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Congratulations Chiangmai Mail – 3 years and counting

Halloween was a monster smash

Congratulations Chiangmai Mail – 3 years and counting

Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) warmly congratulates the Chiangmai Mail on the occasion of its third anniversary. Thank you for your support and coverage of our school’s activities and achievements over the past three years. We appreciate how well you have kept city residents and visitors alike informed about school and community events in Chiang Mai. CMIS wishes you continued success, and looks forward to many more years of happy association with the Chiangmai Mail.
P.S. I remember from our earliest days in this city - over a year ago - Terry and I found your newspaper an invaluable resource for information about Chiang Mai. We still do!
Terry and Nicky Gamble for CMIS

Congratulations to the management and staff of Chiangmai Mail - the voice of the community!

Cheers and Best Wishes from the team at IC-ACE International Center, Chiang Mai University, (an EducationUSA Advising Center serving northern Thailand) and Ayana Highland Trust.

Congratulations to the Chiangmai Mail;
On behalf of the committee of the charity roof top parties please accept my warmest congratulations and a very happy birthday to your newspaper.
Your help at the tsunami appeal, in aid of HM the King’s Foundation, earlier this year was amazing; without you both – Marion and Michael and the Chiangmai Mail we would never have achieved such a good result.
Thank you in advance for your help with the second charity roof top party to be held on 14 January 2006. With your support, help and advice I am sure it will be another success.
Once again, congratulations and our best wishes for the future.
Wachara Tantranont
and the Charity roof top party committee

The staff, students and parents at Lanna International School (LIST) congratulate the Chiangmai Mail for three very successful years.
May you continue to keep the community informed in the years to come.
Roy Lewis

Congratulations to the Chiangmai Mail on the occasion of its 3rd anniversary. We wish you a long and successful future. Congratulations and thank you for all your help after all these years.
Kobkul Ratchakitti
Delegation of the European Commission to Thailand

The British Council would like to congratulate the staff at Chiangmai Mail on the excellent job they have done over the last year in covering the news from the North of Thailand.
Jon Glendinning
Director, Chiang Mai, British Council Thailand

It is known that there are many tourism places in the north of Thailand that present natural atmosphere, art and culture that are valuable to conserve. Both Thai and foreign tourists visit this region all the time therefore it is necessary to consume news and information to support their decision and for them to catch up with social changes.
Chiangmai Mail weekly English newspaper is one media source that presents the economy, social, politics, culture, tourism and environment news and information with the purpose to disseminate this to residents and tourists. These three years proves that Chiangmai Mail has been beneficial for society and on the occasion of three years anniversary, I send you, administrators, reporters and all staff best wishes to maintain this advantageous responsibility forever.
Pol. Lt. Gen. Panupong Singhara Na Ayuthaya
Commissioner of the Provincial Police Bureau Region 5

Good newspapers need to report accurately and rightly without prejudice because what is presented through newspapers is important and beneficial for society.
Chiangmai Mail newspaper, published in English, has served society for three years. It presents advantageous information about Chiang Mai and the north region’s economy, social and politics. There are many foreigners who learn this information, including art and culture from Chiangmai Mail resulting in that they might love Thailand more. I hope Chiangmai Mail will continue this beneficial duty to society and I wish administrators, staff and all officers accomplishment forever more.
Pol. Lt. Gen. Wutti Wittitanon
The Royal Thai Police Office commissioner


Congratulations to Chiangmai Mail on its 3rd anniversary. A great asset to our community. What would our cultural life be without it!
Bennett Lerner


On behalf of the Consulate-General of Japan in Chiang Mai, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations for the third anniversary of Chiangmai Mail, one of Chiang Mai’s leading English newspapers which is very useful for both local people and foreigners here. I wish Chiangmai Mail continued success and eternal prosperity.
Mr. and Mrs. Katsuhiro Shinohara

Mass media is an honorable occupation that reports social, economic, events and information to citizens and Chiangmai Mail is the first weekly English newspaper in northern Thailand. It presents news of all sections, police, army, economy, tourism, politics and others. It has especially followed up news of our soldiers in the north of Thailand. It reports the northern events to people, especially to foreigners, to learn what is happening in the north and accordingly on the third anniversary of Chiangmai Mail, I would like to congratulate and encourage all staff to strive for accomplishment and maintain your international standard forever more.
Maj. Gen. Manus Paorik
Deputy Commander of Third Army Region

On October 26 it was the occasion of the three-year anniversary of Chiangmai Mail, the first weekly English newspaper in the northern region. I am a representative of Chiang Mai Provincial Police and would like to say congratulations in that you have presented news and information to residents and tourists both through paper and the World Wide Web.
I hope Chiangmai Mail will continue to champion what makes justice for citizens and continue the vision of the newspaper including media convention for you to be successful in work, business and occupation forever.
Pol. Maj. Gen. Jiruj Promobol
Commander of Chiang Mai Provincial Police


As someone who is rather inept in reading the Thai language, I have relied heavily on the Chiangmai Mail for local news in English. Over the past three years, this weekly newspaper has offered me valuable information on regional politics and business matters, trade and investment, and provided fun and amusement through its sport, events and of course gossip columns.
Also, the Chiang Mai social scene appreciates the brief summaries of their events, and pictorial portrayal of the people involved.
I would like to congratulate Michael Vogt, Managing Director of Chiangmai Mail, and his hard-working team for their immense accomplishments so far, and wish them much success for the challenges that lie ahead.
Hagen Dirksen
German Honorary Consul

To the Chiangmai Mail,
My colleagues at the U.S. Consulate General Chiang Mai join me in congratulating the Chiangmai Mail as you celebrate your third anniversary. As Consul General, I particularly want to express my appreciation for your assistance in helping publicize Consulate programs and distributing information. Your newspaper plays an important role in connecting foreign residents and visitors here to the people and places of this wonderful Lanna region; we wish the Chiangmai Mail many successful years ahead serving the local community.
Bea Camp
U.S. Consul General
Chiang Mai

Congratulations to all at the Chiangmai Mail on reaching the three year milestone. The one thing that was needed for a long time in Chiangmai was a colloquial newspaper to serve our local expat community - The Chiangmai Mail adequately fills this need.
I know it has been a big challenge for you, your partners and staff. You can be justly proud of your hard work and the achievements made to date. I for one, certainly look forward to your continued success and future growth.
Mike Walther
Australian Hon. Consul Chiang Mai
(PS Australian nationals can register their presence in Thailand at www.orao.gov.au or pass the information on to me.)

It is hard to believe that three full years have passed since you began publication. Your newspaper has been a welcome asset to the community in northern Thailand. We all look forward to reading it each week.
Your events listings are an indispensable resource, and we very much appreciate your helping us share news of important developments and worthwhile information with the greater Chiang Mai community. Chiang Mai is more and more becoming an aviation hub and a center of economic development of the Mekong Sub-Region, so it is very important to have a newspaper to acknowledge and disseminate this information.
I wish all the best success to Chiangmai Mail and hope to see the further development of Chiangmai Mail to become the leading quality newspaper of Chiang Mai and the North of Thailand.
Best wishes on your birthday, with hopes of many more years of success to come.
Suwat Tantipat
Governor of Chiang Mai

On behalf of all the people of the North, the Chiang Mai Municipality would like to congratulate the Chiangmai Mail on the occasion of your third anniversary.

It is amazing how fast time goes by, and none of us can imagine how we ever lived without the, now very integrated, weekly newspaper. The Chiangmai Mail and its team have been very hard working and have greatly helped the Municipality in promoting the northern region and its events and activities. We are very thankful for your ongoing support, and we hope that you will be around for at least another 10 years to keep promoting and supporting our beautiful northern region.
All of us here wish you a very happy birthday, and many more to come.
Pornchai Jitnavasathien
Deputy Chiang Mai Mayor

Dear Chiangmai Mail team
The Prem Center and the Prem Tinsulanonda International School warmly congratulate the Chiangmai Mail on its third anniversary and thank you very much for your enthusiastic promotion of education in particular and Chiang Mai generally.
Lister W. Hannah
President, Prem Center

The Editor,
I don’t think I had the pleasure of meeting Michael and Marion Vogt before pulling up stakes in Chiang Mai (about a year and half ago now - sob!), but a good friend faithfully keeps me up to speed on noteworthy events over there - often by e-mailing me articles from the Chiangmai Mail. Now he tells me that you’re about to celebrate your third anniversary, so, along with a heart-felt “thanks” for helping to keep me in touch with Chiang Mai and The Land of Smiles, I wish to extend to you and your staff my sincere congratulations, and all best wishes for an even more stellar future!
Khawp khun maak khrap
and chok dii,
Ed Buss


On behalf of the commissioner of Pha Muang Task ForceChiangmai Mail is a local weekly English newspaper of the north of Thailand that presents economy, social, politics, tourism, environment and events that are useful for both residents and tourists through paper and internet. On the occasion of the three years anniversary of Chiangmai Mail on October 26, 2005, I would like to congratulate you and hope you will continue to work for the public by presenting news justly and accurately. Moreover I wish Chiangmai Mail accomplishment and happiness forever more.
Wanathip Wongwai
Deputy Commissioner of Pha Muang Task Force


To Marion and Michael,
Yes, you both and your whole team certainly are assets to Chiang Mai, the Area News, the Fine Arts, and the Social Scene. When you are seen arriving at any event, we immediately know that there must be something important about to happen. Having local news written weekly in English is such a blessing to us who yearn for something to read that covers events of interest.
I appreciate so very much your constant efforts on our behalf. May you continue on, doing the same for many more years.
Sincerely, Sid Richardson

Chiangmai Mail’s Third Anniversary
Only three years passed by and Chiangmai Mail is already an indispensable part of our society. We feel as Chiangmai Mail has been established since decades. For this, the Senior Experts Service, the honorary volunteer service of the German Industry, wishes you all the best to complete your first decade. Keep going as you do, be critical, objective and independent.
SES Chiang Mai Office, www.ses.thehostserver.com
Alles Gute fuer die Zukunft!
Uwe, ARC Co., Ltd. Website: www.arc-inverter.com

Hi Chiangmai Mail,
Three years? When you arrived and jumped into the community with both feet, you made more than a ripple. Thanks for giving us thought and laugh-provoking information, making us so much more knowledgeable about our incredible city and its wild and wonderful people.
Congratulations on turning three; may your life be long and prosperous in newspaper years.
Lindy Santitharangkul

A l’occasion du 3่me anniversaire du “CHIANGMAI MAIL”l’Alliance Fran็aise de ChiangMaiest tr่s heureuse de pr้senterses sinc่res f้licitations.
Thomas Baude
Consul Honoraire de France
Alliance Fran็aise de ChiangMai


Dear Marion and Michael and your baby; the Chiangmai Mail,
There is a vicious rumor going around town that Chiangmai Mail is about to turn three!
 have dismissed this ugly bit of news as just another bit of the malicious gossip that seems to create itself in this little town. (Khun Wan always tells me; “Chiangmai lek lek!”)
How could it be possible to have reached such an advanced age as three (which in newspaper age must be equivalent to at least forty-two) and still have such a fresh and open outlook on life here in paradise?
Whatever the age, one thing is for sure, we could not get through a week without Chiangmai Mail. Khun Wan rushes to Rimping every Saturday to buy several copies to be combed thoroughly in search of friends and people we know, lucky enough to have been caught in the act by Chiangmai Mail.
I wonder if Chiangmai Mail knows how hard some of us work to get a mention or, even better, a picture on the social pages. Few of us could ever even hope for an appearance on the pages of consequence.
Chiangmai Mail we wish you a great future and may we share many happy birthdays with you. What a dreary place Chiang Mai would be without you.
Dear Chiangmai Mail, as you grow older, hopefully you will come to realize what wonderful parents are Marion and Michael. They work tirelessly to insure that you look your very best for every outing. You never fail to do them proud!
Happy Birthday Chiangmai Mail!
John Cooley
Nakornping Community Productions

For some time now, Chiangmai has been experiencing a good deal of physical change - not everyone would agree all of it has been a step in the right direction - bringing about a more beautiful, comfortable city. One would expect differences of opinion where there are thinking, involved, interested and concerned people abroad. One of the measures of a viable city meeting the needs and desires of its citizens is the presence of meaningful communication media - local television, radio, forums and newspapers. Chiangmai has these for the Thai citizens but until three years ago there was no regularly produced newspaper for the English speaking citizenry. When Marion and Michael Vogt and their staff brought into being the Chiangmai Mail that deficiency was no more. In the ensuing three years the subscribers have come to depend on the CMM for news of up and coming events potentially important to them, news of social happenings with photos of identifiable friends, editorial comments on what is being well done and what is not being well done by those in charge, news of governmental plans that will affect our lives and all the rest one would expect in a complete newspaper. In addition to all of the parts is the often so subtle jibe, the tiny bits of humor dancing along in sentences so easily missed if not read with care.
I often imagine I can see the twinkle in Marion’s or Michael’s eyes as they wrote the article. There are many, many fortunate people in Chiangmai who have come to be friends with them. One of the reasons their newspaper itself feels like a friend is because they know so many of us so well.
My most profound appreciation for your work, also in the name of the Opera Society of Chiang Mai, your presence among us is truly enriching and fun.
Dr. Howard C. Graves Jr.

Halloween was a monster smash

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

Ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties were out in force around Chiang Mai on Halloween with parties held by hotels, pubs, restaurants, discoth้ques and department stores, and of course plenty of private houses too.

Shaky, a character from a well known movie.

Central Airport Plaza held a ghost fancy dress contest for children as a last hoot before they went back to school. Contestants dressed as both Thai and foreign ghost characters, with Thai ghost Mae Nak, Korean ghost Ju-on, movie ghost Shaky and others stalking the stage. Prizes were 5,000, 3,000, 2,000 and 1,000 baht.

Halloween Night at the Imperial Mae Ping was as scary as it gets. Frankenstein’s Pasta, Devil’s Tomato Soup, ghastly main courses such as charcoaled and grilled alive beef skewers in red wine blood, and even Dracula’s blueberry cheese cake was on the menu. General Manager Nick Bauer and his team had not spared any expense to make sure the event went off in the right blood curdling spirit.

Plump Dracula

The Halloween costume contest was won by “A Vampire from the Catwalks of Paris” aka Miss Saowarod Kongtin, and The Thriller dancing contest was so hard to decide that the judges had two winners at the end, Karnchanok Yaemnean and Umpika Kaewbundit, both students from Chiangmai Ballet Academy.

Ju-on, ghostly Korean movie character.

US CG Bea Camp and David Summers are being served a special Halloween offering by a mummy while Sandy, who is here on a visit from the States, watches.

General Manager Nick Bauer and his judges had a tough choice over who was to be declared winner of The Thriller dance contest. Karnchanok Yaemnean (left) and Umpika Kaewbundit (right) shared the prize. All five dancers are students from Chiangmai Ballet Academy.

Who can scare you the most? And the winner was “a Vampire from Paris”, Miss Saowarod Kongtin, followed by from left to right: sexy witch, model ghost, GM Nick Bauer, who did not take part this time, a Thai Dancing Ghost, Jane and Baby Jack and in red, Bell from Payap Hotel Management School.