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Concerts and children

Sick and Tired!

Concerts and children

The Editor,
Concerts can be entertaining, or solemn, or festive, or vivid, or anything else in between. The performers, be it professionals or amateurs, usually practice a great deal before the show, in order to present the very best they can do to the audience. Artists expect the audience to be attentive, to listen, to take part, to enjoy, to be touched, to be moved. And, in most cases, to be quiet. Artists are sensible and sensitive. Professionals have experience, and normally know how to deal with situations. Amateurs donít. They have to fully concentrate on their performance, be focused, and make sure they donít forget the lyrics. They do this for fun, for charity, for awareness, or for the community. The least they can expect is respect, maybe admiration, and attentiveness and quietness during the performance.

Not here in Chiang Mai, unfortunately. People chat. Mobile phones ring. People make phone calls. People receive phone calls. And answer them. Annoying children are running around, play hide and seek, scream and yell, which they may interpret as ďsing alongĒ. The accompanying parents should know better. The children are not to be blamed, the parents are. The children donít yet know that what they are doing is considered rude and misbehaved, and is distracting the performers and the audience. Parents should know, but they apparently donít. Ever heard of manners? Adults would be kicked out. Children wonít. Parents should be.

All this refers to the recent performance of the Chiangmai Choral Society Christmas Concert at GongDee Gallery. A grand show, excellently produced and directed, with devotion, motivation, and a great sense of humor. Yes, if it comes to Christmas, Santa Claus and gifts, children get very excited. I know, as I have three. But we had them under control when they were still little. We taught them manners, like we were taught manners. We taught them behavior and etiquette. And we were never embarrassed by their behavior. Some of the parents there at GongDee that night should be. But they are probably not. However, some children were very well behaved. No sound, no running around. Thatís class, thatís upbringing. Learn from them, parents!
Chiang Mai

Sick and Tired!

Chiang Mai is a city full of terrific restaurants and exceptionally talented individuals who enjoy sharing their talent with an appreciative and respectful audience. But, Chiang Mai is at risk of losing its politeness especially in these terrific restaurants and during these exceptional concerts and performances we are so fortunate to have. If you are weary of discourteous and disruptive behavior while out with friends at a restaurant or attempting to enjoy an evening performance or concert then youíll be able to relate to my pet peeves, rants and raves below.

If you are unable to come to a concert/performance on time then stay home.

If you are so important that you canít turn your mobile phone off during a concert/performance then stay home.

If it is impossible for you to keep quiet for the short time a performer is giving their audience all they have then stay home.

If you canít tell the difference between background music and a performance then stay home.

If you are unable to stay for the whole concert/performance then make plans to leave during the intermission or stay home.

If your children are so rambunctious or uncontrollable that they canít remain quiet during a concert/performance then keep them at home.

If you havenít had the time to teach your children basic table manners or you canít prevent your children from running around the restaurant then keep them at home.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager and you arenít able to prevent one table from disturbing all other guests then weíre eating elsewhere.

If you are a performance hall owner/manager or a director/producer of a production and you donít attempt to keep others from disturbing the performance then we arenít going to your performances.
Chiang Mai