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Threat to Thailand tourism

Threat to Thailand tourism

Dear Editor
I think Thailand tourism is about to collapse. Over this past Christmas/New Year more murders and serious assaults of tourists were recorded in Thailand than any other country in the world.

Here are a couple of items which surely must have the government sweating, apart from the troubles in the South which are being predicted by major western governments to soon spread to Bangkok.

Would you want to hoilday in a country where last week a British tourist was beaten to death and robbed on Koh Chang. A Dutch man was found murdered with an electric baton inside a room of a condominium on Sukhumvit Road. On Monday, the body of a 21 year old Welshwoman was found in the sea off Koh Samui, a 54-year-old Dane was beaten to death in Cha-am by his neighbour, in Phuket two weeks before Christmas a 25 year old German man died of stab wounds received in a furious argument with his girlfriend. Around the same time in Bangkok, a nasty fight broke out in the Nana Hotel car park and a westerner was pounded until unconscious. There was a report that he subsequently died of his injuries.

Now these items really make me want to continue to visit the ‘Land of a thousand Murders’.