Mi Casa

Mi Casa is tucked away in a delightful little house off of Suthep Road that is decorated in bright colors with original art by Vittavas Teetaa on the walls. It’s a challenge to find, the first time you go, but once the first dish arrives you’ll thank your ancestors for your adventuresome spirit. Mi Casa offers “Mediterranean home cooking” but it’s so much more than that. This is Annie Ting’s second restaurant; her first was in Hong Kong, and she’s enjoying the challenge of meeting a new and different clientele. And just wait until you try Chef Kike Garcia’s northern Spanish food!

Mi Casa is young, and the menu and staff are still evolving, so this is your opportunity to select from the “Testing Menu” and give them feedback. Half of the Dining Out team recently did just that at lunchtime, and began with refreshing fresh fruit shakes. The drink list includes wines that are priced from 750 to 3,100 baht a bottle. A glass of the house red or white is 150 baht. Cocktails, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee are also offered. Espresso is 40 baht and beer is 60 to 150 baht.

Now came the fun part. We asked Chef Kike to prepare his choice of mixed tapas for us. Priced at 250 baht on the menu, the mixed tapas – chef’s selection, was a delight to our taste buds. Vegetarian spring rolls with egg plant dipping sauce sat at one end of the serving dish, an eggplant stack with roasted peppers and tomatoes, pesto and goat cheese sat at the other. Beautiful, market-fresh garlic prawns with olive oil and chili and fresh mussels with a slightly spicy Spanish sauce were placed between. This dish easily serves four diners. Crusty homemade bread was served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and shaved Parmesan cheese. Individual tapas selections are priced at 50 to 90 baht. We recommend the mixed tapas highly. Our favorite was the eggplant stack, but not a prawn remained on the plate and only a crust of bread.

Mi Casa offers a variety of salads and other appetizers, as well as a soup of the day. Caramelized onion tart with homemade semi-dried tomatoes; grilled asparagus with poached egg, lime and spicy hollandaise are only two of the fabulous sounding salads. Salads and appetizers are priced at from 110 to 180 baht. The soup is 110 baht per serving. By now you may have noticed that many of the dishes are appetizingly vegetarian. Vegetarian dishes are marked with a stalk of broccoli on the menu, and there are many of them. Mi Casa also offers pasta and risotto dishes such as saffron risotto with fresh prawns in tomato sauce at 210 baht. Mi Meats are also listed and include chicken, beef and lamb. I look forward to trying the slow-cooked lamb shank on a bed of pumpkin mashed potatoes at 350 baht.

But there was no room. The chef had prepared his special seared Atlantic salmon on a bed of spinach with lentil stew. A creation such as this separates fine home cooks from professionally trained chefs. The lentils were creamy, the spinach fresh and seasoned incredibly well. Ahhh, the salmon! The searing had created a nice crust, but the inside was moist and delicate. This dish is priced at 280 baht.

Mi Casa has yet to develop its dessert menu. No matter. We couldn’t have eaten another delicious bite. The Dining Out team highly recommends Chef Kike’s delicious Mediterranean food. Enjoy.

Dear readers, pay attention now. This is how you get to Mi Casa. Take Suthep Road away from the klong and towards the mountain. Pass the canal road. Doi Kham will be on your right. Go past two 7-11 mini-marts on your left. Immediately past the second 7-11, you will see a sign noting Mi Casa in red and a road. Turn left onto the road, and proceed about 200 meters until you see the Mi Casa sign on your left. Turn into the driveway for limited parking or park in the adjacent lot. Telephone 0 5381 0240; email micasacm @yahoo.com. Mi Casa, 60 Moo 8, Suthep Road, Chiang Mai. Open Tuesday – Sunday from 12 noon – 2.30 p.m. and for dinner from 6 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.