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Blessing the new additions

Rubbish Separation begins at CDSC

Blessing the new additions

CMIS students sprinkle a blessing of flower petals on the gym cornerstone at the opening ceremony for new building additions.

Rubbish Separation begins at CDSC

Mary Velechovsky (student writer)

About a month ago, the eighth graders at the CDSC started brainstorming ideas about how to be more environment-friendly. After learning about rubbish centres in chemistry class, the idea of recycling was brought up.

Eighth grade students show off the different garbage cans and baskets.

We decided to place different colored garbage cans all over the campus, that the separation of trash would be convenient for everyone and as it is done in many European countries for quite some years. For example, the red garbage cans represent plastic and the black ones represent miscellaneous trash.

Furthermore, we placed shelves in every classroom for stacking up paper, cardboard and newspapers. All recyclable things will be picked up from our school once a month.

Besides that, we have even built a compost box. Now it is the eighth graderís responsibility to dump all the biomass into the compost box once a week.

We also have to make sure that everything works properly. In addition, we presented our rubbish project to the whole school with a PowerPoint Presentation, a skit and by handing out flyers.

We strongly believe that learning rubbish separation at school is a great idea and more schools should do the same, especially in Thailand. We hope that we can set a good example as even though this long term project just started, everyone notices the differences.

Our school became even cleaner and it is a very enjoyable atmosphere to be in. Should others students and schools be interested in this project we are more than happy to invite anybody and show them the results.