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Basketball championships organized as part of Yuparaj Wittayalai School celebrations

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Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

Chiang Mai Pool League:Gap tightens at the top

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Basketball championships organized as part of Yuparaj Wittayalai School celebrations

Preeyanoot Jittawong and Pinutda Suwanchaisri (Student trainee MFLU)

Yuparaj Wittayalai School is arranging the 100 Year Basketball Yuparaj Open Competition in which teams will compete for trophies sponsored by Her Royal Highness Princess Petcharat Rajasuda and Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Tana Anonthawilad (left), chairman of the 100 Year Pra Paramee Poklao Yuparaj Wittayalai organizers under the patronage of HRH Princess Petcharat Rajasuda, Pradit Jansantaw (second from left), the president of Yuparaj Wittayalai School, Chareun Kittika (second from right), the committee of Yuparaj Open Competition, and Siriphong Wattanaphaibool, the executive committee of Yuparaj Wittayalai School Alumni Association make an announcement about the competition with Yuparaj Wittayalai School’s basketball team.

Tana Anonthawilad, chairman of the organizing committee, said the event is being held from November 15 to December 10, and is part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the granting of Yuparaj Wittayalai School by King Rama VI.

The competition is also intended to help develop basketball skills in the region to international levels.

Male and female teams will take part, and the age level is unlimited. The winning male team will receive a trophy sponsored by HRH Princess Petcharat Rajasuda with prize money of 10,000 baht, and the winning female team will receive a trophy from PM Thaksin, with 5,000 baht prize money.

The 100 Year Basketball Yuparaj Open Competition will start on November 15. On November 10 there will be a drawing of lots at the audiovisual aid room 3, building 3, Yuparaj Wittayalai School. The games will be held at the school’s basketball course, with admission free of charge.

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The Rotary Club of Doi Suthep will organize an open golf tournament on November 25 from 9 a.m. until noon at Lanna Golf Course in Muang, Chiang Mai. Application fees for teams are 6,000 baht, and 1,000 baht for individual players. Please contact Watthano Thai Payap School, 053 808 642-3, for more information.

Chiang Mai HHH Corner - “On On!”

CH3, the oldest hash club (males) in Chiang Mai runs on Mondays every 2 weeks. If you need a lift from the H3 Pub on Moon Muang Road (corner of Soi 2) at 4 p.m. please Call 09 99 358 27 before 3 p.m. Website:

CUMH3 is now the most popular Male hash in Chiang Mai and pick up is every week on Tuesdays from the Fish n Chips Shop on Ratchawithee Road (tel. 053-418210). Website:

CSH3 is a mixed hash. Runs every Saturday. Pick up from H3 Pub on Moon Muang Road (corner of Soi 2) at 3.30 pm. Website:

Chiang Mai’s Happy H3 is a mixture of traditional values and progressive thinking. Very democratic, good runs and “on on’s” guaranteed. Pick-up from Fish ‘n Chip Shop, Ratchawitti Road, 4 p.m. every Saturday. Website:

BH3 female hash (Harriettes) runs once a month on the last Sunday of the month. Pickup from H3 Pub on the corner of Soi 2 at Moon Muang Rd. is at 3.30 p.m. during the winter and 4 p.m. during the summer.

It’s great fun and you surely get value for your money plus you get to meet all the long-time expats here!

Chiang Mai Pool League:Gap tightens at the top

Pat Black

Last week, No.1 Bar showed that they’re misplaced at 12th in the Chiang Mai Pool League by bringing down pacemakers Half Moon Pub, and reducing the lead at the top of the table to just 2 points. After the home side had taken the first 3 games of the singles, Half Moon pegged back to level terms at the break. But No.1 made sure of the match by taking the first two doubles.

Nit (left) and Su from Friend’s Corner.

While the leading four places in the league remained the same, the gap tightened, with second placed Blue Sky Bar taking full advantage of Half Moon’s slip up by beating Chiangers and Bangers after losing the first game and winning the following five.

The story was similar at Out Back, where the home side won the opening frame, only to see a solid Wall bulldoze the next five, and run out 6-3 winners to stay third.

And after three losses on the trot, The Local fought their way back into title contention with a comfortable 6-3 home win against an inconsistent La Villa side.

Meanwhile, it was heartbreak at Happy Bar, who still await their first win of the season. A fairly big crowd witnessed Blue Sky Garden plough back from 3-4 down to set up a deciding frame.

Blue Sky Garden potted furiously from the start and Happy’s Don and Gip soon had 6 balls left on the table to Bob and Jay’s two. But some canny play from Don left Gip the chance to run in their last 4 balls with the black well placed. A great spell of potting from the lady saw all four disappear, but so too did the white off the last and “bully” Bob of the Garden showed no mercy from the ball in hand situation.

Lowly December Bar might also feel that lady luck regularly deals them a duff hand. One game up after seven is no mean feat against Rock Hard Bistro, but the match drifted away from December as they lost the last two closely fought frames.

Elsewhere, Friend’s Corner was elevated to halfway in the league from leading 4-2 at the break and finally beating Enjoy Place 5-4.

Some of you may remember a very useful one-armed player who used to perform in the Chiang Mai Pool League. He was a true inspiration to anyone with a handicap who wanted to play sport, and “Handless George” Sutton is another worth mentioning.

At 8 years old, George lost both his hands in a sawmill accident, but later played pool on the US tour, where he amazed large audiences with his skill for almost 35 years. And in 1921 he held a world record rack run of 799.

One Harvey Hendrickson also made a lot of money from pool despite a handicap of being hopeless at the game. He toured America too, but instead of running racks and potting like George, he showed off his ability to pick up all 15 pool balls in one hand. You try it!

Last but certainly not least, the two girls in our Ladies Hall of Fame this week are Nit and Su, who play for Friend’s Corner.