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French Diva “Mouron” stages charity concert at Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Resort

US Vice-consul moving to Tokyo

Pantip Plaza, unique services of various styles

5th Fashion Dog Bok Bok Show

Nong Bua Phra Chao Luang promoted local New Year celebration

“The State of Art” preview from Prem Tinsulanonda International School

French Diva “Mouron” stages charity concert at Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Resort


Known for her versatility and various styles in music, Mouron was born into a musical family with an opera singer father and song-writer mother. She began writing songs at the age of twelve and was barely seventeen when she played in France’s most famous music hall, “L’Olympia” with the hot French group of the late seventies, “Le Big Bazar.” At the same time she also launched her first single with her own lyrics in the national hit parade.

Soon composers such as Romain Didier, touched by her words, began to write music for her, thus launching Mouron’s solo career.

In 1987, she recorded her first album and subsequently was presented with the “Grand Prix Acad้mie Charles Cros” award. In 1990 she released her second album “A l’้tat brut”, followed by a tour.

In 1992, her voice was used in a television film for “France 3” based on the life of Edith Piaf. Over the next two years she was sought by Alfredo Arias to play a principal part in “Fous des Folies” at the Folies Berg่re.

After performing all over Europe with Terry Truck, in 1999 she created her new show “Bleu Noir Rouge” in Vienna which played subsequently at the famous Berlin Cabaret “Barjedervernunft” and in numerous other German cities.

In 2003, after the invitation of the Alliance Fran็aise in Thailand she played a special show celebrating popular French songs at the historic Authors’ Lounge, The Oriental Bangkok.

This unforgettable performance will be held on Saturday, 27 May 2006 from 7 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. Tickets are priced at baht 990 nett including dinner at Akaligo, the new Mediterranean Restaurant. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to Chiang Mai’s orphanage.

For more information or ticket purchase, please call (66) 053 – 888 888 ext. Public Relations Department.

US Vice-consul moving to Tokyo

(From left): Maggy with little Lucas, Susi von Boehm-Bezing, US Consul General Beatrice Camp, Vice Consul Scott Hansen and David Summers.

Chiangmai Mail reporters
US Vice Consul Scott Hansen and wife Maggy Flynn are moving to Tokyo, along with their first son, Lucas, born last year in Thailand, after two years in Thailand.

To bid farewell, US Consul General Beatrice Camp and David Summers hosted a dinner party at their residence, with guests including many prominent Northern Thai business people, friends from the diplomatic and academic sector, associates and others who had become part of their extended family.

Scott (center) receiving some ‘insider tips’ from Japanese Consul General Katsuhiro Shinohara (right), with Wanphen Dirksen.

In her goodbye address, as usual filled with humorous and witty remarks, the Consul General reiterated that all three of them would be greatly missed. However, she said, she was sure that Scott’s new post in Tokyo would give him and his family the chance to develop even further for a great future that surely lay ahead.

Scott thanked everybody, both in English and in his fluent Thai, adding that despite looking forward to “a new adventure”, two years in Chiang Mai was just not enough. “Who knows,” he hinted, “the next time we come back there might be not three, but four of us descending on Thailand.”

Pantip Plaza, unique services of various styles

Boot Up, learning center and computer teaching center. North Chiang Mai University.

Preeyanoot Jittawong
Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai is the biggest and most comprehensive computer center in the Northern region and is home to a wide variety of unique products and services.

On each floor of Pantip Plaza you will find stores selling leading brand, high-quality products, all offering impressive service. On the 1st floor, you will find Office Depot, the biggest super store for office appliances in Chiang Mai.

Reaching the 2nd floor, you will come to the only IBM Computer Service Center in the Northern region, offering a full range of their world-class products.

Ascending to the 4th floor, you will find various learning centers offering high-quality products; such as the Think Well Robot Assembling and Manufacturing School, the first and most advanced IT institute; and the only one in Thailand which teaches how to manufacture and assemble robots, how to create robot controlling programs and circuit boards to control automatic electrical appliances. These are all designed by qualified teachers from Oxford University and Cambridge University, England, and 10 experts in robotic engineering.

There is also a Technology center and Eagle GPS, a store selling navigation devices which use global positioning systems and satellite navigation, which is the first and the only place of its kind in Chiang Mai.

There is also the Boot Up learning center and computer teaching center with lessons given by students of North Chiang Mai University. A near neighbor is the I.U.E. intensive learning center, the center of learning which achieved the highest standard in the Northern region, and Sawasdee Group, a tourism service providing center.

For the less technically minded, there are many interesting stores inside Pantip Plaza; such as Se-Ed Book and Dok Ya leading book centers, an equipment center for Motocross motorcycles, a food center, a Fuji Japanese restaurant, S&P Bakery, Baby Bee Bakery, Doi Tung Coffee, Burrito House offering tasty Mexican food and a beauty service from Chiang Mai Home Spa and Bombay Collection Hair. Visit and ask for more information everyday at Chiang Mai Pantip Plaza, Sang Tawan Intersection Chang Klan Road, Night Bazaar Tel. 0-5328-8383.

5th Fashion Dog Bok Bok Show

Race, a Siberian dog won second place in a Dog Species Standard Contest.

Preeyanoot Jittawong Photo: Nopniwat Krailerg
The 5
th Kad Suan Kaew Dog Show 2006 and Fashion Dog Bok Bok Show was held on April 23. The dog fashion show was organized in two classes, fashion and fancy. One stressed on creativity and imagination in designing clothes for the dog; and the fancy, or should that be fantasy, required the owner and dog to wear matching outfits.

There was also a dog agility competition, owner and dog photographic contest, a contest for owners to show their pets ability to perform strange, funny or cute acts or tricks, and a free dog health check conducted by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University.

The organizers will hold another dog contest on August 13, 2006 at Kad Suan Kaew and would like all who are interested to bring their pets along and join in the fun. For further information telephone 053-814184.

Grant Waldman (left) and Sorawit Noisapung (right) from Thai Animal Guardians Association Chiang Mai Chapter attended the activity seeking donations to feed and home stray dogs.

Nong Bua Phra Chao Luang promoted local New Year celebration

Government officials and residents pouring water over the hands of monks.

Nopniwat Krailerg
Nong Bua Phra Chao Luang, in Doi Saket, is trying to regain its importance as a tourist destination. Years ago, both of Their Majesties used to make regular visits there.

During the local New Year celebrations, various activities were organized for the visitors to enjoy, such as the Larb Muang (mince meat) competition, papaya salad contest, Tong Tueng boxing, Sea boxing, a singing contest and other local Lanna ceremonies, including pouring water over the hands of elders and monks. There was also a parade of 40 young boys from around Chiang Mai who were about to become novices, providing an interesting spectacle for the many Thai and foreign tourists.

Look Kaew Parade for boys to become novices.

“The State of Art” preview from Prem Tinsulanonda International School

Some art works displayed in State of Art Exhibition.

Preeyanoot Jittawong
The Prem Tinsulanonda International School recently presented “The State of Art”, a preview of Prem Tinsulanonda International School Arts Festival 2006, which will be shown from May 29 – June 2, by displaying over 100 selected examples of student’s artwork.

It is an exhibition of art work by Grade 12 IB Visual Arts Students of Prem. This preview was held at the CMU Art Museum.

The Theme of the Arts Festival 2006 is entitled “Bizarre”. Grade K-11 will be displaying their artistic achievements from the academic year 2005/2006.

The new event they are adding this year is Art in Action. The students will be invited to submit artwork that they have completed at home or school to be sold in the auction. The proceeds from the sale of their work will be divided as follows: 100-200 baht framing cost, 100 baht donation to the Art Festival 2007 and the remainder to the artist.