Dining Out at D2 Moxie

There’s a new spot in town that’s sure to be a hot spot. It’s brassy and mod, free-spirited and creative, and it’s named – appropriately – Moxie.

Welcome to D2 Hotels and Resorts, the latest in the Dusit chain. It’s the amazing rebirth of the old Chiang Inn hotel in the Night Bazaar. If you wondered what could be done with an old hotel in the heart of the busy downtown area, then walk into the front door of the new D2 and enjoy the way it’s shaping up. Eye-catching orange and brown custom made carpets accent modern stainless steel and leather furniture, with soft accents of vine furniture in innovative shapes. A huge stainless steel and glass wine chiller lines several walls. Gone are the low ceilings and dark rooms. Here you will find space and light and bold design work. And the kitchen is a work of art in gleaming stainless steel.

But don’t think that this restaurant is all show. The real test is always in the tasting, and Moxie lives up to its name. German Chef Diether has developed a menu that is a blend of Asian and Western specialties, sometimes blending Western delights such as risotto with Thai herbs and spices such as lemon grass into one delicious dish. And Sous-Chef Attapol executes his part of the menu with flair.

The Dining Out team recently had lunch at Moxie, and was delighted by the special menu that had been prepared. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve menus have been designed. These can be sent to you via email or accessed on their web site.

We began lunch with three appetizers. Appetizers on the Moxie lunch menu are priced at 80 to 95 baht. Kratong-thongs served with three kinds of sauces arrived first. These small pastries were filled with corn and mango, tomato and onion, and a fresh avocado in olive oil and vinegar. Accompanying each small pastry cup was coconut cream and chilli oil sauce. This delight is priced at 90 baht.

Next arrived enormous deep fried prawns, their batter enhanced by almonds and garnished by a curl of fried rice. This is priced at 95 baht. The fresh spring rolls were a delight to the eye as well as the palate. With crabmeat on the bottom on the roll, followed by Chinese sausage and crisp fresh vegetables, these spring rolls should be held by hand and dipped into the accompanying sesame and Hoisin sauce. The spring rolls were priced at 80 baht.

We tried two fresh and delightful salads. The Japanese tuna salad, dressed in sesame seed salad dressing, was so fresh that we could envision it swimming away from our plates. And the Caesar salad with smoked salmon was a taste treat. These are priced at 90 baht for the tuna and 290 baht for the Caesar salad.

Our entr้e choices arrived. Grilled lamb chops, tender and prepared to perfection, were accompanied by two sauces – sweet basil and mustard. Priced at 620 baht, this is an outstanding dish. The variety of sauces at Moxie seems to be inexhaustible and of the highest quality. Fried red snapper, encrusted in pepper and served with a black peppercorn sauce arrived. Steamed asparagus was the perfect side dish. The fish, priced at 280 baht, was well cooked and fresh. Roasted chicken breast served with a passion fruit and honey sauce was set before us. A sweet sauce for chicken, but surprisingly not too sweet. This dish is priced at 190 baht.

We chose a macadamia
fig tart and the raspberry tiramisu to sample for desserts. Each was priced at 150 baht. The tiramisu was served with passion fruit sauce. What an unusual and delicious combination. But the fig tart! Macadamia nuts were chopped into the crust, and the figs and mixed fruit filling was rich. It was served with a caramel sauce and whipped cream. Heaven on a dish!

Moxie at the D2 Hotel, 100 Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai 50100, telephone 053-999-999, fax 053-999-900. Email [email protected] Website www.d2hotels.com. Open daily from 6.30 a.m. until 1 a.m. Parking will be available in the garage of the Chiang Inn Plaza when renovation is completed.