Vol. IV No. 33 - Saturday August 13 - August 19, 2005
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Many reasons we come to Thailand

Royal Portraits

Answering ‘Taxi Fleet is a Joke’

Many reasons we come to Thailand

Having read the letters complaining about Thailand (Land of Tomorrow, Night Safari Ire, Red Light Ignorance), it’s my turn to complain. Every week there are letters complaining, whining, whinging about the inconvenience, “hardships”, etc. of being in this foreign country. Let’s look at the other side of life here.

Try raising a family on a professional’s salary of 10,000B per month. This lack will often lead to corruption from anyone who can pull it off. Solution - be very careful.

Try pleasing everyone from the western world when your only language is Thai. This can lead to horrible misunderstandings. Solution - have empathy and put some effort into learning a little of their language.

Try living with an emerging semi-democratic government all your life. This can lead to passivity and resentment on the part of many of the Thai people. Solution - go back to your native country.

While I also get extremely frustrated with poor service, poor driving, etc., try to remember we are guests. I got stopped once for not having my seat belt on - I said thank you for looking after me - no ticket was issued. I have “lost it” on more than one occasion and felt terrible afterwards, going back to apologize. Often I will go to or write a letter to management and try to get things to work better for the “next” guy. The more we do this, the better things may get.

There are many reasons we come to Thailand to live - the cost of living, sexual adventures, curiosity, or Buddhism to name a few. I came because I really, really like the Thai people, who at worst show me respect (I’m not young anymore) and at best become incredibly good friends. I suggest we all examine the negativities we carry and try to live our lives a little happier.
L. Coombs

Royal Portraits

Dear Chiangmai Mail

I’ve just come here from Germany a few weeks ago and I love it. Everything in this country is so beautiful and all the people are so friendly and kind. One thing which I’ve noticed and I’m really impressed by is how much the King and Queen of Thailand are honored here.

Everywhere I go I see pictures of them. It’s really impressive that they are honored so much in this country. I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world where the King and Queen are held in such high regard as here.

I’ve seen many walk-ways over roads and arches which have pictures of the royal family on them. It’s so beautiful! But one question: is at all year long like this or has there recently been a formal occasion in Chiang Mai?
Klaus Schmidt
Editor replies: HM the King and Queen are honored all year round.

Answering ‘Taxi Fleet is a Joke’

Dear Editor;
In order not to offend anybody I am not going to put any comment on Joseph Williams (CMM Issue 29) and Earl Trowbridge’s (CMM Issue 30) opinion. But I would like to say something about the taxi services in Chiang Mai. I do believe taxi in Chiangmai is a joke, the drivers always want to charge more if you are not Thai, I have discussed with some Thai friends, and they agreed with what I say too. Of course if you live in Chiang Mai and you know the price then they can not rip you off. Also you can see there are a lot of red taxis empty and they cause bad traffic. They are cheap, but cheap does not mean good.

The new meter taxi is even worse. Can anybody see them in the city? They are parked at the airport and outside airport plaza, when you want to use them, you have to bargain, they refuse to use meter, that is not meter taxi? How can they call themselves meter taxi? Is it a joke? From the airport, they have fixed price too. Those people who use cheap taxi would never know this.
James Chang

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