HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani, president of the Royal Project, welcomed members of overseas media on their visit to Ang Khang Royal Agriculture Center. The media group contained 32 journalists from various organizations, with representatives from Laos, Vietnam and Malaysian embassies.

St. Patrick’s Day 2006 was celebrated at the Soho Bar in Huay Kaew Road with food, drinks laughter and even ‘not so Irish’ guests. Green was worn, representing spring, shamrocks, and Ireland, the Emerald Isle. Samplings of authentic home cooked Irish food brought out the great hospitality of Paddy Linehan, the host of the night. Enjoying the event are (from left) Tom, John, Bart, Paddy, Milt and Bud.

Natdanai Yuvaboon (center), Media Relations Corporate Communications Department of Bangkok Airways Co., Ltd. treated Chiang Mai media to a thank you lunch at Krua Sabai Restaurant.

The lunch bunch group met for their March outing at the Pasta Café where the ladies enjoyed the Italian buffet lunch. The next lunch bunch club meet will be after Songkran on Wednesday, April 19 at midday at the German restaurant ‘To Nobody’. More information in Community Happenings.

The Zonta Chiang Mai Club under the leadership of HopeWatcharaprecha celebrated ‘Rose Day’ at the beginning of March. For the second year they planted yellow roses at Suan Buak Haad and every rose planted was in honor of women who make a difference in somebody’s life. This was also done to advance in women’s rights and in raising awareness to the global need of equality for all people.

Pratya Pichaisat, Administrative Director of the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel welcomed “Joy” Rinlanee Sripen, a well known actress, on the occasion of her recent trip to Chiang Mai.