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No coordination in sight!

No coordination in sight!

Dear Chiangmai Mail,

Thank you for your effort in trying to inform us about the sluggish progress of the construction work in our city (CMM Issue 47).

This last weekend proved once again to be a disaster. Traffic was at a standstill everywhere. Fairs everywhere, people in the stalls - wherever we went - were bored, nobody to sell their items to because much too many fairs at the same time.

NAP Fair in Soi 1 (without being unkind but the atmosphere was lacking a lot), fair in Soi 4 (where all stalls were still closed at 5 p.m. on Sunday!), OTOP Fair at CMU, present fair at Tung Hotel, ceramic fair in Lampang and long weekend fair at JJ market to just name a few.

This in combination with the construction work which was supposed to go on but was once again stopped for holidays - do I need to say more?

I now heard the rumor that the city talks about enlarging Soi Nimmanhaemin? Now? After it has become such a treasure street in regards to shopping, handicraft and cafes everywhere? I hope the residents of those houses and shops concerned really start some good protests.

It would help if they finished the ongoing construction before even thinking on opening some more holes around town.

A former lover of the once-so-nice city of Chiang Mai