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Famous Japanese singer in charity concert to help tsunami victims

Agreement of collaboration

CMU factory water purifying system promoted

CBN Siam Television Hosts Perform Sisters Concert “LOVE”

Harry Potter comes to Prem

6th Thai-UK Education festival

Khao Yai Field Trip

Famous Japanese singer in charity concert to help tsunami victims

Kittiyaporn Kanjam (student trainee MFLU)

Yuri Mori and Yuko Setoguchi (piano) performing in the concert.

Payap University along with the Chiang Mai Japanese Church and held a charity concert with Yuri Mori, a famous Japanese singer at the Somsawalee building, Payap University, Kaew Nawarat Campus.

Yuri Mori is a well-known Japanese singer who sings Gospel songs. She has performed in many charity concerts given in the areas that were destroyed by the tsunami around the world. This is the second time she has performed in Thailand. This year she intended to sing in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok to raise funds to help tsunami victims in the southern region where some victims are still living in temporary shelters. Almost all of the songs she sang were Gospel songs performed in the Japanese language.

She said that this concert had two objectives. First, to raise money to help the tsunami victims and secondly, she felt the need to present the songs that could get through to the mind and help to treat the wounds inside the victims. She added that she had come to realize that treating the mind of the victims was really necessary because of her own painful experiences in life, when she lost her brother in an earthquake disaster in Japan. After performing the two concerts in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, she will visit the southern region to present the funds and give her personal support and encouragement to the survivors.

Agreement of collaboration

Peter Rudd

A delegation from the Ministry of Human Resources, led by YB Datuk Abdul Rahman Bakar, the Deputy Minister of Human Resouces, Malaysia; and En. Azman Bin Admad Shaw, the CEO of IKIP, the Pahang Institute of Professional Development visited I-TIM, the International Hotel and Tourism Industry Management School.

An agreement of collaboration was signed between Dr. Tongchai Savasdisara, I-TIM’s Executive Director and En. Azman Bin Admad Shaw from the two institutions with the goal of allowing students of IKIP to transfer their credits to I-TIM.

CMU factory water purifying system promoted

Preeyanoot Jittawong

Bio Technology Center, CMU.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Anusorn Intharangsee, director of Biogas Encouragement
of Bio Technology Center, Chiang Mai University (CMU) said that the Bio Technology Center had researched and developed a water purifying system using biogas.

Besides researching and developing biogas technology for use in the livestock farming industry to purify water, the center is at present also researching water purifying applications in the agricultural industry and communities. He said that water purification in factories is essential, both to recycle water and to protect the environment.

Khanom Jeen factories are being set up in many communities and they should all have a water purifying system. The system developed by the center is such that any business owner can easily look after it and save energy. The Biogas water purification system is appropriate for any foul water, including liquids containing organic solids, such as sewage. The system is economical to run and easily maintained and could produce biogas as native source of energy. The Biogas system in Khanom Jeen Mae Thong Kham Factory in Phrae province can be regarded as a model for other factories and will be installed by the end of the year.

Bio Technology Center has experience concerning biogas production in both small and large sizes on livestock farms for 10 years. More information is available on 053-948195-8 and email: [email protected] or to view details at Livestock farms will be encouraged to install the biogas system by the Budget of Energy Saving of the Energy Policy and Planning Office; and industrial factories will be supported by Office of National Science and Technology Development.

CBN Siam Television Hosts Perform Sisters Concert “LOVE”

Karen Thomson

Debbie and Karen as doll.

The three Thai-Italian Klongtruadroke sisters, Monique, Debbie and Karen, performed together for the first time in front of a packed house at Bangkok’s Thai Cultural Center. The two younger sisters are part of the Chiang Mai-based CBN Siam family. Debbie co-hosts From Heart to Heart (Sundays at 5 a.m. on ITV) and Karen is VJ on the music video program 1 Cubed (Saturdays at 5 p.m. on UBC’s Chic Channel).

“In this concert we celebrated love with the sounds of music,” Debbie said. “There were many styles of songs, but the same meaning among them all was that love is an encouragement for one another.”

Monique, a professional opera singer living in Venice, opened the concert with her compelling classical voice on “How Beautiful” from Handel’s Messiah. Her rendition of the “Doll Song” from Les Contes d’Hoff-mann (Offenbach) included her two sisters, Karen as the wind-up doll and Deb-bie as the doll’s creator. Monique’s powerful voice was enhanced by the accompaniment of Thailand’s top classical pianist, Nat Yontararak.

A transitional piece “Summertime” was sung in classic style by Monique followed by Debbie’s jazz interpretation of the song. Debbie then took over the stage with her driving jazz, R&B and Gospel sounds (including traditional Gospel song “His Eye is on the Sparrow”). Debbie was accompanied by award winning jazz pianist Rattana “Sunny” Wongsansern, GMM Grammy producer/songwriter Ruengkit Yongpiyakul (Wern) on guitar and Suwichan Angkana-wanich on drums.

Debbie Karen and Monique being inter-viewed after the concert.

After another transitional number, “Say A Little Pra-yer for You,” this time by Debbie and Karen, the youngest Klongtruadroke sister entertained the audience with pop favorites “Only Hope” (Mandy Moore) and “Thousand Miles” (Vanessa Carlton).

The finale featured the combined voices of all three sisters, starting with a Nat Yontararak composition with Italian lyrics by the girls’ mother Iolanda, who also created the artwork for the program cover. “I will Follow Him” (a 60s pop classic re-popularized in the movie Sister Act) was a real crowd pleaser and the final number “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” (Rogers & Hammerstein) ended the concert on a lofty note.

The LOVE concert was organized by the Nat Yontararak Studio to benefit The Gift of Life Founda-tion. The foundation raises money for stem cell transplants for people with blood diseases. Proceeds from this concert will go to a needy 21 year old Karen tribal man Kroong, who suffers from an aggressive form of lymphoma.

Chiang Mai based CBN Siam currently produces three television programs, for more information, contact: Miss Karen Thom-son, Regional Director. [email protected] 01-883-2341.

Harry Potter comes to Prem

Joey Baird and Tara Colen

Long tables filled the auditorium to create a Harry Potter boarding school feel.

It was Friday night January 27, 2006. Many from the Prem Tinsulanonda International School community gathered in black robes and costume to celebrate the one and only, Harry Potter. Participants were sorted into the various houses of Harry Potter in the week leading up to the event. True to Harry Potter style, the commencement of the magical experience began as 200 plus participants were led across the Great Prem Lake to the auditorium. Students were greeted by the great Albus Dumbledore, Madam Hooch, Professors Rubeus Hagrid, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape and even Professor Sibyll Trelawney descended from the tower to join in the merriment.

What followed was a magical feast of pizza, jelly, popcorn and many other delectable Prem-style cuisines. Unfortunately, some of the students’ appetites were slightly turned off after Moaning Murtle, the ghost, decided to join us and spread her gloominess!

The winning team was pronounced to be Basilisk at the end of the evening. However, it was a close call all night, as the four houses strove to out-wit, and
out-magic their competitors. Tests of strength were monitored and conducted by Professor Hagrid, including the memorable event where Hippogriff’s own Raph tied for first place with Arvin of Basilisk. The student’s intelligence was tested by Professor McGonagall. Madam Hooch refereed the Catching of the Snitch by the 4th and 5th grades. Knowledge of fellow Harry Potter characters was tested by the visiting Professor Baird.

While students of 9th and 10th grade engaged in a cunning test of wits with life-sized checkers, the 12th year Prefects were preparing Prem’s own Hogsmeade to accommodate the well earned appetites of the night’s competitors. After a feverish rush to buy candy from Hogsmeade, everyone returned to the Great Hall and students where inter-house and inter-school socializing took place.

Harry Potter Banquet event planner Marie Jungo commented, “It was a great night! Harry Potter is something that can cross the ages. We had fourth graders up to twelfth graders as well as teachers and some parents all playing games and celebrating J.K. Rowling’s fictional creation.” PTIS’s first official Harry Potter evening hopefully will not be the last. Grade 11 student Denise Gan said, “It was really nice to have a different type of event on campus. I am a boarder so we love when there are unique things to do on the weekend!” The glittering tournament trophy will be placed in the trophy case where students in years
following will be able to remember a memorable evening
of their forefathers who founded this great tournament.

Grade 12 students, some of whom were ‘Prefects’ enjoyed the Harry Potter Banquet.

Students gathered around the giant checkerboard to play games.

6th Thai-UK Education festival

Pinutda Suwanchaisri and Kittiyaporn Kanjam (Student Trainees FMLU).

Jon Glendinning, director of British Council Chiang Mai (center), Prof. Keith Syers, Dean of School of Science MFLU(left); and Assoc. Prof. Chakrapand Wongburanavart, Dean of School of Liberal Arts MFLU (right) at the British Council Chiang Mai.

The 6th Thai-UK Education festival was held at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel and attended by around 1000 teachers and students. The festival featured activities including workshop seminars for teachers and students, English knowledge competitions between students from all over the North, and learning support activities for students and parents entitled “Quality Education in a Changing World”. Exhibitions by 75 educational institutes from the United Kingdom gave advice about studying in the UK as well as tourism information in a variety of cities and regions. There was also “Learn UK”, a seminar advising on IELTS test readiness, and career introduction seminars given by UK alumni such as MRChatu Mongol Sonakul and Hattaya Wongkrajang.

Organized by the British Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the festival also hosted the Thai-UK Alumni Grand
Reunion and was opened on February 6
th by Jon Glendinning, director of the British Council Chiang Mai with the exhibition starting on February 7.

Khao Yai Field Trip

Gary Johnston

Macro-invertebrate count to measure water quality.

In late January, Lanna International School’s (LIST) entire sixth grade went on a field trip to Khao Yai National Park as an extension to the schools life science curriculum. It began with a rickety overnight sleeper train bound for Bangkok and then transported to the Park.

While there, the students participated in a number of team building games and academic activities related to the environment and feeding relationships of the rainforest.

For starters, the students did a macro-invertebrate count to measure water quality by surveying a river in the park. They also managed to spy some hornbills and drongos on a bird watching hike, along with numerous other park animals such as deer on an night safari, an elephant, squirrels, and many cheeky macaques.

The students caught some brilliant night stars on their second night and many pitched a tent and slept in one for their first time! Being the out-door experience, student’s cooked their own meals while camping and some delivered some gourmet dishes of stir fry, soup, and even French toast!

This was the second time that students had visited Khao Yai from LIST and the trip would not have been such a success without the help of all the staff and parents that chipped in. Thanks to you all!