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Thai elephants dig the Magic of Jazz

Gumbo, King Cake and creative masks to celebrate Mardi Gras

Waste disposal workshop at CMU

Singha searches for four Thais to go to the North Pole

Thai elephants dig the Magic of Jazz

By Preeyanoot Jittawong

(From left) Phakin Ploywaen from Oasis Spa, Chawanat Sinthukiew, president of Thai Lanna Spa Association and Parichat Om-aree, manager of Saranrom Spa.

Thai Lanna Spa Association are staging a charity jazz music performance, donating a part of the revenue to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center. It is entitled “The Magic of Jazz” and will take place on March 18, 2006 at the pool area of the Amari Rincome Hotel, Chiang Mai. The performance will be given by several well known Thai musicians including Ford Sopchai Kraiyunsane and Nareekrajang Khantahmad.

Chawanat Sinthukiew, president of Thai Lanna Spa Association said that his event aims to promote and support the marketing of Thai Lanna Spa Association members and they would donate a portion of the revenue from the show to the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang. This center is an elephant hospital and is always in need of funds for treating the elephants. This activity is also to create market target groups for members of the association.

Besides the jazz music performance there will also be a water ballet performed by the Russian Ballet Thailand Academy and a Silent Auction of belongings once owned by important persons in Chiang Mai Province.

Each person attending the show will receive a gift voucher for a one hour oil massage, provided by the Thai Lanna Spa Association. It was not reported as to whether the elephants would also receive a massage!

Gumbo, King Cake and creative masks to celebrate Mardi Gras

Sandy Clark

The King Cake this year came with a candle for Monika Rottmann up from Pattaya.

No matter what you may call it, “Carnaval” in Brazil, “Fasching” in Germany, or “Mardi Gras” in New Orleans, they all share some traditions – including dressing up in fancy costumes, eating and drinking.

Chiang Mai’s social calendar has its own private Mardi Gras party, hosted by New Orleans natives Frank Weicks and Becky Lomax, who share this tradition with their friends with traditional New Orleans food, cooked by the hosts.

Turkey and Andouille Sausage Gumbo with just the right hot kick, red beans and rice, a huge selection of salads, pecan pie, and of course the most important dish of the day, the King Cake, which is similar to brioche, a sweetened yeast bread with an array of cream filling.

Colorful is the only word to describe this picture. Bird of paradise Steve in all his glory and the sexy Spaniard.

This year the costumes were as colorful as ever, and the secret voting for the best outfit was anxiously awaited by everybody. The trophy for the best female costume went almost unanimously to Lesley who had dressed up as a French ‘hooker’ from the last century, while the best male costume went to Steve Yarnold who was absolutely unrecognizable with feathers, glitter and in all kinds of purple and pink.

Waste disposal workshop at CMU

Jens Radschinski
Brandenburg Technical University of Cottbus

WADIS workshop from left to right: Deputy Director General of DMR (Department of Mineral Resources) Pipop Wasuvinath, Dr. Grissemann and Dr. Knoedel (BGR, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Hannover Germany), Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environments Khun Chayanin Tepakam, Director General of DGR (Department of Groundwater Resources) Wichai Lamwilai and Dean of Science Faculty CMU Khun Mongkon Rayanakorn.

On February 24-26 the final workshop of the Thai-German Research Project “Recommendation for Site investigation of Waste Disposal Sites and Contaminated Sites in Thailand (WADIS)” was hosted by the Groundwater Technology Service Centre of Chiang Mai University. The project’s main objective was the investigation of the subsoil of waste disposal sites with a special emphasis on the function of rock and sediments as a geological barrier.

The aim of the workshop was to publicize the results of the WADIS project to a professional audience with interest in the field of environmental protection, regional planning and waste treatment.

The workshop was a success with the number of participants far beyond expectation and many lively discussions ensued. More than 80 visitors from Universities, departments of the environmental sector (Pollution Control Department, Groundwater Department, Department of Mineral Resources) and members of planning offices of municipalities from different parts of the country joined the first day, presented in Thai and English.

After welcoming addresses by the Dean of Science Khun Mongkon Rayanakorn (CMU) and Dr. Grissemann from the implementing institution of the project BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Hannover Germany) and a report on ongoing projects from the Deputy Director of the Department of Mineral Resources Khun Pipop Wasuvanit, Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environments, Khun Chayanin Tepakam opened the workshop with a committed speech on the need for state of the art disposal sites to win back the trust of the Thai population. He emphasized that investments in safe waste disposal techniques have to be made and are absolutely necessary to secure the protection of environment and the living quality of future generations

The first day of the workshop highlighted recommendations for site investigations and the three field study sites, of which two are abandoned waste disposal sites in Mae Hia and Nong Harn in Chiang Mai Province. The second day, intended as a teaching session, focused on different site investigation methods such as surface geophysics, well construction and groundwater monitoring, laboratory tests of contaminant migration, statistics and landfill gas catchment.

The WADIS project was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). Field work has been carried out since 2001 by Thai and German project partners and University cooperation in studies and research has been established between CMU and BTU Cottbus, Germany.

Garbage management has been a permanent issue and subject of public protest for the last few years. Reports of secret disposal by municipalities, villager’s protests against dumping and torched garbage trucks can regularly be found in local newspapers.

Singha searches for four Thais to go to the North Pole

Preeyanoot Jittawong

“Singha Light the North Pole Challenge” application day in front of Kad Suan Kaew Store.

Boon Rawd Brewery, the distributor of Singha beer, organized the Light up Your Life challenge for Thai citizens entitled “Singha Light the North Pole Challenge”. Anybody could enter the challenge, but there would eventually be only four persons chosen. Many Chiang Mai residents eager to take up this challenge applied to enter the competition, which was held on February 25-26.

“Singha Light the North Pole Challenge” is an extreme activity provided to challenge all Thai citizens in 2006. There will be only four eventual winners selected to be Thailand’s representatives, and they will visit the frozen wastes of the North Pole in April. The challenge offers a chance to all Thai citizens to represent their country and plant the Thai flag at the North Pole.

Crowds of hopefuls arrived in Chiang Mai and accepted the challenge on February 25-26, which was held in front of Kad Suan Kaew Department Store. The first round of the competition will select 40 persons from throughout the country, with the final selection being made in Bangkok, where only four will be chosen to visit North Pole.