Vol. V No. 2 - Saturday January 7 - January 13, 2006
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NGV Tuk-Tuks for Chiang Mai?

Plastic plea

NGV Tuk-Tuks for Chiang Mai?

Dear Editor,

Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to live. The people are friendly and the food is very good and very cheap. But there is a problem and the problem is getting worse. Pollution. Airborne pollution in Chiang Mai is as bad or worse than some areas in Bangkok. So what can we do about it?

In Bangkok they have just started the Tuk-Tuk Ua-Arthorn (affordable) project. Minika Motors are selling 4 stroke natural gas fuelled Tuk-Tuks for 170,000 baht each. Low priced loans have been agreed with the SME bank so that now drivers can buy a Tuk-Tuk and pay just 150 baht a day instead of renting for 400 baht a day. These vehicles are very clean and quiet with low emissions and noise levels. This makes them ideal for passengers, drivers and the general public. They are also cheaper to run Ė another bonus for the driver.

Is it possible we will see these vehicles on the streets if Chiang Mai? I for one would gladly make an interest free loan of 170,000 baht to any Tuk-Tuk driver who would like one (Itís worth it for some clean air). Any offers?

David Wenman
Hillside Condo 4
[email protected]

Plastic plea

Dear Sir,

In the 30 years about that plastic bags have been used in volume your Chiang Mai citizens and their visitors have done a great job at littering sides of roads, creeks etc. It is my understanding that the past and recent versions of the said bags take around 250 years to decompose. At that rate this city (and other places like Pai where I visited recently) will be under a sea of plastic in the not too distant future. My question is - what spin doctor will then be able to sell Chiang Mai and Pai
(but donít leave it at that - try also Pattaya et al) as tourist destinations? Why wouldnít the authorities put a deposit on all plastic containers which might make people, including those working in the USA sourced convenience stores, think a little about their use. It might also give those many people begging in the streets a real outlet for their efforts, i.e. collecting and selling the waste that is currently thrown down without thought.

Peter Haslock
Melbourne Australia

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