Dining Out at Green Oasis

A very small and very hungry Dining Out team recently visited the Green Oasis, and was delighted by the evening. Michael Nitzsche, the proprietor, warmly greeted us, offering seating both indoors or out. This small restaurant has only been open a few weeks, but we had noticed the message board proclaiming daily specials as well as weekly events.

Every Monday and Wednesday from 6 p.m. onward there is an ‘all you can eat’ steak and salad buffet for 139 baht. Every Friday, starting at 7 p.m., there is a candlelight dinner with a five-course menu for only 299 baht. And this one really attracted us - every Saturday starting at 6 p.m. the staff of the Green Oasis serves up a 149 baht ‘all you can eat’ barbeque grill party

We haven’t tried the specials, but if the food we were served on our visit is any indication, they should be fun and tasty. Check ahead of time to see if the special events have changed or if you need reservations.

We enjoyed talking to the staff, and delighted in the opportunity to give feedback and hear about the formation of the menu. Restaurants that are in their nascence are great fun. If you want good German food, not regional, but the kind you would find in a village or on your German grandma’s stove, this is a restaurant you will enjoy. The restaurant also offers Thai selections. The menu is large, and written in both English and German. Breakfast is also available, with prices ranging from 25 baht for buttered toast to 95 baht for the jumbo special.

The drinks menu begins with soft drinks and juices, coffees, teas and hot chocolates. They are modestly priced at 20 to 40 baht with one exception – John’s Special. John is apparently quite a fellow. His 85 baht special is hot chocolate with rum. Red and white house wines are 120 baht a glass, wine coolers are 65 baht each, and beers range from 55 baht for a small Tiger to 95 baht for a large Singha. The restaurant offers a large selection of spirits priced from 45 to 90 baht, and a fun offering of cocktails. Gina’s former CEO found the scandalously named, five liquor combination, “Sex on the Beach” to be delicious. This was quite amusing since the CEO happened to be a nun. A six-liquor concoction known as a “Swimming Pool” is also listed, along with many other favorites. The cocktails cost 100 to 140 baht each.

We began our meal with a lovely salad topped with roasted chicken. Two salad dressings were served with it, classic vinaigrette and slightly sweet yoghurt. This is a meal in itself, priced at 120 baht. Multiple soups are also listed, including a “good, solid goulash”. They are priced at 80 to 95 baht. This was followed by tender roast pork served with saut้ed potatoes and onions with light pork gravy. We couldn’t resist the mashed potatoes. They are the creamiest we’ve found in Chiang Mai, absolutely not a lump in sight and very smooth. The meat specialties are priced at 80 to 160 baht, and the sides range from 25 to 40 baht. I will confess that we almost became stuck on the ‘Auflaeufe’, or bakes. We ordered the potato and vegetable bake at 125 baht and nearly scraped our bowls. The vegetables were fresh and perfectly cooked, then topped with a delicious b้chamel sauce and baked. This is a dish worth trying. We loved it, and so will our vegetarian readers.

We were happy that we saved room for dessert, and what a creative dessert it was! Not listed on the menu, banana pancakes were served with slices of fresh banana, mango and saut้ed apple with a lovely strawberry sauce drizzled around the plate. On the side of each plate was a slice of hot pepper. The combination of sweet and spicy, soft and crunchy was a delicious end to our evening.

The Green Oasis, open daily from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m., 6/1 Kochchasarn 1, T. Changklan, Muang, Chiang Mai 50000, telephone 06-911-5976 (English and German), 06-181-8982 (Thai), email [email protected] Parking is available on the street. Phone for directions.