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How FERC was established

How FERC was established

Dear Editor,

I read in your Chiangmai Mail (Issue 9) the article about the FERC Gala Dinner and that there was a speech about how the Foundation was established.

Something was missing, I could not find the name of the person who started these Gala evenings? Maybe only few people know that Celeste Tolibas - Holland had the vision to organize a big Gala evening to raise money for the needs of children. She knew that the Vieng Ping children’s home needed a new pick up truck at that time. The idea was born and she, Margaret Bhadungzong, Renee Vines, Becky Lomax and Frank Weicks did the whole organization, put their whole heart into the preparation of this first evening.

They did almost the whole organization by themselves. Gary Dilley was so generous to open his house for that evening and Marc Dumur got the members of the hotel association to donate all the food. That first evening was already a success. Enough money was raised to get the needed truck for Vieng Ping and the annual Gala evenings were born.

Thank you Celeste for your wonderful vision!

I know if I would talk to Celeste she would say it doesn’t matter who started it. The most important thing is to help children. But I felt I had to ad this missing information to give her the credit she deserves

Monika Weber