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Voice Studio to stage classic London musical

The Prince(ss) and the Pea at Prem Center

Chinese youngsters arrive as part of ambassadors of goodwill project

Young artists of the North gather for grand prize giving ceremony

Jazz on a winter’s night will evoke the Gatsby era

Voice Studio to stage classic London musical

Preeyanoot Jittawong and Kittiyaporn Kanjam (student trainee MFLU)

The classic Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” will be performed by Voice Studio Institution in February.

Some characters and production team of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, the musical.

Voice Studio owner Thianchai Sukthiang said this represents a new direction for the company and its players because its performances so far have all been concerts or drama. This is the first time a full length musical will be staged, with all dialogue and songs in English.

Thianchai said he feels the time is right to stage this production, which is a perennial favorite in London. He believes that the students at Voice Studio have the talent and ability to present the show, and that citizens of Chiang Mai will be very responsive. If this is a success, he promises, another show will be staged later.

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” is a production owned by Really Useful Group Ltd, of England. It takes its basic story from the bible, and is about close family relationships. There are many styles of music in the show, which features 28 main characters and 30 child performers. Thianchai said that some of the actors will be Voice Studio students while others will be cast from auditions.

Director will be Tor Marut Sarutwat, and Jaew Yutthana Lor Phanphaibul has been cast in the part of Jacob, Joseph’s father.

The story is of a young man named Joseph living in the land of Canaan. He is his father’s favorite son. Joseph has 11 brothers and as he is the last son of the family he is a little spoiled. He receives a gift from his adoring father of a rainbow colored coat, but his brothers have to wear sheepskin. The brothers, feeling this has gone too far, abduct Joseph, destroy his cherished coat and sell him to Egyptian slavery. Then they tell their father that Joseph is dead. Later it is discovered that Joseph has become a senior government minister in Egypt, and the story has a happy ending.

“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” will be performed on February 4 and February 5, at 7.00 pm, at Kad Theater, Kad Suan Kaew Department Store. Tickets go on sale from December 20 at Kad Suan Kaew Department Store and Voice Studio Institution. For more information please contact 0 5341 0123.

The Prince(ss) and the Pea at Prem Center

A Spread the Warmth Campaign

Davidene Hannah

Head of School David Baird is about to know if he can feel a pea under 70 blankets!

Prem Tinsulanonda International School was host to a supposed Princess who turned out to be Head of School, David Baird, in an attractive dress and wig and waving an impressive wand. The princess appeared in the piazza to lir on top of a bed covered in 70 blankets. His task was to determine if he could feel the presence of a pea that was placed underneath all the blankets. This test was to determine if he were a real princess or not.

The fairy tale, “The Princess and the Pea”, by Hans Christian Anderson, was used as the catalyst for an appeal to the Prem community to donate blankets to provide warmth for local families in need. As each blanket was brought to the library, it was placed on top of the bed standing in the entrance foyer of the library.

Head of School David Baird lies on a bed with 70 blankets that will go to charity.

When ‘Princess David’ lay on the bed, with a fascinated audience watching and appropriate music being played, it was discovered that he was not a true princess, as he could not feel the pea that was placed underneath all 70 blankets. However, whether or not David was proclaimed a princess did not really matter, as local families will receive the donated blankets to keep warm this season.

This was another initiative of the IB community service program, and thanks go to all the parents who contributed the blankets.

Chinese youngsters arrive as part of ambassadors of goodwill project

Nopniwat Krailerg

One hundred young people from China have visited Chiang Mai as part of a goodwill exchange scheme.

The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security organized the Thai- Chinese One Family project to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Thailand and China resuming full diplomatic relations. The project includes the visiting of youngsters from both countries to see how their counterparts live.

The 100 Chinese young people visited Chiang Mai on December 5-7, the Thai youths having been to China on October 17-26.

Wang Xu Feng, deputy secretary general of the Chinese Youth Federation, headed the visit here, and the 100 youngsters called upon the Chiang Mai governor to hear about life in the province.

Afterwards the young delegation toured Doi Suthep, Phuping Palace, Baw Sang Umbrella Center, Chiang Mai Night Safari and Maesa Elephant Camp in Mae Rim. They have also visited other parts of Thailand including Bangkok, Ratchaburi, Samut Songkhram and Nakhon Pathom.

Young artists of the North gather for grand prize giving ceremony

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Young artists were awarded prizes at a contest organized by the Faculty of Fine Art at Chiang Mai University and PTT Public Co., Ltd.

All students who won the prizes

Presentations for the 6th Northern PTT Youth Art Exhibition took place on December 6 at Chiang Mai University Art Museum, with Prof. Dr. Pongsak Angkasit, president of CMU and Phayak Sathianpakinnakorn, manager of PTT’s public relations department presiding and handing out the certificates.

There were 72 artworks that won prizes. The topic was “This Land that I Love” and every level from kindergarten through to primary school, secondary school, high school, and vocational school was represented. The judging had taken place on November 12.

This contest gave young people from throughout the North to create artworks showing the love and pride they have for their home country. The works expressed aspects of culture, tradition, nature, the environment, way of life, and love and unity of the people.

Jazz on a winter’s night will evoke the Gatsby era

Nopniwat Krailerg and Preeyanoot Jittawong

Pongsak Cherdjareewatananon (2nd left)and Supap Pluempree, directors of SP Publishing Group Co., Ltd. (3rd left ) and representatives of V-Sign Media, Rim Ping Supermarket, Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai and Chi Chang Computer, at a press conference for the concert

A jazz party in Great Gatsby style and featuring well known Thai and foreign musicians is to be held on December 23 at Ben Niwas House.

Organizing the event are Thai Pottery Industry Co., Ltd. in cooperation with SP Publishing Group Co Ltd. A press briefing was held at Baan Ben Niwas on December 7 by Pongsak Cherd-jareewatananon and Supap Pluempree, directors of SP Publishing, with representatives from sponsors V-Sign Media, Rim Ping Supermarket, Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai and Chi Chang Computer also attending.

Pongsak said that his family loves jazz and had decided on this event following the success of their One Starry Night Concert the previous year, an event that was initially planned only for family and friends but which had gained a great deal of attention.

This year’s concert party will be entitled Jazz Me to the Moon. Professional jazz musicians lined up include Brigitte Escobar from Europe, Greg Lyons, Koh Mr Saxman, Jan Narisara and Pom Auto Baan, along with the band of Kru Boy. The evening begins at 6.30 pm and white clothing in keeping with the Gatsby theme is preferred.

More details and tickets are available at SP Publishing Group Co., Ltd. or by calling 0 5381 4444-5 and Hin Le Shop at 0 532 42621, or visit Ticket costs are 1,300 baht each and only 300 are available.