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7th annual Doi Tung Bike and Jogging Race in Chiang Rai

Chiang Mai Underground Male HHH host 200th run

Chiang Mai Pool League: Local lost in Blue Sky Garden

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7th annual Doi Tung Bike and Jogging Race in Chiang Rai

Eddie Merckx would be proud!

Michael Vogt

Almost 1,000 participants took part in the annual Doi Tung Bike and Jogging Race, held at the foot of the Doi Tung mountain on Sunday, October 16. Commemorating the 105th anniversary of the birth of HM The King’s mother, the race started at 9 a.m. at the bottom of Doi Tung, and ended at the Doi Tung Royal Villa, 25,000 meters later

The two proud Belgians, Ronny Langmans and Josef Vranckx, proudly holding their national flag, medals and trophy. (Photo courtesy of Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz)

Bikers and runners hailed from all over Thailand, as well as overseas. Some of the more serious and enthusiastic participants even booked their trip to Thailand so that it would coincide with this particular event. Among the foreigners were two Belgian bikers, Ronny Langmans, from Antwerp, Belgium, who finished third in the “over 30 yrs” group. Ronny covered the 25 km of the long route going up Doi Tung in 1 hour and 16 minutes. The second Belgian, Josef Vranckx, covered the 18 km short route in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Ronny and Josef met each other and found their common interest via the internet forum of, and were heavily supported by a great number of friends.

In order to replenish body fluids lost during the race, many of the participants gathered for refreshments after the race at “Hamburger No 1” in Bandu (Chiang Rai).

The organizers have promised to make the next event even more successful.

Chiang Mai Underground Male HHH host 200th run

Groucho Marxx once said: “Any club that will have me as a member I wouldn’t wanna be a member of it”! It’s more or less true of all real hashers. They wouldn’t want to be a member of any real kind of club, that’s why they’re hashers. But this last Tuesday (4th of October, World Animal Day!) 24 hashers turned up from all over Thailand to enjoy a great party and run: The 200th run of the Chiang Mai Underground Male Hash House Harriers.

On-on, through the jungle.

The male only hash in Chiang Mai, the CUMH3 hash enjoyed an extraordinary growth in the last 2 years. Each run now averages around 15 runners, making it the biggest male hash house harriers club in Chiang Mai with now over 50 paid up members. It is also the most traditional when it comes to male hashing no FE (male) allowed ever on the CUMH3! It is not so traditional when it comes to the rules. Rule No.1 on this hash is: “There are no real rules and you can make them up as you go along”.

Furthermore, this crazy running/drinking club doesn’t want a committee that tells them what to do (or encounters into all sorts of power play situations you see with any kind of club all over the world). In order to have someone to hold it all together there are 2 positions of “Caretaker” and they are taken in by the founders: Peter van Loo and Scott Rulka. But besides being the people you can talk to they have nothing to say!

The pack came upon huge rubber trees and elephants in the vast jungle.

On the 4th of October it was a memorable day for the CUMH3. They gathered at the “Fish n Chips Shop” on Ratchaweth Road where two red buses and a few trucks picked them up to be taken on a mystery tour. They all gathered far out of town in a gorgeous area with remote jungle just next to it. All was well arranged: there was water there and staff of the Rydges Amora Hotel was preparing for a “Buffet in the field”.

After a short briefing the pack was sent off - up and over the mountains they disappeared... The run took about 1 1/2 hours and the sights were breath-taking. They came upon huge rubber trees and elephants in the vast jungle. The end of the run was in an idyllic hill tribe village. Excellent setting.

“Do a down, down, down, down, down, down, down...”

Back to the starting point, the Rydges staff was grilling suckling pig and had a feast of salmon and whatnot, ready for the hungry pack. 24 hungry guys took care of this delicious feast. Of course they got a bit thirsty and beer was provided ... as much as you could drink! After some fun activities, every one freshed up a bit and it was evening and the whole pack went into town where entertainment was awaiting them. The run included a special anniversary beer-holder and a T-shirt, so it was a sight for sore eyes to see 24 guys in the same T shirt hitting the town ... A great run, great food and big fun! A 200th run not to be forgotten.

The CUMH3 meets every Tuesday at the Fish n Chips shop at about 4 p.m. (there’s a pick up service to the run sites); anyone can join (if they are male) and visitors are welcome. A great chance to discover running terrain and get to know the area around Chiang Mai, like no other. Plus meet up with some expats that have been living here for years.

Hash House harriers are a “Drinking Club with a running problem”, est. 1938 in Malaysia, also referred to as the “Motherhash”, they run usually in jungle terrain and straight through waterfalls and the rough. After which they will enjoy a few beers with their hash friends. Now the Hash House Harriers are all over the world.

Chiang Mai Pool League: Local lost in Blue Sky Garden

Pat Black

While top and bottom positions remained unchanged last week in the Chiang Mai Pool League, The Local dropped 3 places to 5th after crashing away at lowly Blue Sky Garden. The Wall, Blue Sky Bar, Rock Hard Bistro and Chiangers and Bangers all won to keep in close touch with the leaders - Half Moon Pub - and December Bar lifted themselves out of the bottom two.

The vets: Brian (left) and Ron.

Playing on home soil, struggling Blue Sky Garden inflicted a huge dent in The Local’s bid for the championship by storming into a 5-1 lead by the break. After shrugging off the shock, the away side took 2 of the doubles, but it wasn’t enough to stop them dropping to 5th in the ladder.

Meanwhile, The Wall blocked La Villa’s recent surge with a deserved 5-4 win after leading 4-2 after the singles, and Chiangers and Bangers returned to their winning ways by seeing off No1 Bar also 5-4.

Rock Hard Bistro moved back into contention with a comfortable 6-3 win at home to Friend’s Corner and they join 4 other sides on six points – two behind leaders Half Moon Pub.

Steve of Half Moon Pub was quick to remind Out Back that Blue Sky Bar is not the only side to win 9-0 in open play, as the current pacemakers achieved the feat against Out Back in the final game of last season. And they came close to repeating that performance by rushing into a 5-1 lead against the same opposition. But Out Back managed to claw their way by back to respectability by taking 2 of the doubles and going out 3-6.

Elsewhere, Blue Sky Bar continued their relentless run by overwhelming Enjoy Place 7-2 away.

A look at the league table shows six positional changes in the top half, while December Bar were the only side to make a move in the lower section by beating hapless Happy Bar 5-4 and moving up to 12th spot.

By the way, after last issue’s controversy, the league’s authorities have informed that push shots will be officially allowed, but comments and suggestions are invited on the subject.

It had to happen. After declaring Alex the granddaddy of the Chiang Mai Pool League at 62 years, Brian of Half Moon Pub comes in with 67. Brian hails from Hartlepools in England where their emblem is a hanging monkey. Apparently, in the days when the earth was flat, a shipwrecked monkey swam ashore on Hartlepools beach. As the locals hadn’t seen a monkey before, and couldn’t understand a word it said, they hung it as a French spy.

Brian assures me that he has no trouble in distinguishing simians from humans and he also knows which balls to hit on the pool table.

And now Ron, also from Half Moon and London, tells me he’s 68. Ron is like those big trees that line the road to Lamphun – been around so long it’s impossible to say how old they are. He, Brian and Alex are still a force to contend with on the circuit and it’s worth noting that all three play in the top teams.