

The exhibition is being held at Chiang Mai University Art Museum and the opening ceremony on August 5 was presided over by US C-G Beatrice Camp.

The exhibition displays 25-30 contemporary works of seven Thai artists, Kamol Tassananchalee, Pongdej Chaiyakat, Vatcharee Trirapichit, Peerapong Doungkaew, Chaiyot Chandratita, Chaivut Ruamrudeekul and Pongsiri Kiddee and three American artists, Anthony Zepeda, Diana Wong and Hideo Sakata.

The main objective of the exhibition is to exchange knowledge in art and culture and to build a stronger relationship between Thai and American artists.

Many different kind of art pieces at the
Thai-US modern art show at the Chiang Mai University Art Museum on Nimmanhaemin and Suthep roads.

Dr. Kamol Tassananchalee, National Artist and head of the Thai Art Council of the U.S.A. was present and the bulk of his contributions to the show comprise a series on hand-made paper that reminded everybody of the work of Southwest Indians. Dr. Kamol lives in Hollywood and has just been in Chiang Rai where he organized a program with Thawan Dachanee for 1500 students.

Maha Dewi and women’s roles

Supreeda Wongsansee

On August 20, a dance performance to represent the common and universal attributes of ‘feminine’ across cultures, will take place at Gong Dee Studio.

The most elegant way anyone can dance a Flamenco will be shown by Supreeda Wongsansee, who has trained, performed and choreographed for many productions including the Bangkok City Ballet and has performed at various Royal Family festivals.

In traditional and modern cultures there have been two basic archetypes of women: the perfect graceful, thin, mute, mother, sex object ‘feminine’ and the nagging, hysterical, violent, unpredictable and loud ‘bitch.’ This dance and the concept of Maha Dewi are meant to show the narrow social roles and expectations of women in these societies.

Women in any culture are a complicated combination of feminine, bitch, mother, lover, passive, aggressive, loving, and vicious. The complicated mixture is represented here as a whole, a unity, through the art of Nathaya, Flamenco and contemporary Lanna Art.

Tickets are priced at 200 baht and 150 for students and are available at Gong Dee Studio. For more information contact Waewdao Sirisook 0 1530 2233, waewdaos @hotmail.com or Supreeda Wongsansee 0 6917 1505 at [email protected]

Grand Opera Society gala opening August 25

Dr. Graves

The Grand Opera Society of Chiangmai is most pleased to announce the opening night’s performance of its 2005-2006 season.

Jules Massenet’s wonderful opera, “Thais” will be presented at the home of Dr. Howard C. Graves, Jr. This special evening will be open to 40 invited guests and will begin at 7 p.m. with ‘before curtain drinks’. The “curtain will rise” at 7:30 p.m. sharp. There will be a traditional “supper” during one of the intervals. It is the tradition of the society that the guests bring what they intend to drink during the evening as well as some food to share with the other guests.

The society’s membership register has been opened for the new season. You may become a member by sending an email to Dr. Graves at [email protected] giving your name(s) and telephone number. If you wish to call please do so on 0 5321 9683.

Once you are a member, you may respond to the bi-weekly announcements of the opera to be presented on alternate Thursdays. There will be 40 invitations issued for the gala opening night and a limit of 20 invitations will be issued for the rest of the season’s presentations.

For the Gala, the first 40 responding to this article and the email announcement to members will be issued invitations and for the remaining season, the first 20 respondents to the bi-weekly opera announcement will be issued invitations.

Recording star Audy from Bangkok rocks The Hug

The Hug Restaurant on Rajadamnern was packed with festive folks on Saturday night, August 6, for a benefit featuring recording star, singer-songwriter Audy from Bangkok and many local guest artists. Tables under tents stretched from The Hug across two neighbouring shops to Technophobia Wifi Internet Cafe, a sponsor of the event along with Benmore Scotch, Give and Live, Project Studio and Sood Sanan Pub. The beautiful Benmore bar maids helped serve the free litre of scotch included in the ticket price of 500 baht.

Audy singing at ‘The Hug’

Chuad and Huad from Sood Sanan Pub warmed up the crowd with excellent vocals, guitar and Thai drum followed by singer/songwriter/keyboardist Scott Jones and Aey, owner of The Hug. Audy and backup guitarist rocked the house, about 90 percent Thai, with his familiar pop songs that brought frequent screams and sing-alongs from his fans.

The evening closed with an array of jams with Aey’s vocals, guitar, bass and spoons, Scott’s electronic orchestra, Piak’s harmonica, Bangkok Rang Rockestra’s powerful voice and James Hightower’s lightning guitar fingers, one of his last performances before moving to Hua Hin to be Professor of Calculus and Discreet Mathematics, some secret math that most of us are not allowed to learn.

The proceeds will help pay for the education of Aey’s daughter Puen, age 3 going on 23, who danced to most every song when she wasn’t serving drinks to happy patrons.