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Great Sites to planning your career on the Internet

Prem hosts international university and college fair

Prince Royal’s College introduced to Singapore’s top high school

Great Sites to planning your career on the Internet

Jon Hartmann College Counselor CMIS

There are some great sites to help you plan your career. Whatever age you are an aptitude test is always a good idea and you can access these on the net. From the USA there is the Meyers Briggs, Strong Interest and the armed services ASVAB. These are all available at the site which also has other great information about careers. I personally use an aptitude test from Australia called the HASCIT test which combines interests, abilities, and values in a 300 question test. If you know what a cattle station is and whether you would like to work on one then do this test. It sorts you into a career pathway which suits you. You can access it at

If you are going to the USA and are confused about finance, Fafsa and Scholarships try a site called This site has a scholarship SEARCH function which can save hours of pouring through college Handbooks. It also explains all about the financial aid that 44 percent of college students get. Another site that is very helpful if you need to write a resume is This site tells you how much salary each profession attracts and also has a good career guide. is the college board’s career site and is a comprehensive career and college guide. To explore interesting different careers try and for careers of the future try Job

All the above sites are great to search as a “do it yourself” career guide in grades 10, 11 and early on in grade12.

At this stage of the year grade 12’s should have made their minds up about next year. If they are going to the USA/Canada/UK they should have their applications in or be submitting them soon, possibly with a late fee.

Grade 11’s should be researching Colleges/Universities they want to attend and planning the trip to visit them this summer. Visiting the campus is an extremely useful career strategy. If you don’t visit the campus in the summer between grades 11 and 12, you may not visit it at all before you arrive as a student. That is a big risk as all the literature about every college looks good but reality is different. You need to visit to check things like safety, security, transport, living conditions, food and student friendliness. Remember you will be spending a large part of the best years of your life at this institution! Find an institution you really like. I remember Grade 11 students telling me after touring The North East of the USA what a fantastic campus Princeton had and how crazy some of the buildings at MIT were. Trips like this can change your choices. These things do matter and are a factor in your motivation to work and study hard. Check them out!

Prem hosts international university and college fair

Tara Colen

High school students from all over Chiang Mai gathered on Saturday, March 4 at Prem Tinsulanonda International School (PTIS) to check out various colleges and universities from all over the world. Representatives from schools in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, the US, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, and Singapore came to Prem to showcase what they have to offer. There were schools for design, technology, hotel management in addition to two year schools and full four year universities. Students had many sources from which to gain information.

Furthermore, three sessions were held to learn about the US, UK, and Canadian university systems. Lecturers discussed such topics as teaching, the academic year, the application process and a day in the life of a university student. Parents and students alike found this very informative. Grace International School parent Karla Minick said, “I just finished the college/career session and I learned that learning is a lifetime skill. All of my questions about university for my daughter were answered.”

Several universities with campuses in Malaysia were present to inform students about programs in which they could get a degree from the UK or Australia. These universities in Malaysia are linked with universities from abroad, thus the educational quality and standards are up to par with foreign degrees. After spending a full three years in Malaysia at a school such as Nottingham University, fair goers learned that they could gain a degree from the UK school. Additionally, schools such as Switzerland’s Les Roches for Hotel Management and Glion Institute of Higher Education, the United States’ Boston University, Hope International University, and the University of San Francisco, Australia’s University of the Sunshine Coast, Thailand’s Rangsit University, and Chiang Mai University, among many others had stalls with information.

Warwick University’s representative Caroline Pack came from England to promote that school’s standard English program. She also led one of the information sessions for students and parents. Interestingly, Warwick has 80 Thai students and currently has one student enrolled who graduated from PTIS.

PTIS’s college fair also included musical performances by Art Treyanurak, (Grade 10) on the guitar and Grade 11 student Esther Kim on the violin.

PTIS College Counselor Sheryl Cooper commented, “I am thrilled with the attendance and quality of the college fair - reps from over 30 universities worldwide were here, and many commented that this was the best college fair they had ever been to.” Grade 10 American Pacific International School student Sacha Maughan said of the event, “I did not expect a big college fair like this in Chiang Mai. It opened my eyes a bit to what is out there.” International school students, parents, and teachers from all over Chiang Mai seemed to gain much insight about college and other possible high school postgraduate possibilities.

Prince Royal’s College introduced to Singapore’s top high school

On an Active English Abroad expedition by IC-ACE, Sutthichok Linprasert (right) introduced Prince Royal’s College teachers (4 on left) and students to Singapore’s top high school, ACS (Independent), and their Principal Yvonne Lim (2nd right).