Vol. V No. 16 - Saturday April 15, - April 21, 2006
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CMU plans for Chiang Mai mass transit system

Layout artwork shows the Chiang Mai Transit System in front of Lotus Department Store and Chiang Mai-Hang Dong Road which will be constructed in the future.

The Office of Transportation and Traffic Policy and Planning, (OTTPP), of the Ministry of Transport assigned the Engineering Service Center Chiang Mai University (CMU) the task of conducting a feasibility study for a basic plan and design of a transit system for Chiang Mai. This will be undertaken in the first 10 months of this year. During this time the OTTPP Engineering Service Center will be open on two separate occasions to give local people the opportunity to air their opinions; the first time will be in May.

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Chiang Mai residents blockade smelly garbage transfer depot


The beauty of Thee Lor Su, the largest waterfall in South East Asia

Nowadays, many tourists enjoy getting off the beaten track, preferring to experience the wonders of nature rather than man-made marvels. Eco-tourism is booming, bringing welcome Dollars, Pounds and Euros to the country-side rather than to the towns and cities.

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19th Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes: The juniors score the highest

The last day of the just-finished Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes was, indeed, to coin an off-used phrase: ‘a day to remember”: If not for the somewhat un-sensational cricket; rather than for the meteorological conditions, with incredible storm clouds and winds swirling around the compass.

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Little Chiang Mai Academy certificates for Summer Progress 2006

The Little Chiang Mai Learning and Training Hub located at Baan Thor, Tambon Pa Tan led by Sanikarn Sukapinit, awarded certificates to 16 children on April 7, who had participated in Summer Progress 2006.

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Chiang Mai Municipality prepared for any eventuality during Songkran

Chiang Mai Municipality led by Boonlert Buranupakorn, Chiang Mai Mayor finalized last-minute plans to prepare for the forthcoming Songkran celebrations. Teams of council workers have been busy collecting trash along the city canal and great efforts have been made over the last few weeks to clean up the water in the canal.

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