Seven Suns

It isn’t often that you have dinner at a restaurant with a mission, but have a meal at Seven Suns and you will contribute to on the job training for a young man who has very little education and a limited future. You will help him find his way in a world that has not been kind. With that in mind, the Dining Out team looked forward to sampling the fare at Seven Suns.

The newly spruced up Seven Suns is bright and cheerful, with original artwork on the walls and colorful banners floating from the ceiling. It’s fun to read the banners. They’re lettered in both upper and lower cases, with no particular order to where in the word the upper or lower case is used. With the lettering running up and down the banners instead of across, it can be quite a guessing game to figure out each word. Very creative.

Breakfast is served all day, and includes cereal, French toast, pancakes, fresh fruit and eggs. The Aussie BIG Breakfast, priced at 120 baht, is really big – eggs, bacon and sausage, fried tomato, baked beans, toast, juice and a pot of coffee or tea. But you can also choose a bagel with yoghurt, juice and a pot of coffee or tea for only 70 baht, or toast and marmalade for a mere 25 baht.

If you have the Aussie BIG Breakfast, you may be too full for lunch and it would be a shame to miss the Thai food. Nibbles are priced between 30 and 60 baht and include staples such as cashew nuts and garlic bread. We started with two salads, a nice green salad priced at 50 baht and served with a choice of Thai salad cream or homemade vinaigrette. A separate Chiang Mai sausage plate, served with French bread, arrived. The sausage was spicy, the bread fresh. At 60 baht, this was a large serving of sausage. Starters and salads are priced at between 40 and 170 baht, and include seafood dishes, avocado salad in season, and spinach and Parmesan cheese wrapped in filo pastry. Spring rolls are also on the menu, giving the starters an international flair. The chef has rated the level of spiciness on a five star sliding scale. Thai spicy salads, those delightful concoctions that are guaranteed to make the unsuspecting farang weep, are toned down to a mere two star heat index. Try glass noodles with prawns or pork sausage, or beef salad at 60 to 80 baht a serving, and judge for yourself. Or substitute a spicy tom yum. Seven Suns also serves western soups such as pumpkin and black bean. Soups are priced at 50 to 70 baht.

Sandwiches are priced at 70 baht, or you could try a traditional Thai dish such as pad Thai or fried rice. These are a good buy at 40 to 60 baht. We sampled the green curry with chicken, and it was really a winner at 60 baht. The chef gives the green curry two stars, but I’d give it three. The Dining Out team loved it.

Western style main dishes are also offered – chicken cacciatore, Irish stew, fish and chips all made the menu. They’re priced from 100 to 190 baht. Seven Suns also offers a few pasta dishes, and there are many vegetarian options. A favorite main course among the diners was the unusual fish cake. These delightfully crunchy fried cakes were filled with mashed potatoes and other seasonings. Try them when you visit Seven Suns.

We enjoyed the fare at Seven Suns, but you have to carefully follow Gina’s directions to get there. Stuff this article into your pocket or purse so that you have the telephone number and can phone for help should you become lost, then proceed up Ratchadamnern away from Thapae Gate and towards Wat Phrasingh. At Wat Phrasingh, turn left. Take the next left onto Ratchamanka. Seven Suns will be on the right hand side of this one-way street. Enjoy.

Seven Suns Restaurant and Guesthouse, 155 Ratchamanka Road, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, telephone 053-814-325. Open daily. Breakfast served all day. Email [email protected] Parking on the street.