Skๅl Club Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand held their recent board meeting at Bann Tazala’s exclusive restaurant, to discuss details of the upcoming Christmas party at the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel on Sunday, December 18, 2005. (From left) Valya Subsaeng, Wanna Thomas, Marc Dumur, Sun Subsaeng, David Thomas, Luxami Utaipol Dumur, Marion and Michael Vogt.

Central Airport Plaza in association with Bethany Choir Group organized “Thailand and South Korea Cross Culture 2005”. The Bethany Choir Group has traveled throughout the world to promote South Korean musical culture, and to encourage family unity.

Wim Fagel, general manager of Amari Rincome Hotel (middle), congratulated Jon Glendinning (left), Hon. British Consul and British Council director, on the occasion of his birthday, witnessed by Pavinee Chommuang.

Deciding on the educational future of their son were Veerasak (far left) and Suchada Wongmalee (far right), receiving first hand information from Davidene and Lister Hannah (Prem International School), as well as Lance Lewis.

Enjoying some red wine and Italian antipasti at Sergio’s Buonissimo were (left to right) Dr. Howard C. Graves, Ron Smoley, Philip Wharfe, Mark Walder and Nui. Proprietor Sergio Canale, as always, was on hand to oversee.

After months of hard work, the “Hats Off!” cast were ready to party, with John Cooley, producer/director, fans, friends, and Esther Ting (middle) at River Ping Palace. John Smith (left) on guitar and Mark Walder (right) were assisted by Pat, Richard, Sharon, and Lindy. To sum up the mood of the evening, Dr. Howard Graves, John Morgan, Guy Pace, and Mark Walder performed the Noel Coward favorite, “I’ve Been to a Marvelous Party”!

A 60 year birthday anniversary and house-warming celebration for Maj. Gen. Intharat Yodbangtoey, chairman of senate administration commissions, was organized at his house, with MPs, weightlifters, and many other guests.