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A conflict legend between Lanna and Ayuthaya kings is recorded at the Wat Papao Foundation.

Celebrity chefs at the Four Seasons’ Gourmet Night

A conflict legend between Lanna and Ayuthaya kings is recorded at the Wat Papao Foundation.

Wat Papao (Wat means temple) is located on Maneenoparat Rd., at Sriphum in Muang, Chiang Mai.

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Wat Papao is located on Maneenoparat Rd., Sriphum, and is the first temple of Ngiew tribesmen in Chiang Mai. It was established in 1883 by the Ngiew people (also known as Phugam people), Tai tribesmen, who lived at Chang Puek, Kuang Sigh, Chang Moi and Wangsingkham in Chiang Mai. It was built in Tai tribal style,.

Ancient pagoda ages 100 years.

Wat Papao was a part of a conflict occurring during the 24 years of war between Ayuthaya and Lanna kingdoms. Chiang Mai was governed by Phugam (Burmese) for several years in the past some signs of the culture of the Phugam were left at Wat Papao—such as the architectural works that were symbolic arts of Phugam.

Phra Jao Kuena Thamikarat, the 8th king of Mang Rai dynasty who governed Lanna kingdom, set up Ho Kham Palace (now known as Wat Papao) outside the Sriphum fort or Sriphum corner in 1388. This temple used to be a Brahman temple and was the residence of Brahman wearing white cloth.

It is said that in the period of King Phra Jao Tilokarat, king of the Lanna Kingdom, a Phugam man called Mang Loong Hon Wang was hired by King Phra Borom Trailokanat, king of Ayuthaya Kingdom to cut a holy tree in this temple that was planted by King Mang Rai. According to legend this holy tree located near Sriphum corner was a residence of the city angel and it the location was used to perform several religious ceremonies, therefore King Phra Jao Tilokarat became angry and punished Mang Loong Hon Wang—since then, the temple was abandoned.

A Kylin statue, symbol of holy and faith, its body looks like deer, tail is liked cow and head is liked dragon.

Later, the two kings proclaimed that they would compete in religion processions so the temple was improved and named Papao because there were many Pao trees at that area.

Some remains in the temple at present still show Tai tribal form and some cultural objects of the Tai tribe are still maintained, but have deteriorated as time passes.

Now however, the temple has nominated for the Encouragement of Educational, Artistic and Cultural Wat Papao Foundation to provide a study building for youths to learn the old culture of Lanna.

Ancient art works have been decelerated by time.

Inside the temple has been modified as a foundation to present ancient Tai tribal art and culture. It will be opened for visits only on Buddhist days. Nevertheless, the temple continues to hold activities and is still interesting for residents, especially Poi Sang Long that is always held in April of every year. This ceremony is organized for 3–7 days. “Poi Sang Long” is a ceremony for Tai tribe youths entering the novitiate and normally it is a Mae Hong Son province ceremony to preserve Buddhism and earn merit for the parents. People believe that if their children become novices, they will have eightfold merit from their children and fourfold from other children. Furthermore, if the boys eventually enter the monkshood, parents could have fourteen-fold merit form their sons and eightfold from other boys. This ceremony has been conserved as a Buddhism ceremony and it builds unity amongst the people.

Remains of the temple present Phugam’s arts.

A new building has just been constructed in Thai and Burmese styles.

Chong Sirimaharaj, a Buddha image in Wat Papao that is adored by many Tai tribesmen.

A study building of the Encouragement of Educational, Artistic and Cultural Wat Papao Foundation.

Tai tribe’s art museum displays Phugam’s civilization.

Architecture works of Tai tribe beside the museum is still in good shape.

A building inside the temple that does not allow women to enter because it means unluckiness.

Celebrity chefs at the Four Seasons’ Gourmet Night

The best parties take place in the kitchen

The Gourmet Night at the Four Seasons Resort Mae Rim’s cooking school was a long awaited culinary event. It was a “happening” where gastronomic delights were prepared by seven international chefs plus the resident chefs of the hotel.

He did a great job – Four Season’s General Manager Andrew Harrison got carried away by his own Chef Claudio Rossi (2nd left) and some of the visiting Chefs.

It was a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world’s top chefs and food stylists, and the crowd, at least twice as large as last year, proved that Chiang Mai truly appreciates these kind of events.

Diplomatic relations were maintained between German Hon. Consul Hagen Dirksen and his wife Wanphen, US Consul General Beatrice Camp, John Spykerman, US vice consul, and his wife Jami.

Michael Ginor, celebrated American chef of Hudson Valley Foie Gras, New York, who is hailed as one of the founders of the World Gourmet Week from the Four Seasons, thinks that Chiang Mai has changed during the last couple of years and has become a more chic city, with high quality boutique hotels. Michael, who started as F&B Consultant for Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, calls Chiang Mai a trendy city to which he always enjoys returning.

Visiting chef Enrique Luis Blondet Montero from the La Rosa Nautica in Lima Peru felt very much at ease among local beauties Joon “Patinya Srisuk”, Madame Dhu of ‘Chez Gibus’ and Mary from California.

Another ‘star’ was Chef Cyrus Todiwala returning to Thailand after 19 years, and who likewise had his first experience with Thai cuisine at The Oriental cooking school in Bangkok many years ago, but said that he will not wait 19 years this time. He introduced light Indian cuisine from Caf้ Spice Namaste London, and local connoisseurs were interested to listen to his colorful explanations of ‘his’ Indian cuisine.

Rachamankha’s owner Rooj Changtrakul was seduced by the creations of Margarita Mantzke from the L’Auberge Carmel in California.

Another challenge and highlight was the Californian cooking couple Margarita and Walter Manzke from the L’Auberge Carmel. Margarita, born in the Philippines and one of the few female gourmet chefs, showed everybody how a ‘real Rocky Road Cr่me Br๛l้e’ is done - get out your blow torch (or cigar lighter) and scorch it.

An Indian touch was added by chef Cyrus Todiwala from the Caf้ Spice Namaste Restaurant in London, who was offering one plain serving, and a second one with spicy sauces.

Laurent Tourondel, a less voluble chef, told everybody how a ‘real’ piece of lamb and steak has to taste, and charming South American, Enrique Luis Blondet Montero, the gastronomic director of La Rosa Nautica in Lima, Peru, has already started to think seriously about spending a couple of years in Thailand and may be opening up a Peruvian style restaurant somewhere in the kingdom. He certainly enjoyed the attention of the ladies and his French-South American charm was highly appreciated.

The Four Seasons’ Cooking School was filled to capacity, and the entire kitchen, management and service staff of the Four Seasons has to be thanked for bringing such a world class event once again to Northern Thailand.

Margarita and Walter Mantzke from the L’Auberge Carmel in California preparing their Rocky Road Cr่me Brulee’ with a blow torch.

German connoisseur Juergen Funke in deep discussion with Cyrus Todiwala.

Four Season’s resident chef Claudio Rossi was on hand to personally slice Spanish ham for Davidene and Lister Hannah, Prem International School, adding flair and sophistication to the party.

Four Season’s resident PBI Tennis Coach Les, had a ball with Michael, Lianne and her daughter Nathalie.

‘Buonissimo’s’ Sergio Canale and many more connoisseurs of fine dining were anxiously waiting for more delicious treats.

Four Season’s Executive Chef Claudio Rossi was wholeheartedly supported by Mohamad Jesr and Tom Sexton.

Four Seasons Chief Instructor Pitak Srichan took personal care of the female visitors, here Pinkaew Fagel, Patinya Srisuk, Sales & Marketing Manager Horeca, and Chompunut Israsena, Director of Marketing Four Seasons Resort.