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W<>E Contemporary Art Exhibition at CMU Art Museum from 8 – 22 October

Wai Khru celebrated at APIS

W<>E Contemporary Art Exhibition at CMU Art Museum from 8 – 22 October

CMU host exhibition by eight UK-based women artists

W<>E Exhibition showcases an exciting mixture of art forms and media, which includes painting, photography, installation, video, sound and textiles. The work explores topics such as feminist space, environment, identity and cultural issues. All works are for sale.


W<>E, short for west meets east, is a group of artists, five British, one French and two Thais who live and work in London and the south east of England. These artists have exhibited in prestigious galleries in both the United Kingdom and Europe. The W<>E Exhibition at CMU Art Museum invites an audience with a different cultural heritage to view art works from the west.

Regine Elliott

An accompanying programme of gallery workshops for school children, organised in collaboration with the British Council Chiang Mai, will seek to promote dialogue between the exhibiting artists and the community of Chiang Mai.

There will also be a free artist run workshop for children aged 8-16 in connection with the Exhibition W<>E at the CMU Art Museum, Nimmanhaemin Road between October 8-13, 2005. The theme will be: ‘Draw a giant map’ or ‘Make beautiful pictures of everyday objects’ and will be run by English and Thai artists with each session lasting two hours. Materials are provided and the parents welcome to join. For teenagers between 13-16 years of age there will a gallery tour with discussions afterwards and the works of the youngsters will be displayed in the CMU gallery. Bookings are recommended.

CMU Art museum opens daily from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Wai Khru celebrated at APIS

Panthip Kolyanee,
Tessa Blane

May Zaw and Thitiporn Chongjaroenjai (JoJo) , Chair and Vice-Chair of the Student Council, led the ‘Wai Khru’ ceremony and explained that it marks the start of the school year in Thai schools, when students acknowledge their respect for their teachers and for the knowledge passed on by them. They explained the symbolism of the flowers used in the floral offerings and, on behalf of the student body, they promised to try to adopt the characteristics of discipline, patience, perseverance and humility and to make full use of their intellect in their studies during the year ahead.

Senior Management team of APIS after the Wai Khru ceremony.

A chorus of Middle and High School students sang the Wai Khru prayer and then each student moved on to the stage, giving every student the opportunity to perform their ‘Wai’ or ‘Respect’ to the teachers in the traditional manner.

This was our first formal ‘Wai Khru’ ceremony and it was very impressive, especially for the foreign teachers, leaving many Westerners wishing that such a ceremony existed in their own culture. It is one aspect of Thai culture that APIS is proud to share with its international community.

Traditional Wai Khru offerings

At the kindergarten was a lot of preparation and excitement going on as well in preparation for the Wai Khru ceremony.

Ajarn Ladda waied by Thomas

Each class was given different flowers, grasses and leaves to make a beautiful arrangement to be presented to the teachers, assistants and staff members. It was very exciting as each class lined up and the ceremony began. It started by singing the national anthem and then two students performed a traditional lyrical poem. After that the presentations began.

Two students from each class were selected to present their flower arrangements to the members of the senior management team. This, they did with much enthusiasm and many smiles. Next the classes, starting with the Nursery, presented flower cones to their teachers, teaching assistants and nurses. All the children did a great job and the staff felt very appreciated and honored by the students. It highlighted the importance of learning as well as teaching the children about respecting those who impart knowledge to them.