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Rotary gets behind sculptures exhibition at Insii Thai House, Maechan

Chiang Mai celebrates fourth anniversary of Sunday Walking Street

Rotary gets behind sculptures exhibition at Insii Thai House, Maechan

Chiangmai Mail reporters

Sculpting, “cooking” the enameled master pieces, and the result.

French artist Paul Beckrich has been invited to Thailand by Count Gerald van der Straten Ponthoz of Belgium and Weerapong Boonklieng. He arrived in Chiang Rai in early January to start preparations on his next exhibition of sculptures entitled ‘People of the World’.

The whole project has been organized in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Maechan to give the artist the opportunity to share his knowledge with 20 Thai students interested in sculpting. Until mid February, these students will be learning a technique rarely seen in Thailand, which could orient them towards a new art form.

The project will close on February 19, at an exclusive garden party at Insii Thai House Maechan. All of Paul Beckrich’s work will be available for purchase on that date, with the proceeds going to the Smiling Child Scholarship Fund. The Fund, established by Rotary, provides educational scholarships for children who have lost their parents due to HIV-AIDS.

Paul Beckrich’s sculptures follow three main directions – movement, expression and visual aspects of the earth – in accordance with the sculptor’s desire to create figures inspired by ancient civilizations.

By mixing various minerals in order to obtain enamel, a technique he mastered perfectly many years ago, he also creates the impression of metallic-like colors.

Paul Beckrich, the successful artist from the south of Paris.

It is this particular technique that has made the Beckrich sculptures such a success in Paris and elsewhere in Europe. In addition to the exhibition itself, one item will be auctioned off that evening.

Paul Beckrich will work with the students of the Maechan’s art classes to enable the students to create their own art pieces. They will learn the special technique of the artist to “transform” ceramic into “metallic looking” sculptures

For more information about this exhibition, or to receive invitations, please contact [email protected] . Paul Bechrich’s website: Insii Thai House website

The Chinese prince, sculpture by Paul Beckrich

Chiang Mai celebrates fourth anniversary of Sunday Walking Street

Nopniwat Krailerg

Chiang Mai Mayor, Boonlert Buranupakorn, revealed that the municipality has organized Sunday Walking Street on Rachadamnern road since 2002 with the very high sounding objectives of helping save the nation’s energy, reduce pollution, promote tourism, strengthen the economy of local community, preserve the lifestyle of local community and strengthen the family institution. The activity has achieved great success, he claimed. At the beginning, as much as 16 million baht was circulating each week on the street. Today, as it is in the high season for tourism, the amount is 30-40 million baht, with more than 3,000 stalls on the Walking Street.

Sunday Walking Street, the relaxation and shopping venue in the heart of Chiang Mai, has reached its fourth anniversary.

As the Sunday walking street has been organized for four years (or 200 Sundays) and is going into its fifth year, Chiang Mai municipality will celebrate this occasion from Sunday 29 January until 31 January 2006.

The venue is Rachadam-nern Road in front of Three Kings Monument. The free program includes the performance by the youth; Lanna “khaw saw” show; northern-language folk music; and several other cultural shows. The traditional way of making some outstanding handicrafts will be demonstrated during the event. There’s also a program for raising Lanna awareness by dressing in local costumes. A number of street singers and artists will also be rounded up for performing their shows during the event.