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Thank you Thai Railway Police

Chiengmai Gymkhana Club is a private members club

Thank you Thai Railway Police

The Editor,

This past Tuesday, 14 Feb. 2006, I was returning to Chiang Mai having spent a week in Pattaya. My return trip was being made via State Railway of Thailand. This was the last part of the holiday weekend and also St. Valentine’s Day. I had booked a lower berth for the trip and settled in to my seat upon arrival in Bangkok. Once evening set in, dinner served and the berths were made up for sleeping. At this time, I removed several personal belongings from my pants pockets and placed them between the window and behind the metal shelf where one sets drinks. I placed my mobile, wallet and my PDA in this space. When I awoke the next morning and the berth returned to a seat, these articles were placed back into my pockets. After leaving Chiangmai Railway Station and returning to my home in Chiang Mai, it was discovered I did not have possession of my PDA. A quick trip was made back to the train station and the Thai State Railway Police were notified about my loss. After searching the car and berth I had occupied during this trip the PDA could not be found. The Railway Police asked me if I wanted to file a report concerning my loss. I, at first, was hesitant to do this, as no crime had been committed. I had simply left my PDA in the car. My fault, not a crime, just stupidity. However, I did file a report as the police informed me they would be able to talk to more people about my loss if I filed the report. Long story, short, within 24 hours, the Thai Railway Police were able to recover my lost PDA. They were all very polite, concerned and more than willing to help this farang in his time of need. Needless to say, I am very grateful to these fine gentlemen.

Embarrassed but Grateful, Jim

Chiengmai Gymkhana Club is a private members club

Dear Sir,

The letter which you published last week from ‘G.L.’ concerning the Gymkha-
na Club includes several statements which are incorrect.

The Chiengmai Gymkhana Club is a private members club. It does not have a Board of Directors. It has a Committee, which is elected annually by the Members
of the Club, in accordance with the Rules of the Club. The Committee is responsible to the Members of the Club in accordance with its Rules.

‘G.L.’ states that “Not one baht has been spent on getting the club back to a functioning level.” This is not correct. However the amount that has been spent is a matter of interest and concern only to the Committee and Members of the Club, as is the state of the Club’s finances.

It is true that the restoration of the cricket field at the Gymkhana Club has been supervised largely by Members of the Club, but not in their capacity as Members. They have acted as agents of the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes, which has funded this work and undertaken it with the agreement and permission of the Committee of the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club. Other persons have also contributed.

Subject to the above, I welcome the interest shown in the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club by ‘G.L.’ and note his comments and sugges-tions.

Peter Dawson

Committee Member, Chiengmai Gymkhana Club