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Wat Tham Tab Tao

Wat Tham Tab Tao

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Wat Tham Tab Tao has been an ancient place of worship for over 100 years at Baan Tham Tab Tao village in Chai Prakan district, Chiang Mai. The name of the temple comes from the Northern Thai language. Although Wat Tham Tab Tao is smaller than Chiang Dao Cave but it is equal to the beauty.

The age of Wat Tham Tab Tao is not known. But the nine meter tall statue of Buddha built in Ayutthaya style is believed to date back to 1592.

Tham Tab Tao cave is separated in two parts; Tham Jaeng is the big cave, there are statues of Buddha, the Big Buddha statue, pagoda, old statue of Buddha, sculptured Buddha, and small sized Buddha statues placed inside it.

Ancient Buddha statues.

The smaller caves are called Tham Mae Khrua on the east and Tham Meud cave on the west, featuring stalagmites inside. 500 meters before
the entrance to the pagoda, there is a small opening which must be climbed through by people who want to visit it. It is believed that those who have enough merit will go through easily.

Today the temple has herbal gardens to give more knowledge about the herbs to villagers. Tham Tab Tao is one of tourist destinations of Chai Pra Karn district that should not be missed.

Buddha statue Ayutthaya art style.

Chinese Buddha.

Tripitaka hall.

Koman Panya; a hermit respected by the villagers.

Tham Mae Khrua cave.

Hermit sculpture in Tham Meud.

Chinese Nirvana lady.

Giant at the front of Tham Jaeng.

Stairs to Tham Meud.