Vol. IV No. 43 - Saturday October 22 - October 28, 2005
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Scottish satisfaction

Keep the red buses

Piano is her forte

Scottish satisfaction

Dear Sir;

We first visited Chiang Mai in February of this year – a place where, we discovered, even the dragons fail in their function of ferocity, preferring instead, to just smile (see attached photograph from the Wat on Thapae Road). We stayed with Opas and Anuchana at Baan Orapin – an oasis of calm on Charoenraj Road, where we could not have been made to feel more welcome and at home, and, apart from enjoying some of the many day trips on offer, we took time just to wander around the city and enjoy the people, the places, the sights and the sounds.

Coupled with our time in Bangkok, it was, quite simply, the best holiday we have ever had. Since then, we have kept in touch with what is going on in Chiang Mai through the Chiangmai Mail on the internet – and are looking forward to returning again in January. By then, no doubt, through the resilience and determination of the hard working people of the city, there will be not a trace left of the flooding that has been such an unwelcome feature of the last two months – but the Rose of the North and the towns and villages throughout the area that have had to put up with flooding deserve better. In these days of increasing awareness of the potential effects of global warming, and ever more extreme weather across the globe, it is fervently to be hoped that the Thai government gives urgent and thorough consideration to a proper system of flood prevention measures rather than just letting the water out when the dams get too full!

Thank you to all in Chiang Mai who made our experience so enjoyable – from the lady cleaning the streets who stopped to give us a beaming smile to Opas and Anuchana Chao at Baan Orapin, and to the Chiangmai Mail for keeping us in touch. Long may you flourish!

David and Lena Fallows

Keep the red buses

Dear Sir,

Recently the government has proposed replacing red cars with taxis and large buses. I think this would be a mistake. When considering transportation options, officials need to consider the particular cultural and geographical features of a city. Chiang Mai has many narrow roads, unsuited for large buses. Some roads are so narrow, large buses would not even have room to navigate them. Considering how many roads would actually be suitable for the large buses, there would be fewer options available for needy riders. Taxis would suit tourists and wealthy farangs but what about the local population? Red car prices are likely to be much lower than taxi prices, considering that red cars can carry a lot more people, lowering the cost for individual riders. Finally, red cars are convenient when one needs to move or carry heavy loads. Neither taxis nor buses are suitable for this purpose. The red car is a unique feature of Chiang Mai. Let’s not let the ill-considered whims of technocrats lead to its demise.

Mark Hershey
Chiang Mai

Piano is her forte

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been reading your website articles with great interest. I have just returned from two weeks in Chiang Mai. Needless to say, I found it a truly wonderfully happy experience. I want to return very much. I am a very experienced piano teacher and school music specialist. I would like to know who I could get in touch with to discuss the possibility of teaching music, either in schools or as a private piano teacher in Chiang Mai, or elsewhere in Northern Thailand. I am quite happy to combine this with other school teaching duties.
Mary Jackson

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