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Gymkhana Club meant to die?

Gymkhana Club meant to die?

Dear Editor,

It is becoming quite obvious, for those of us who care about the preservation of the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club that the current Board of Directors seems to have absolutely NO interest in seeing Gymkhana come back from the devastating damage incurred by the floods last September.

Not one baht has been spent on getting the club back to a functioning level. Why do you suppose that is??

What reasons could be behind their lethargy?? They are currently losing approximately 200,000 baht per month. If the Board argues lack of funds, then why havenít they initiated a special assessment to its members of 4,000 baht, each to get work started on re-opening Gymkhana, which will then bring in much needed revenue?

Could it be that the Board would like to bankrupt Gymkhana, so that they can then sell the land? One of the last great open spaces in the middle of the city would reap huge profits for those wanting to develop it.

A few Club members have taken it upon themselves to raise funds so that the annual Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes can be held next month. They have put their time, effort and money into fixing the pitch, and in the process Gymkhana.

But this effort does not begin to address the monies needed to bring the Club to its former level. Ironically, the amount needed is not as exorbitant as one might think. Estimated costs for minimal re-opening renovation is 500,000 baht.

Full restoration could total 3 million baht which would include future flood damage controls.

Gymkhana Club has a long and proud history in Chiang Mai, not to mention Thailand itself. It would be a travesty for a few present Board members to make decisions which could end that tradition forever.

The last thing Chiang Mai needs is another hotel or shopping outlet.

Long live the Great Rain tree,