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Victory for Pictory as niche is filled in market

Victory for Pictory as niche is filled in market

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

After 10 successful years in Bangkok, Aart Roffel and Somsang Arsang have brought the first Pictory shop to Chiang Mai, housed in the JJ Design Market.

Congratulations to JJ Design Market were delivered to Somsang Arsang, who brought Pictory to Chiang Mai, by (from left) Sgant Namvicha, marketing director from Gantra and Apiradee Tantivejakul, project director of Central Group of Companies.

Pictory’s concept is simple. Take a photograph, a painting or a mirror and frame it, but in a most tasteful way. It is a shop for those who love to decorate their home and change the decor once in a while at an affordable price.

The works exhibited at the opening were all done by famous Thai and foreign artists: digital photographs, nature seen through the eyes of an artist and captured for eternity or technically perfect prints. Affordable prices mean you can purchase most of the framed photographs for 1,300 baht and go home with an outstanding present for yourself or another art/nature lover.

(Right) Manager Somsang Arsang, Art Roffel (Domi Duca), Prachurn Goonchorn (Home Buyers Guide), and Gerard from the Netherlands.

Somsang said that most of the numbered prints are imported from the USA and Europe, but framed in Bangkok. The colorful photos in the entrance gallery for the opening night were all shot by Bangkok based artist Jantraratt Adireksarn (Fon) whose subjects are anything regarding nature - animals, clouds, trees, flowers, all in various colors and forms. The prints and photos will be changed on a monthly basis with always one artist exhibiting every month.

The tasteful Pictory shop shortly before the official opening.