To Nobody, German Restaurant

Sometimes, it’s simply very nice and very relaxing to spend lunchtime with an old friend, a friend upon whose quality you can depend and who will offer no unpleasant surprises. Those were my thoughts when I joined the Dining Out team for lunch at To Nobody several days ago. We tucked ourselves into our favorite table, sighed deeply in anticipation of Chef Joerg’s special menu, and were delighted by the new dishes that soon arrived at our table.

The aroma from the kitchen as fresh yogurt bread baked was tantalizing. When it was put before us with herb butter, the taste of the bread was as good as anticipated. A chilled pastoren salad arrived – leeks, ham, celery, pineapple and boiled egg tossed with sour cream. This salad is a native of the Thuringia region. It was a delightful combination, especially with the contrasting warm bread. The chef’s sense of humor as well as his talents for combining interesting flavors and textures arrived in the form of “The World’s First Pizza Soup”. A bowl of soup, covered with a small pizza, was served. The pizza was topped with fresh vegetables and cheese, and the soup contained many of the same vegetables. We moved the pizza to our plates, swirled the sour cream through the soup and tasted it. Sweet and sour and with a definite mystery ingredient. We puzzled over it among ourselves, and then asked the chef. Gherkins! What a delicious soup; he called it a “village soup”. We called it tasty and intriguing. Soups, salads and appetizers on the regular menu are priced from 90 baht to 190 baht, with most falling in the 100 baht range.

Bacon and pork rolls filled with goat cheese and fried, then served on straw potatoes and finished with a rich rosemary sauce were served. These are hearty and tasty, and the rosemary sauce is a delight. Next we tried three fish specials. Shark steak, which is quite firm, was prepared with a sweet and sour sauce of fresh vegetables, accented with a fresh peach and served surrounded by mashed potatoes. At 300 baht, it is listed on the regular menu. A beautiful poached rainbow trout was placed on the table. Marinated mushrooms and white asparagus surrounded it. Fresh Bavarian style homemade horseradish cream was served with it. These are some of my favorite foods, and I tasted each with reverence. The fish was fresh and firm, the mushrooms tangy and the asparagus al dente. Perfect, each one. But the horseradish cream was simply divine. I’m afraid that I found myself tasting far more of it that was really polite. The third fish was a salmon steak with garlic shrimp and fritted vegetables. The salmon steak was slightly crisp on the edges and moist inside. This was also a lovely dish. To Nobody has an excellent, and well deserved, reputation for its delicious fish dishes that are priced from 180 to 325 baht. The pan-fried rainbow trout stuffed with smoked salmon is a creative and tasty dish that we have enjoyed on several occasions. Other main dishes are priced from 170 to 375 baht.

Just for fun, we tasted fresh-out-of-the-oven potato croissants, potato noodles and filled noodles. All were delicious but I highly recommend the potato croissants.

Finally I must tell you about dessert. Austrian yeast dumplings were sprinkled with powdered sugar and served on a plate with fresh cranberries and whipped sour cream. Fresh fruit garnished the plate. This was a lovely combination of sweet and sour flavors. Sweets are priced from 90 to 175 baht, and are unfailingly good at To Nobody.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that To Nobody has monthly specials. Phone or fax for further information. And, of course, the best German beer and wines grace the menu. The wine list is continuously evolving as more and better German wines become available in Thailand. Enjoy your German meal.

To Nobody, 44 Soi Tewan, T. Changpuak, Muang, Chiang Mai, telephone and fax: 053-214-483. Open daily except Tuesdays, parking on the street or in the parking lot across from the restaurant. Take out and catering available. Reservations suggested, especially for special occasions and holidays.