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Lanna Dog Rescue organizes sterilization and vaccinations for soi and temple dogs

CEC informative and helpful

Biking for Education helps children from AIDS stricken families

Lanna Dog Rescue organizes sterilization and vaccinations for soi and temple dogs

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

Lanna Dog Rescue (LDR) organized a sterilization project in Chiang Mai from October 22-25 in cooperation with the Livestock Department, the communities of Wat Suan Dok and Wat Pa Daeng and Soi Dog Rescue in Bangkok.

A pat on the head for a brave dog, having just received its injection.

A visiting team of international vets sterilized about 120 temple and soi dogs and cats in the local community areas during the four day period. From October 22-23 the operation site was at Wat Suan Dok and from October 24-25 at Wat Pa Daeng. The animals were sterilized at no charge as the vet team work as volunteers and all travel expenses were paid by themselves. The Live Stock Department has kindly donated rabies vaccination and a lot of medicine for this project, which was supervised by their own vets.

The dogs and cats received rabies vaccinations to improve the health and safety of the local communities in which these animals live.

With this project Lanna Dog Rescue hopes to benefit the communities and to spread the message that sterilization and responsible pet ownership is the only long-term way of reducing the number of street and temple dogs humanely and effectively. The focus of this project was on temple or soi dogs. Pet owners who could afford veterinary treatment for their pets were encouraged to take them to their local vets.

Soi Dog Rescue, Bangkok, has initiated this project across Thailand with a further seven operation sites in Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani, Ratchaburi, Koh Payam, Hua Hin, Ang Thong and Lopburi, in cooperation with the local dog rescue groups.

It looks like this little fellow is giving a high-five to the person with the needle.

Lanna Dog Rescue (LDR) is a volunteer organization that aims to improve the situation of street and temple dogs in Chiang Mai by organizing sterilizations, vaccinations, medical care and finding new homes for them. The team has broad experience in areas such as development work, sociology, dog welfare and veterinary practice. Through close cooperation with vets, vet assistants and vet students a qualified medical treatment can be guaranteed.

LDR has initiated assistance to temples, which often act as shelters for unwanted dogs. At Chiang Mai’s Wat Suan Dok, Wat Pa Daeng, Wat Pa Ngiu and Wat Vivek, for instance, the scheme provides general health care, vaccinations, mange treatment and a neutering program.

Moreover, it funds the costs of food and neutering to temples and certain individual people who do not have sufficient financial means to cover such costs.

Since many animals suffer due to a lack of understanding, information and education are essential tools in creating a just society, where animals and human beings can live together in harmony. Lanna Dog Rescue hopes to disseminate information explaining animal population control, general health care for dogs and their interaction with people through school projects, demonstrations, seminars, the media, fairs, and dog-training programs.

To achieve a healthier and less polluted environment where dogs are concerned, Lanna Dog Rescue needs your help. They would like to make Chiang Mai a model of dog management a compassionate city, where humans and dogs can live together in harmony.

They would appreciate hearing your comments and suggestions regarding underprivileged dogs and welcome any active assistance you can offer. Volunteers are also very welcome to join their team. Financial aid, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated as would contributions of dog food or other materials. Should you wish to make a financial contribution, please deposit the amount directly into the following bank account:

Mrs Wilaiwan Petsophonsakul / Mrs Roshan (LDR)
Account numbers: 566-4 34632-7
Swift code: SICOTHBK
Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
Branch Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai, Thailand
For more information about the group and donation processing please visit 
www. lannadog.net.

CEC informative and helpful

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

The first November meeting of the Chiang Mai Expats Club (CEC) was held on Saturday November 12 with almost 40 people attending. Club president Jim Cox explained the purpose of CEC to the new attendees.

Khaekhai Maimaethee, (right) manager of Hillside 4 (right) drew the lucky numbers of the day, as Lucy Coombs, CEC Secretary holds the 2006 Date Book Lucky Draw Prize and President Jim Cox looks on. (Photo by Lek Polpunya.)

He announced, due to the large number of interested people, that an imminent move to a larger venue had become necessary and this will be the Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel on Huay Kaew Rd, which is next to Kad Suan Keaw (Central).

Jim also talked about a plan of legal and moral support for the foreign community in case of accidents, legal problems, etc and gave a detailed explanation of the plan.

The speaker of the day was Miss Khaekhai Maimaethee, manager of Hillside 4 who spoke on her background but also gave an insight on how Thais would appreciate the foreigners even more. She described her culture as calm and collected and talked about the insecure ness Thais often feel when it comes to handling foreigners. She said many would appreciate a more relaxed and quieter way with day to day businesses and more understanding for the opposite culture with CEC being a big effort and help to achieve just that.

The next meeting of CEC will be on Saturday, November 26. For more info, email at: [email protected] sclub.com, www.chiangmaie xpatsclub.com.

Biking for Education helps children from AIDS stricken families

Saksit Meesubkwang and Preeyanoot Jittawong

Children who have had their families devastated through AIDS were the beneficiaries of the Biking for Education project organized by Zonta International Chiang Mai Club during November 10-13.

David Curtz (4th from left) and members of Zonta International Chiang Mai Club started “Biking for Education” at the start point at the Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium.

The funds raised went towards scholarships for children from Thursday Club families who are infected with HIV/AIDS, the arrangements being made through the Thai Red Cross Chiang Mai #3 Station. More than 300 children were involved.

November 10 at 7 a.m. was the starting time at the Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium, with a ride led by Canadian David Curtz and his family, who have been living in Chiang Mai more than four years. The biking took four days, covering a route from Chiang Mai-Fang-Chiang Rai-Phayao, returning to Chiang Mai on November 13. The cyclists covered over 550 kilometers.

Further donations can be made to Zonta International Chiang Mai Club, Krung Thai Bank, Wat Pra Singha Branch, at account # 540-1-19495-1. For more information contact Margaret Bhadungsong, secretary of Zonta International Chiang Mai Club, 0 5327 4083.