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Cancer appeal

Flow with the stream

The Ghost of Chiang Mai

Cancer appeal

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

I come to you today with a bit of an unusual request but I am sure you will understand why. Loic Bregnard is a 14 year old boy living in Switzerland. He has a brain tumor. Loic is under chemotherapy treatment but, since the tumor is located in his brain it is very difficult to remove and he knows it. Nevertheless, Loic is fighting with incredible courage and dignity. I visited him when I was in Switzerland and promised to get ‘his message’ out to everybody I know, even in Asia. Loic is so brave, as are his parents.

Loic is out to get the Postcard’s World Record to raise money for research on cancer especially to find new drugs to treat children like him. Loic has to beat the old record of 2 million, so please help him by sending at least one postcard and let your friends know about it too.

The postcard must mention: Pour le record du monde

Addressed to: Loic Bregnard, Vergeret 7, 2603 PERY, Switzerland.

You can see a picture of him and a bit of his story on his website, http://www.u-blog. net/loicb. A word of encouragement would be great too, since he reads every card and when he is too tired his parents read them to him.

Thanks for helping in this great cause and have a great day!

Anne Schoch
Chiang Mai

Flow with the stream

The Editor,

Elayne Clift, your Letter to the Editor (Volume IV No 34 of August 20-26) caught my attention. My message to you is that you have to adjust to Chiang Mai, it will NOT adjust to you.

Let it be a cultural experience, not a culture shock. Recognize and accept that the Kingdom of Thailand has beautiful traditions that will be different from your native land. That you have arrived in Chiang Mai to teach for one year is laudable, but it is also a time for you to be taught.

Come to terms with this, and who knows, you may wish to extend your stay beyond the one year mark. Flow with the stream, enjoy and learn from the experiences unfolding before you.

The starting point would be to rid yourself of anger. (Bloody motorbikes, wrong side of the road...) Get this monkey off your shoulder.

Smile and one will come back to you.

Enjoy Chiang Mai and the region, enjoy the locals and their beautiful traditions and culture, and have a wonderful and happy time in your role as a teacher.

I wish you well,
B.E. (Brian) Haffenden,
Perth Western Australia

The Ghost of Chiang Mai

Dear Editor,

I send you pictures of examples of huge billboards that make Chiang Mai so ugly. It is worse in Bangkok; coming from the airport; one does hardly have a view on the city due to the horizon pollution by billboard advertising. It is an obvious consequence of the ‘thaksinisation’ (commercialization) of Thailand.

The Ghost of Chiang Mai

It would be nice if you in Chiangmai Mail as a local community paper could publish a series of photos of the many billboards rising in Chiang Mai. But, in the meantime can you publish that one with the female image with my text, The Ghost of Chiangmai, at midnight there is some blood dripping from her mouth.

Thank you, By the way, all photos were taken near Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.

Hillside Nick
(Name and address supplied)