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Seven Fountains fundraising dinner a great success

Another international film to be shot in Chiang Mai

Welcome German Ambassador Dr. Christoph Bruemmer

Seven Fountains fundraising dinner a great success

Lindy Santitharangkul

Festive and Christmas like, was the dinner area at American Clubhouse for the Charity Fund raiser.

The Seven Fountains Charity Dinner held on Dec. 11 at the Hang Dong American Clubhouse was a huge success, according to its prime organizer, Jo Steele. “The food was plentiful and delicious,” she reported, “the decorations made you think Christmas was really on its way,” and the entertainment was toe-tappingly merry. Father Vinai shared slides of some of the Hill tribe children who benefit from the scholarships. All of the proceeds go straight into the scholarship fund.

Stine (from Denmark) viewing the selection of scholarship cards. Each decorated card shows a picture and story of the child you are sponsoring when you “buy” it.

Because of the generosity of Waranan and Preecha Pongcharoenkul, (Jade Factory) a special silent auction of three gorgeous jade pieces raised 11,000 baht for the scholarship fund. 100 percent of these bids goes straight to the children for education.

A big hit of the evening was Rainy’s Chiang Mai Voices, as they sang some Christmas favorites, and led the group in a community sing-a-long. Chiang Mai Voices will hit the ground running, and plan for a bigger musical celebration in May.

The night’s proceeds were considerable. The evening raised 84,500 baht. Many thanks go to all those who donated their time and energy to making the evening a success, and a bigger thanks to all those who came and enjoyed the evening. “A special thanks to Jake, Tess and Jordan for volunteering to run errands and to wait on tables,” said Jo. “They did an exceptional job!”

The food line for the amazing feast which included turkey, ham and roast with all the trimmings.

Another international film to be shot in Chiang Mai

Sandy Clark

Camera team in the jungle. Photo: Niv Abootalebi

Once again Chiang Mai is the venue for an international film production, this time for young director Vanessa van Houten and her crew from Germany, Austria and Thailand. The 90 minute movie ‘Toy’ is produced by Dor Film Productions Ltd., with producer Danny Krausz, in Co-production with Bavarian Broadcasting (BR), the Film University of Munich, line producer Alfred Deutsch and line producer of Living Films Chiang Mai Georg Peter Mueller.

One of the local supporting actresses: Penelope Hall, during break time. Photo: Alfred Deutsch

‘Toy’ is a fiction-documentary about love. Nic (Thomas Frไnzel), an eclectic 23 year old German, wanders through Bangkok, searching for his ‘House of Wishes’ and is pulled into a world and culture unknown to him. At a soup stall Nic meets Coco (Tschagsalma Borchu), a mysterious 23-year old Asian girl who reminds him of a figure from his past, and he is mesmerized by her. That’s the beginning. Nic also meets the charismatic AIDS stricken 38 year old German Charlie (Lars Rudolph). Nic follows Charlie into the ambivalent world of mysteries. The lives of Nic, Coco and Charlie often cross each other, but ultimately they find true friendship and love.

Nic finds Coco in Bangkok Karaoke Bar and is mesmerized by her. Photo: Alfred Deutsch

The movie results from the thesis of the writers, Vanessa van Houten and Natalie von Lambsdorff, who dreamt of shooting this movie since they first walked through the streets of Bangkok three years ago. From that moment they began searching for financial support and a way to fulfill their dream, finding Dor Film West a group who believe in promoting first time directors as they are the future of European film

The production time is set at seven weeks, and inside locations were moved to Chiang Mai, as this reduces production costs dramatically. The crew from Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Austria and Germany are highly motivated, and despite the low budget ‘Toy’ is marked by passion and dedication, and the actors are driven by enthusiasm with only one aim: to prove that it is possible for young directors, writers and actors to make a movie which is diverse and also professional.

Coco in her hill tribe village, where she takes her friends from Bangkok. Photo: Niv Abootalebi

Welcome German Ambassador Dr. Christoph Bruemmer

Marion Vogt

Raimund Haerthe, pro-ducer of the daily Thai Ticker and Dr. Christoph Bruemmer, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Dr. Christoph Bruemmer took up his appointment as German Ambassador to Thailand in August this year, after spending four years as German ambassador in Pakistan.

Last weekend, Dr. Bruem-mer together with his wife Antje and one of their three daughters came for their initial visit to Northern Thailand. German Honorary Consul Hagen Dirksen and his wife Wanphen hosted functions to introduce him to the local community members.

Hon. German Consul Hagen Dirksen, German Ambassador Dr. Christoph Bruemmer, Sabine and Thomas Zimpfer during the Ambassador’s visit to the Bluechip Microhouse Factory.

The Ambassador’s days in Chiang Mai were filled with visits to various German organizations located in the North of Thailand, including the CDSC (Christian German School) and Bluchips Micro-house, a company with 100 percent German ownership, which started production of LCD modules in March 2000.

A very relaxed evening followed at the restaurant of the Club House of Ban Nai Fun II, and Dr. Bruemmer declared in his humorous address to be very happy being in Thailand, despite one minor problem - he has yet to find someone with problems!

Dr. Bruemmer and his family promised to be back soon, as the current cool climate would be a very pleasant change from the Bangkok temperatures.

An almost impossible task to get everybody in the group photo.

It was a very relaxed evening at Saenkham Terrace, which included David Summers, Wanphen Dirksen, US CG Bea Camp, Hon. German Consul Hagen Dirksen, German Ambassador Dr. Christoph Bruemmer, family Kutscher from CDSC and family Klaus Kappler from KEK Gems on the right