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Parents and students take part in 5km walk-run rally

Chiang Mai takes cup at end of provincial police series

Chiang Mai Pool League: Leading sides cling on in cliffhangers

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Parents and students take part in 5km walk-run rally

Nopniwat Krailerg

Parents and elementary students of Teerawat-bumpen School in Mae Rim, around 800 persons in total, took part in the family relations exercise organized on December 25 at a field in front of Dara Pirome Palace in Dara Rasamee border patrol police camp.

Children are playing word making game.

The event, an annual occasion held this year for the third time, was presided over by Phanni Sahaseweeyon, head master of Teerawatbumpen School.

The concept was to help build up a good relationship between parents, students and teachers, as the pressures of working life nowadays often mean that many parents do not spend enough time with their children. The school provided the entire activities in walk-rally style by separating students and parents into different color groups to walk along a route for five kilometers and to join different activities at 11 bases.

Fun circle

Starting from Dara Rasamee border patrol police camp the route passed Rim Tai School and Mae Rim district office with participants pausing for a shopping game at Mae Rim Market. Then both parents and students walked along to old Maesa Waterfall Street to arrive at the tobacco factory and on to Mae Rim Wittaya-kom School to play other games.

There was a rest for refreshments at Teerawat-bumpen School before a final games session and then a return to the starting point. The activities ended at 12.30 p.m. and trophies were presented by the headmaster.

Phanni Sahaseweeyon, the headmaster of Teerawatbumpen School presented a trophy to the winning team.

Chiang Mai takes cup at end of provincial police series

Saksit Meesubkwang

Chiang Mai walked away with the cup at the end of the football series organized between 2nd Provincial Police Bureau Region 5. Ten teams from eight Northern provinces took part.

Chiang Mai Provincial Police team, the champion of 2nd Provincial Police Bureau Region 5 Cup

The series began on December 21 at Chiang Mai 700 Year Anniversary and Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium. The match competing for the third round took place in Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium with Chiang Rai and Lamphun provincial police battling it out. Lamphun led Chiang Rai by scoring first with a penalty kick but Chiang Rai had evened up by halftime. In the second half Chiang Rai scored again, winning at 2-1.

The final was between Chiang Mai and Phayao. In the first half Chiang Mai scored twice but the referee called handball during the second half and Phayao scored a penalty kick. Chiang Mai was almost the outright winner but Phayao scored during the two minutes’ injury time, bringing the score to an even. A penalty kick was the decider, with Chiang Mai carrying the day at 6-5. The champions receive 50,000 baht as a reward.

Chiang Mai Pool League: Leading sides cling on in cliffhangers

Pat Black

Kamol in action for Friend’s Corner

Last week’s Chiang Mai Pool League fixtures produced some of the most exciting sessions of the season, with results involving four of the five top teams going the full distance.

The Wall found themselves in trouble early on at 1-3 down to Chiangers and Bangers, but “The Brickies” fought back courageously to forge ahead at 4-3. Chiangers leveled the score again, and after tipping the balance in their favour with a dastardly decisive snooker, they went on to win the final game.

Fortunes also swayed to and fro in the foray between Enjoy Place and The Local before Enjoy had a perfect opportunity to blow “The Grinders” away at 4-4. But instead of potting the final black ball, they went in-off it, and sent The Local over The Wall to 4th slot in the League.

In a top versus bottom encounter, Happy Bar adopted a serious attitude in chopping Half Moon Pub’s 4-2 advantage to level pegging, before the league leaders played out a comfortable last frame to take an expected point.

In other matches, La Villa worked hard at 2-4 down to pull back the 7th frame, but lost the match with some sloppy play in the following one to give December Bar their 5th win of the season.

Out Back can also blame a scrappy performance for their defeat against Friend’s Corner, whose current form is keeping them in touch with the leaders. And schizoids, Rock Hard Bistro, who have produced very unpredictable results all season, romped home 7-2 against Blue Sky Garden.

The clash between Blue Sky Bar and Number 1 Pub ended in dispute over the order of play in a doubles game. The 6-3 result in favour of Blue Sky Bar is currently under review and this match may have to be replayed.

Losing hurts, at pool especially and I think everyone who plays has felt it. Once beaten, a firm handshake and grim smile from the victor is cold comfort for losers, as they start the long walk back from the table to their beer on the bar.

I’ve met players in the Chiang Mai Pool League who can get over losing before the next game has finished, however, others stay depressed about it for days or weeks afterwards. But nobody I know has ever taken a loss as badly as Louis Fox.

Although a talented pool player, Fox relied heavily on gamesmanship to achieve results. His antics around the table usually drove his opponents to distraction and caused the public to turn against him.

During 1865 in Detroit, USA, local hero John Deery took on Fox for US$1,000 and the latter soon forged ahead thanks to his crazy shenanigans at the table. Then a fly landed on the cue ball just as Fox was about to shoot. He brushed it off, but it returned before he could readdress the ball.

The fly kept buzzing around Fox until he found himself chasing it around the room. Meanwhile, Deery created mirth among his many supporters by declaring the insect had nothing to do with him.

At last, a distracted Fox played his shot and missed, and Deery went on to clear the table and win the match. Fox took the loss so badly; he stormed out of the poolroom and drowned himself in the Detroit River.