Vol. IV No. 44 - Saturday October 29 - November 4, 2005
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Beware of sick wife scam

Congratulations Chiangmai Mail

Beware of sick wife scam

Dear Editor,

Passing near Mengrai Bridge with my Thai girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, an old man on a motorcycle pulled up and gave her a hard luck story; his wife needed medication and he had lost the badly needed money out of his pocket. When he was offered 100 baht, he quickly made it clear that the medication would cost 180 baht. My girlfriend, out of the goodness of her heart, gave him 200 baht. After noting that he wasn’t badly dressed, and that his motorcycle looked pretty new, I became the old cynic that I am and told her that I doubted his story was true.

A couple of days ago outside Siam TV, the same old man pulled up and tried to hit on us with the same story. My girlfriend, though slow to recognize him at first, sent him on his way without a single baht; it all happened too fast for her to give him a good solid lecture about calling the police.
So farangs beware. I think he makes a living out of this little scam by hitting on couples.
Padaed Mike

Congratulations Chiangmai Mail

To the Editor, Reporters and Staff of the Chiang Mai Mail,

Congratulations on your third year anniversary of publishing the Chiangmai Mail. As a subscriber and faithful reader of your newspaper I wanted to express my appreciation to all of you. Your weekly publication provides an important source of current news and information for this recent “Farang” who understands very little of the Thai language.

I like your balance of good photos and well written text. I find your news articles about Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand informative; your coverage of social events and community activities interesting; and your columns insightful (I especially enjoy the dry, humorous wit of Scott Jones). I always look forward to reading the feature article on the personality of the week. There are some amazing and gifted individuals who live and work in this community and I am glad to be introduced to them through your paper. Again congratulations and my best wishes for your continued success.
Dr Carl

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