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Boy Scouts to the front on the Day of the Disabled

ArtSpace figure studies exhibition at Art Cafe

Faculty of Nursing, CMU, aware of the environment

Santi’s Studio organizes fundraising concert to support HIV children

Boy Scouts to the front on the Day of the Disabled

Aaron Filbeck (Boy Scout)

It was ‘hands on’ all day. Aaron Filbeck helps Jeff Harbold adjust wheel chairs

On December 23, 2005, the Boy Scouts of America Troop 731 carried out a service project for the “Day of the Disabled” at the Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development (RICD). The boy scouts helped the RICD and The Pioneers of Hope Foundation hand out wheel chairs to those who needed them. The boy scouts did whatever they could when a job was needed to be done, such as taking wheel chairs to patients, setting up wheel chairs, and moving patients from station to another. There were seven stations, and the final station gave away gifts to people, such as bibles, books, pens, and candy.

Richard Morse and Luke Crawford help a man in a wheel chair onto the kerb

The purpose of the Day of the Disabled was to increase community awareness of what the disabled are doing and what is being done for them through certain institutions and associations. Hundreds of people of all ages participated, and not all of them were in wheel chairs. Not only were wheel chairs distributed, a marching band arrived, there were stage performances by the disabled people, games for the disabled, and free lunch.

Troop 731 is part of Boy Scouts of America, the Far East Council; it is chartered by Chiang Mai International School. Troop Meetings are held on Monday, from 6.30 – 8 p.m. at CMIS, and all boys aged eleven to eighteen are welcome to join.

A group of scouts with Scoutmaster Mr. Sandell

ArtSpace figure studies exhibition at Art Cafe

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

Komang-Ubud, Bali. (Peter Thomson – R)

The official opening of the ArtSpace student art exhibition will be on Thursday January 19 from 6 – 8 p.m. Laura Spector and Chadwick Gray, instructors at ArtSpace and organizers of this exhibit said, “After we began drawing and painting classes and inviting the art community to our studio for Saturday morning life drawing sessions, we realized how many people are interested in making art in Chiang Mai. There are many outlets for writing and music, but the new art community is still budding. We want to encourage its growth and there are many like-minded artists who are enthusiastic to participate. We hope this will inspire many of the cafes and restaurants to open their doors to the possibility of exhibiting and supporting artists from around the world on a more regular basis in what is becoming a more international Chiang Mai.”

Nine different artists will be shown and will be present on opening night. They include Mika Kodama-Douglas from Japan, an ArtSpace student since June; Ronny Lavin, originally from Los Angeles who has been drawing and painting for most of her adult life and has participated in several group shows in Los Angeles. Two artists who will exhibit their work, both teach at Prem Tinsulanonda International School. Joanna Moon from England, the Director of the Art Program at Prem International School, an artist for many years and Meghan Reynard Joanna Moon’s assistant.

Tango (Gilles Rousset)

Representing France is Gilles Rousset from Marseilles, an artist who normally sells his work over the internet.

But there are also local artists. Thanyalak Rousset hails from a village about 30 km from Chiang Mai. She had never had any formal training before coming to ArtSpace, where she has already taken painting and drawing classes and now excitingly awaits her first exhibition. Another local is Natthida Sanwong, also from Chiang Mai, who had one previous exhibit in Chiang Mai at the Panisa Gallery last year.

Another newcomer is Maria Ruiz from California, who started seriously painting about one and a half years ago and ‘got stuck’ in Chiang Mai on her tour around the world. She said “I am in Chiang Mai because it is on our way around the world and is a lovely place to spend a year or two”.

The final artists is glo-betrotter Peter Thomson-R who is originally from Philadelphia area. He has had numerous group shows as well as solo exhibitions at many centers throughout the world and his work hangs in many corporate collections.

Untitled - Red Woman (Meghan Reynard)

Escape (Gilles Rousset)

Faculty of Nursing, CMU, aware of the environment

Chiangmai Mail Reporters

Staff and students of the Faculty of Nursing cleaning public areas

On Jan 6th 2006, Development Sub Committees of the Nursing Faculty, CMU, held an Environmental Development Awareness day. This was presided over by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wipada Kunawiktikul, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and was attended by over 100 interested Staff and Students of the Faculty.

The matters for discussion included Environmental Conservation and enhancement of the hospital grounds, especially around Study Buildings 1 and 2, the Thepkawee building, Nurses Residence and other areas around the Faculty. Importance was placed on maintenance of the grounds, pruning trees and enhancing the appearance of the flower borders and shrubs.

Santi’s Studio organizes fundraising concert to support HIV children

Preeyanoot Jittawong

All performers of An Evening of Plucked & Bowed Strings concert

A concert to raise funds for HIV children was organized by Santi’s Studio at the American University Alumni Association.

Entitled “An Evening of Plucked & Bowed Strings”, the concert was performed mainly by students and the entire revenue raised was presented to the Kuadaroon Foundation, which supports child victims of HIV.

The concert raised 4,190 baht to donate to the foundation. There were 10 students and teachers from Santi’s Studio, with Gillian Malacari from Prem Center International School, Ohm Chanteyoon from Payap University and Chayakan Siamphukdee from Chiang mai International School also joining the performance.

Santi’s Studio will organize a piano concert in March and more information will be announced soon.