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(No) customer care

Congratulations from the PRD

Santa Claus needs your help

(No) customer care

Dear Editor,

I recently bought a DVD player, which cost 5,000 baht, from a locally well-known company in Chiang Mai. However, I found the next day that there was a buzzing sound from the woofer. I went back to the company right away and they changed it for a new one.

Unfortunately, I found another problem - there was an unusual sound when I turned off the DVD player. I went back to the company again and changed it for another one. However, I still found that there was a buzzing sound from the woofer. I think this is enough. I didn’t want this brand of DVD player anymore.

I wanted to replace it with a refrigerator with the same price. But I was surprised that they had the nerve to charge me 10 percent of the 5,000 baht for replacing the (defective and substandard) product. The sales representatives just didn’t care and tried to dismiss whatever I wanted to tell them about the defective DVD player.

Before you buy, they treat you like a master; after you’ve bought something, they just don’t care.

Supamit Kemaleelakul

Congratulations from the PRD

Chiangmai Mail is the first weekly English newspaper of Chiang Mai that has presented news, knowledge and events to public for Thai people and especially for foreigners for three years. It could be said that Chiangmai Mail plays an important role to publish news and to be a medium between government organizations and residents.

Besides, Chiangmai Mail has done what is beneficial for daily life that news consumers could be able to apply what they learn from the newspaper into real life and it is a method to improve life being, community and Thai social.

On the occasion of third year anniversary of Chiangmai Mail on October 26, 2005 I wish Chiangmai Mail the best happiness and would like to encourage you all to jointly bring this kind of imaginative media to the public – a great accomplishment.

Somjai Sasomsupt

Director of the Public Relations Department Region 3 Chiang Mai

Santa Claus needs your help

With Christmas just around the corner, we all are thinking about what kind of presents we should buy for the family. However, there are many underprivileged children around us who do not get anything, and all you have to do is just open your eyes, and you will see.

As in the previous years we are in the middle of preparing a Christmas-party for HIV positive children from the Rejoice Children Center here in Chiangmai; children, who were born with this disease, and whose lifespan is very limited. Our aim is to give a few dozen children a day out with good and healthy food, games, and even having them receiving a bag of presents, delivered by Santa Claus himself. And, as sad as it is, for some of them it might be the last Christmas they can take pleasure in. Despite the help we receive from Mr. Grahame who lets us use his venue ‘The Pub’ free of charge, we need some help from members of the community.

It all depends on funds and helpers how many children can be invited to a Christmas treat at “The Pub”, a very well known establishment for expatriates, located on Huay Kaew Road.

If your question now is “how can we help?” the answer is simple. If you have some spare time to help feeding the children, or play little games with them, just drop by on Saturday, December 10 at 2 p.m.

If you prefer to give money, this is perfectly in order, (every single baht will be spent for the children) but if you have well maintained toys, clothes or blankets at home which you do not need anymore, you may want to consider sponsoring those for these children. Please bring anything you wish to donate to “The Pub”, from this Saturday onwards. The sooner, the better, and the more they will receive, the more children can be invited to join in the fun and excitement of that particular day.

For any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the organizers, Khun Kobkaew, Khun Poolsuk or myself.

Dot Delaney, Tel. 0 1671 1638, on behalf of the Committee.