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Chiang Mai Expat Club – overwhelming attendance

“Song of the Shepherd” performance in Chiang Mai

Just for Fun

Elite Model Look Thailand

350 students treated to lunch

“Sound of Silence”, Amorn Pinpimai’s modern art

Chiang Mai Expat Club – overwhelming attendance

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

On Saturday, September 10, 2005 the first official Chiang Mai Expat Club (CEC) meetings was held at the Art Caf้ and the response from the community was more than the driving force of the club ever had expected. Over 40 attendees showed up, and president Jim Cox gave a talk on the advantages of having this comparing it to the parent, Pattaya Expat Club and their experiences. He then introduced the board which comprises of Jim Cox acting president and board members Lucy Coombs, acting club secretary, Charles Boling, Thomas Matty, Alex Bomerato, Michael Youngfellow and not present David Mark.

A lively discussion at the first CEC meeting at the Art Caf้. Standing in the back, driving force president Jim Cox.

Several people spoke out in regards to their feelings and the importance of such a club, as well as discussing ideas how to help each other. CEC president Jim described the constitution for the newcomers and asked for suggestions, connections with useful people as guest speakers and people with expertise who would be on hand in running the club.

One of the suggestions was to get involved with the Thai community in order to ‘give something back’. Michael Youngfellow then suggested there could be smaller special interest groups within the club such as a computer group, a reading group, a discussion group, a poetry group, a ladies group, a golf group or even a motorcycle group. Due to the lively discussion the planned presentation regarding a local wat had to be postponed. Near the end, Chuck Hecht, proprietor of the Art Caf้ expressed his appreciation for having CEC at his place and promised to be supportive of speakers and presenters.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2005, again at the Art Caf้ (parking behind Suriwongse Plaza) and anybody interested is most welcome to attend. More information can be obtained by e-mail from Jim Cox: [email protected] or Phone; 0 5321-0273. Please leave message if no answer.

“Song of the Shepherd” performance in Chiang Mai

Karen Thomson

Chiang Mai Community Church (CMCC) will host actor/singer David M. Sanborn in his moving one-man drama entitled ‘King David - Song of the Shepherd’ on Sunday, September 25 at 4.30 p.m. The special 45 minute presentation will take place at the First Church of Chiang Mai as part of CMCC’s regular service. First Church is located on Charoenrat Road between the Riverside Restaurant and the Nawarat Bridge. The performance is free of charge and is “child-friendly.”

David M. Sanborn

‘King David - Song of the shepherd’ been seen by 50,000 people across Asia and America. In this revitalized telling of the story of King David, David Sanborn uses impersonations of popular celebrities as he brings to life various characters in the drama – Arnold Schwarzenegger as Goliath, Sean Connery as the Prophet Nathan and Jim Carrey as the mad David, among others. The heart-rending portrayal of King David’s life includes Broadway-style renditions of well-known Psalms.

MTVAsia.com says about David M. Sanborn, “Sanborn performed a very entertaining one-man show, singing and playing several roles wonderfully.” TODAY reported, “This man is someone to watch out for: his powerful voice and acting skills were apparent to all.”

David Sanborn grew up in Asia as the son of mission workers. Graduating from Wheaton College (Illinois) with a degree in Music/Theater, Sanborn has been acting and singing full time ever since. He has had starring roles on stage, as Tony in West Side Story and as Aeneas in Dido, as well as television and commercial work.

Sanborn has also completed a full-scale musical entitled, Judah Ben-Hur, co-produced with his mother Ellen (an accomplished singer/songwriter/actress who has shared the stage with such legends as Ella Fitzgerald). Judah Ben-Hur debuted in 2001-2002 in Singapore at the Cultural Centre. Sanborn is now in the midst of groundwork to take the musical to Broadway. For more information about David M. Sanborn, visit his website: www.shepherdsong.com.

For more information Contact: Karen Thomson, Operation Blessing Foundation (Thai) 0 1883-2341.

Just for Fun

Drawl Club member

Members of the Drawl Club, an organization of local expatriates who were raised in the southern United States, met at the home of Galen Garwood for an old fashioned southern fish fry.

John Cooley, Howard Graves, and guest Loren Knutson.

Gathering early for drinks and conversation, Drawl Club members welcomed local guests as well as those from the United States. When the delightful aromas from the kitchen filled the house, Drawlers wandered outside to the tables to enjoy the sights and smells of “down home” cooking as dishes arrived from the kitchen. Several admitted to complete overindulgence in fish, hush puppies, coleslaw, red beans and rice. A reverent silence fell as Howard Graves paraded in with two types of pecan pie, each topped with a generous portion of fresh whipped cream. The Drawlers quit drawling temporarily and savored the flavors.

With many of their hometowns ravished by the recent Hurricane Katrina, Galen’s hospitality left the membership feeling rejuvenated.

Elite Model Look Thailand

Daisy Vogt,
contracted EML model

When looking at fashion runway models people just give them a glance and say one of either two things, “Wow, she’s skinny”, or “What a job!” Little do they know that behind the parading along the catwalk, the job goes a lot deeper than they actually expect.

When I signed up for Elite Model Look Thailand 2004, I didn’t know what to expect. Nobody had told me and all the comfort I took was the fact that my Mom said she would fly to Bangkok for the preliminary round, so that there would be at least one friendly face in the audience. However, she ended up staying two days because I passed the preliminaries and went straight on to the semi-finals which were held the next day.

If you’ve ever entered any competition, where judges give you scores, you will know what it’s like just waiting as they announce the winners. Every time they read another name you know you’ve lost another chance. The first round in Bangkok eliminated 150 of the 250 contestants and just waiting for my name to be read out was a very long ordeal. Girls who weren’t picked broke out in tears; others just walked away, yet another competition where they didn’t get in. That day four cuts were made and every time the group got smaller, ending with 30 girls who were to compete the following day in the semifinals where the competitors from different regions came to meet for the first time.

Semifinals are the worst. They are worse than the actual competition! At the semi-finals you are real contestants. This is where the cuts are made and the chance is given for 30 girls to get the training of a lifetime. Yesterday repeated itself as girls broke down when they didn’t pass. But this day, more cries of joy were heard as the names were picked because it put you one step closer to the finals. After the last 30 contestants were picked we received a special introduction to EML 2004 by the owners of the company who gave us the information for the training camp which was to take place the following week and which would really make us models.

Everybody has seen army training camps on TV, get up at 5 a.m., go running, eat breakfast, do this do that. We didn’t have to get up at 5 a.m., but 7.30 is early enough. Then followed makeup, photo shooting, lunch, etiquette lessons, photo shooting, break, dinner, walking lessons - this cycle for five days - it was exhausting, but it was fun!

The teachers, professionals from Barbizon Modeling School USA, took hours every night to teach us how to turn, stand, place our hands, walk, pose, all the good strut stuff. But after five days, all 30 of us were good friends and everybody walked like a model - it was in our blood!

The final event was the highlight of the competition but by that time it didn’t matter anymore who got in and who got out, because we were all one big family. Of course, the final 15 contestants were envied and some of the girls who were left behind cursed and cried but that’s to be expected.

For those 15 models who got the two year contract with Elite Model Look Thailand 2004, all the hard work, the blisters and the leg cramps were worth it as a dream came true. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything and I think all young women with the dream of becoming a model should use this opportunity to their advantage, and join it on October 1st.

350 students treated to lunch

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

Oasis Spa, one of the relaxing exotic spas in Chiang Mai, which claims to promote inner peace and beauty, sponsored a special lunch for mostly hill tribe children at Wat Don Jan.

Raising money, buying, preparing and giving out lunch for 350 children at Wat Don Jan was all done by the staff of Oasis Spa.

The party was led by Manager Khun Ying who initiated the event, raising enough money to feed 350 children.

The diminutive mountain children truly enjoyed the huge amounts of food, and being quite precocious, they also enjoyed the chance to chat and mingle with the lovely girls from Chiang Mai Oasis Spa.

Before starting to eat, the children gave a thank you to their donors who enjoyed the occasion as much as the little diners.

Khun Ying later said, “At first we thought it would be a one time event but after having seen the joy it has brought to these little kids and with the encouragement of our bosses, Pakin Ploywan and Toby Allen, we plan on doing it regularly. It clearly was rewarding for all of us.”

“Sound of Silence”, Amorn Pinpimai’s modern art

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Panisa Gallery organized “Sound of Silence”, an exhibition of the art of Amorn Pinpimai who was awarded three bronze medals for sculpture during the 39th National Art Exhibition 1993. The exhibition opened on September 9 at Panisa Gallery in Muang, Chiang Mai, presided over by Ajarn Pisarn Thiparat, Faculty of Fine Arts lecturer, Chiang Mai University.

Amorn Pinpimai (left) artist and Ajarn Pisarn Thiparat, Faculty of Fine Arts lecturer, Chiang Mai University at the “Sound of Silence” exhibition.

All art works were created in mixed media or were semi abstract to allow viewers to be touched by the silence of the artist’s feeling, “I do not hear any voice except my heart and breath sounds. I feel like there are many sounds around me and everything tries to show the effect of themselves on something. I do not know what those sounds are shouting for, but I know that they are different languages, religions, and cultures until these sounds smoothly become weaker and weaker and only my breath and heart sounds are left.”

The exhibition will run until October 3. The gallery is located opposite the Toyota showroom of Niyom Panich, nearby Chiang Mai Airport, on Mahidol Rd. Tambon Haiya in Muang, Chiang Mai, and opens from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day.